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"I'm just waiting for an old friend."

Reed Kelker

Reed Kelker was born on Tatooine, the child of two retired underworld types. His mother a pirate, his father a bounty hunter although both retired before Reed was born. Reed was raised on a moisture farm outside of Mos Eisley. After his parents were killed, Reed turned to a life of crime eventually working for Jabba the Hutt. Reed followed in his father's footsteps and became a bounty hunter. Reed eventually had a family of his own, and like his parents retired to a life of a moisture farmer. But like his parents his new family met the same fate, on the same farm. In the end Reed returned the life of a bounty hunter for The Galactic Underworld.


Childhood and Early YearsEdit

Reed was born on Tatooine, more specifically in a small clinic in Mos Eisely. Reed was raised on a moisture farm just outside of Mos Eisley, where he was expected to work from a young age. Reed, at the time hated it, but would later in life find solace in the mundane task of managing the farm. Reed didn't have many friends, as there were not many people living near the Kelker family farm. But he did grow a close relationship with a LOM-series protocol droid, who Reed named 'Pal', Pal was purchased by Reed's parents to help educate him. Reed etched 'Pal' into Pal's chest plate. Pal's fate is unknown to this date. Reed had a normal enough childhood until he was twelve years old. Shortly after he turned twelve Reed was away from his family's home checking the moisture vaporators, he returned home only to find his parents dead. Reed dreamt up some terrible scheme why they were killed. He imagined they were killed by someone his parents had wronged, but in the end they were simply robbed, killed by nothing, but the evil of the galaxy. The Imperial Investigation into the matter only revealed that they were low end smuggles down on their luck, they killed Reed's parents for the credits in their pockets. After that Reed was on his own, he had a good sum of money to live on, but no source of income, so after trying to find some kind of work for two years, Reed was approached by an agent of Jabba the Hutt. Jabba knew his father, and offered young Reed a job. Reed began working as a runner moving anything from weapons to alcohol for Jabba. At first just on Tatooine, under the nose of the Imperials, and later, as he proved himself, Reed was trusted to ride with groups of other people on smuggling missions to other systems. As Reed aged so did his responsibilities, and shortly after turning 16 Reed was trusted with collecting hunting down people who owed Jabba money, and killing those who couldn't. Reed didn't bat an eye lash at killing, in Mos Eisley people died everyday, and Reed had been exposed to it at a young age. When he killed for Jabba he adopted a nick name Overwatch, he thought it sounded scary, but looking back he couldn't imagine why he would pick that nickname. Reed, at the age of 18, decided to end his immediate working relationship with Jabba, and instead went off to follow in the footsteps of his father, and become a bounty hunter. Reed didn't know what the galaxy had in store for him, but he knew the worst had to be behind him.

Later YearsEdit

Reed had a slow start when he entered the bounty hunting game profession. And Reed spent a lot of time working on his ship, making sure it would be ready for any mission. And despite him ending his direct employment with Jabba the Hutt, Reed found himself using Jabba to find himself contracts. Jabba had many connections, many of whom had people they wanted brought in to face their version of justice. Or some who they simply wanted dead. Reed worked through Jabba until he was twenty, then Reed was able to start getting his own work. He did many jobs, some much harder than others, some because of the obstacles he needed to overcome, and some because of the actions he needed to do.

Over the course of his career Reed hunted down many people, but none more elusive than a target he hunted down for the Empire. Reed was twenty two when the order came in, he was approached by an Imperial Officer on Tatooine. The officer wanted Reed to hunt down a man who was supposed to be hiding on Tatooine. It was a man who claimed to be a clone trooper from the era of the Republic. Reed spent nearly a year hunting the man down. In the end Reed had to fight through a small army of hired guns. When Reed found the man, the man said nothing. Reed didn't either, only stared at him, and then the man put a blaster to his head, and ended his own life. Reed took his armor, a suit of Durasteel Mandalorian armor, and then left the man, still wearing his helmet. Reed never collected the bounty, only tipped the Empire off to the location of the body. Reed never learned who the man truly was, but he didn't trust the Empire to let him live after doing such a high risk job if they learned Reed had actually met the man. Reed adopted the armor, and began to wear it on every job, his own reward for the bounty.

