Dathomir Witch Clan
Red Hills Clan

Clan Leader

Members Miho
Belia Amaya
Titles and Ranks of Note
Former mothers Anora Sa (d.)
Masters TBA

Dathomir (formally)
Aaris III


Galactic Basic



The Red Hills Clan was a Dathomiri Witch clan based around the Red Hills on Dathomir. Unlike most of the dathomir clans it's male population was higher then most.

Red Hills ClanEdit

Red Hills on DathomirEdit

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Aaris IIIEdit

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Culture of the ClanEdit

Notable TitlesEdit

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Religion and PhilosophyEdit


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Religious DocumentsEdit

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Clan Trials and RitualsEdit

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History of the ClanEdit


The Red Hills Clan was a less-progressive clan of Dathomiri Witches. In 17 ABY, members of the Sojourn expedition visited and trained with the clan for five weeks. Their reception was varied; many didn't approve of training males, and only Brembla Kol-Rekali]'s protectorship guaranteed hospitality.
Three young Witches of the clan traveled with the Sojourn. One stayed with the Zeison Sha on Yanibar, the other two remained for the remainder of the expedition, later ending up at the new Jedi Template.
In time, things changed and the Red Hills Clan would later become a clan with more males than females.

Wait you guys got wandsEdit

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The months of Peace; Years of WarEdit

In the wake of the takeover, the Jedi Healers along with their witch counterparts tediously worked to remove the spell upon the remaining survivors. Under the guidance of Jedi Masters Dean Steel and Bethany Kismet, all affected were dispelled.

My Heart Would Overrule my MindEdit

As the Nightsisters took over Dathomir and it became inhabitable, what was left of the clan was rounded up by the Singing Mountain Clan and other Allyan Clans, taking them with the rest of the Witches and Jai that left for Aaris III. With the death of their clan mother Anora Sa, the clan remains leaderless until new mother or father gets selected.

Clan Members by RankEdit


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