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Remy Gray
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Tellaria Parenthis
Ladonius Gray
Darth Octavian
Darth Nexius
Tellaria Parenthis

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Physical Characteristics Edit

Remy stands of average height with languid violet eyes and sharp black hair. His skin is unusually pale and fair. The overall impression one might get of his frame is that of a lithe, studious man. Though once a fit and powerful swordsman, Remy had given himself to the Darkside in later age, thus sacrificing physical stamina for mental. A black serpent tattoo, made of vornskr blood, moves freely along his flesh--a reminder of his organization, The Shades of Darkness.

Style Edit

Expensive three piece suits are Remy's trademark. Ranging from classic black suits to pinstripe concoctions, he holds an appreciation for fine clothing. Sporting shirts dyed by nubian wine, ties from the most prestigious small businesses on Corellia, and other such luxuries, Remy is the picture of wealth and power.



"There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts."

As a young boy, Remy had grown discontent with the aristocratic society he grew up in. Though he loved the money, the power, and the prestige, he found the mundane causes to which such gifts applied quite boring. Instead, he began to use his name and money for the local gang underworld. Quickly recognizing the young man's talent for stealth, the gang he had joined utilized him for jobs that required exceeding degrees of digression. Eventually Remy came to suspect he had a connection to the Force--a suspicion that a Jedi Padawan accidentally confirmed. After hearing this, Remy promptly stole a Jedi's lightsaber and used it in gang fights. Though he had little more skill with the weapon than a Jawa with a blaster, a lightsaber worked tremendously well for intimidation. Soon rumor spread that Remy's gang employed the Sith. Eventually the time came in which Remy was tired of playing Sith. He wanted to become one. So he chartered a pilot to take him to Pergitor, the reputed planet that homed a new Sith organization.

Becoming One With The DarknessEdit

It was on Pergitor that Remy obtained his budding knowledge of the Darkside. Receiving training under the Dark Lord Octavian's alter ego Gabriel, Remy learned the basics of Force manipulation and lightsaber combat. Armed with his rudimentary knowledge as an Apprentice, the young Sith then began to leave the planet every few weeks for missions. Even taking part in the Great Battle for Naboo, he soon made enemies amongst the Jedi. However of all these excursions, his most memorable was a chance encounter with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Malice Draclau. Impressed with his keen Force powers and Sith sword, Remy swore an oath to become that powerful one day--and then some. The Sith Empire upon Pergitor came to a disastrous end with a lethal meteor impact and much schism among the higher ranking Sith. Knighted in the turmoil of a falling Empire, Remy and the few remaining knights left to form their own Sith clan upon Dagobah: The Silent Eternity.


Enjoying his new home on Dagobah, Remy became closer with his fellow Knights. It was on Dagobah that Remy trained and knighted his first Apprentice. Darth Nexius, who eventually became a great and powerful Knight, showed unique talent and appreciation for the organic nature of the Force. A mysterious Jedi, lost in the Darkside, taught Remy the beginnings of more sophisticated techniques such as a basic understanding of Force lightning and the uses of an alchemical Forge. That lost figure, Beorht, found a home on Yinchorr with the Jedi, though his current whereabouts are unknown.

The Silent Eternity's structure was flawed in that it had no masters present. This prevented the knights from learning and advancing in their knowledge in addition to putting the organization at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to other Sith groups. It was only a matter of time before the group disbanded, its members going in respective directions. During his time at The Silent Eternity, Remy had proven himself to be a competent leader and a talented warrior. As such, he was pleased at the invitation to join a new Sith faction: Regnum in Potestas. It was called RIP or The Regnum for short. Lead by the Four Horsemen, The Regnum housed and trained the most gifted Sith in the galaxy.

It was during his time at RIP that Remy grew and learned the most as a Sith. On one fateful night, he met his wife, Tellaria Parenthis. Arriving as another Child of Darkness, looking for guidance, Tellaria soon fell for her experienced master. The chaos and the power the couple shared was immeasurable. The only time he was truly happy was during those uncontrollable parties and adventures his wife steered him to. Eventually, though, their respective careers tore them apart, leading for a painful end to their relationship, finally cut off by Remy's later disappearance.