Reed lived the single man's life until he was twenty six. He met a female smuggler by the name of Kala. Kala worked for Jabba the hut, running one of his smuggling ships. Reed began to work with Jabba the Hutt again, just so he could spend time with Kala, he even would ride out on her ship with her to go to planets with his bounties. Over the course of the next two years they fell in love, and shortly Kala found herself with child, and Reed knew he needed to make a home for his new family. Reed convinced Kala to quit her job to the retire to the relative safety of his family's old Moisture Farm. Reed continued to do work as a bounty hunter, but Kala quickly grew disgusted with Reed's profession. She couldn't stand him risking his life chasing dangerous criminals, destroying families, and killing people because other criminals thought they should die. The final nail in the coffin was when he missed the birth of his son to chase a bounty. She confronted Reed making him choose between his career, and his family. Without a thought Reed put his ship into storage, and hung up his gun belt, put his armor away, and retired to the simple life of a moisture farmer.

Reed quickly adjusted to the simple life of a moisture farmer. He not only ran his farm, but raised a few dew backs to sell to the empire. Reed killed one, then skinned it, tanned the skin, then made his signature hat, and duster. He found it great to protect his head from the sun, body from the cold Tatooine evenings, and dust storms. Reed found himself happy that he could succeed where his parents had failed. Just when Reed felt that he was on top of the world, it came crashing down around him. At the age of thirty Reed was out tending his vaporators, when his three gunmen came to attack him. Reed used a small hold out pistol, which he used to keep womp rats at bay, to kill the gunmen, but not before they injured him, and damaged his land speeder. Reed ran the mile home as fast as he could, once he arrived Reed stumbled in, only to find his wife, and young son dead. And for the first since the loss of his parents. Reed cried.

Reed quickly buried them beside his parents on his property, a short distance from his house, then put on his bounty hunting gear once more. Reed spent three years looking for the men who killed his family, the only trail was a land speeder imprint in the sand. He never found them, but is willing to spend the rest of his life hunting them down. Because just as he has bad things coming his way, so do they.



Reed is not very trusting he will seem open to people, but he will lie about most personal, and current job related questions. Reed attributes this to the general idea that most people in the galaxy are looking out for themselves, willing to stab you in the back with no warning. If someone has knowledge of his personal life he responds with, almost always, anger. Reed acts quite serious when on the job, and jokes when he is off from work. He dislikes mixing personal and work relationships. He loves boasting of past jobs, as its an effective tool to keep people from asking about his personal life.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Reed can only speak Galactic Basic. He can understand small amounts of Shyriiwook, and Jawaese.

Job Specialty Edit

Reed is a bounty hunter by trade, but is also a skilled moisture farmer. In bounty hunter Reed is more skilled in kill bounties, or injury based take downs.

Weapon and Combat SkillsEdit

Reed specializes in mid to close range combat, prefering to stay away from long range engagements. Reed specializes in using dual pistols, or an automatic carbine. Reed's primary combat strategy is to engage from a short distance, then move in quickly for a hand to hand take down.


Reed is very sensitive about his past, if people know about his past he will react, normally violently. Reed also has trouble trusting new people, feeling loyalty is a dead trait to the galaxy Reed is slow to hand his loyalty out to new people. Reed also is easily swayed by people who know to play on his sense of loyalty, duty, or most importantly family.

Assets and PossessionsEdit

Weapons & ArmorEdit

1xDC-15s Side Arm Blaster, 2xSSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistols 2x Machetes (2' in length) 1xProton Carbine; Various small blades for use in Close Quarters Combat. Full suit, minus helmet, of Durasteel Mandalorian Armor

Ships & PropertyEdit

reed has two ships a YT-1300 Light Freighter "Belly of the Beast" (Heavily modified for speed, maneuverability, and fire power at the cost of shielding. In addition to the turrets a Proton Torpedo, Ion Cannon, and Light Blaster Cannon have been added running next to cock-pit. Cells for live bounties added.) And aGAT-12h Skipray Blastboat "Jagged Knife" Reed owns three properties, the first is a large mositure farm about three hours in landspeeder, due west of Mos Eisley. It includes a large house, and a few out buildings in which Reed stores tools, and old farming equipment. Also has a pen for animals. The second, a small apartment in Mos Eisley Reed uses for brief stays in the city. Also has money and weapons stored if he ever needed to leave the planet in a hurry. The last, a moderate sized lake house on Naboo. Reed's final hide away should he need to flee the outer rim. Has little access from the outside world and enough supplies for Reed to stay there for some time. Also has a small dock, and boat. Reed occasionally goes there to relax.

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