The Raptors are an elite military unit formed by Warlord Zsinj and later swearing alliegence to Adam Vagus years after Zsinj's fall. Origionally Zsinj's personal enforcers, the Raptors have evolved into a hyper elite special forces units based on the planet Durace.


After the Emperor's death at Endor, the Empire fragmented as rival warlords created mini-Empires within Imperial territory. Unable to produce genuine stormtroopers, most chose to turn Army soldiers into stormtroopers. Zsinj, however, chose a different route and created his own personal force far more loyal to him than real stormtroopers were to the Emperor. Serving as Zsinj's personal enforcers, Raptor garrisons could be found on thousands of worlds and were among the first to respond to threats to the warlord's rule. With their distinctive colored armor, they were the most visible symbol of Zsinj's rule just like the stormtroopers are of the Empire's.

Upon Zsinj's defeat, the Raptors that survived scattered across the galaxy. Some chose to live quietly on backwater planets while others turned to bounty hunting or joined the Empire to continue the fight against the Rebellion. A company of them landed on Durace and remained hidden for years on there until Adam Vagus came across them in his travels. After a period of negitations, the Raptors swore alliegence to Adam and became his housecarls, acting as an elite special forces unit primarily focusing on intelligence gathering, assassionation, and demolitions. Upon joining the Coven, Adam gave use of his Raptors to the High Witch Council and has instructed them to obey all orders of the Council.


The Raptors are highly trained, able to strike silently and without warning. They are also more intelligent and better trained than stormtroopers. Able to engage in hand-to-hand combat and wield knives with stunning skill. Their loyalty is virtually unshakable and they cannot be bribed into betraying Adam. They are also capable of driving and flying most common vehicles, walkers, and spacecraft with great skill. It has also been noticed that many Raptors display signs of being Force Senistive.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Raptors use the best weapons, armor, and equipment money can buy. Their black and red armor with gold trim provides the same level of protection as the most modern stormtrooper armor but weighs slightly less, providing better mobility. They are armed with a utility belt, blaster rifle and pistol, and at least one vibroknife. Many Raptors prefer the powerful and verstile WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle.

Vicious' RaptorsEdit

As all present Raptors are clones derived from several different Prime Clones, their loyality was genetically bred into them. Back before he fully intergrated into the Coven, Vicious tampered with this loyality 'programming' to breed a realtive handful of Raptors loyal to him instead of Adam. He has also trained these Raptors in rudamentary applications of the Force; mainly to increase speed/strength, senses, and piloting ability.

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