During his escapades as a knight, Remy was invited to join the Legion of Darkness--a Sith task force lead by Korran Halcyon. It was on those missions for the Legion that Remy met and learned from the most cutting edge Sith. Under Korran's loose mentorship, Remy discovered his love of alchemy and for the Darkside sciences he later became famous for. Korran taught the veteran knight much in the ways of advanced Stealth and amateur alchemy. Soon enough Remy was put on the Galaxy's most wanted lists and later was elected to the Sith council by popular vote to serve alongside the most powerful masters and knights of the time.

Near the end of his career at RIP Remy met once again his first inspiration Malice Draclau. Finally given the chance to study from the legendary Sith, Remy learned all he could concerning the nuances of the Sith language and sorcery. Having become a dependable friend and co-worker of famous masters such as Anubis Starkiller, Malice Draclau, Darth Roul, and Kerberos, Remy was eventually given the title of Master shortly before RIP's demise.

Mastery: An Alchemist RisesEdit

"The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

Shortly after he had earned the rank of Sith Master, Remy was marooned on Mustafar after a series of unfortunate circumstances--to put it mildly. Left to be hunted by Force spirits and natural predators, Remy turned to a Sith tomb he discovered in which lay the body of the Late Dark Lord Lycius. From Lycius' Force spirit, he learned the basics of Darkside shamanism and alchemy. Eventually Lycius possessed Remy's body and together they forged a Sith sword covered in glowing red runes. Face with the planet's harsh fiery environment and organisms, Remy was forced to mutilate his body through alchemy, mutating it to give himself evolutionary advantages for surviving on Mustafar. The master bleached his skin white under an alchemical forge--rendering it immune to fire and yet at the same time ruining his ability to use Force lightning. He burned Sith markings into his face to further immerse his soul into the Darkness which kept him alive. And finally he tortured his fingers into claws, which transmuted his nails into lethal blades. When he was finally rescued, he was hardly recognizable.

Though voted onto the Sith council yet again despite his long absence, Remy eventually declined the honour. He found it increasingly hard to adapt to civilized and social life after spending more than two years on a volcanic planet, living on a meal to meal basis. It was during this time that he and his wife, Tellaria, began drifting apart. Perhaps it was his change in appearance but most likely it was his change from a civilized and cultured being into an animal. Though he had returned more powerful than any had known him to ever be, the sacrifice was repellent. He spent this time serving RIP in a very isolated and undependable manner.

The soul of Lycius, which still remained inside of Remy, constantly bombarded his consciousness, fighting for possession of the master's body. The matter of Lycius became an ever increasing problem as Remy struggled to develop and rejoin his people. Though even in his reduced state, Remy masterminded many schemes and took part in several missions in which he saw hard earned success. Yet even as he garnered victory after victory, the master had sensed he had hit a wall in his development. Desiring for a great achievement beyond all others, he build a laboratory upon the newly captured planet of Ruusan, aided by Malice Draclau.

Upon Ruusan Remy learned and experimented in crafting Darkside abominations. Throughout his lab time on that planet, the master learned the majority of his alchemical knowledge both through experience and the wise words of Malice Draclau. The mutated army was a success in every way possible. However after several mistakes, the lab became overrun with them and the planet was infested by undead and monsters alike. The surface, ravaged by storms created by the Sith Mistress Kassandra, combined with the army of abominations made the planet uninhabitable.

Forced to flee his laboratory, Remy finally had to face the Dark Lord within him. Thus began his disappearance.

The Sith CouncilEdit

After Remy returned from his unexplained disappearance, his visage having reverted to its normal appearance, he found the Sith factions had merged into one democratic Sith Council. Disappointed with the lack of competition and the "unity" befitting Jedi, he remained a part of the Council, albeit distant. Currently he has taken up residence on Ruusan once more with a choice few other Sith to pursue new dark machinations not yet declassified for the public eye.

The VanishingEdit

Not much is known about Remy's disappearance and few have inquired about it. All that is known is that the famous Captain Marcus Gray, reputed half-brother of Remy, also mysteriously vanished during the same time. Remy left as a possessed and tortured being, returning as a whole and healed man. Neither talk about it.

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Weapons Edit

Sabre Edit

Remy is known to use a curved, black anodized lightsaber hilt. The blade is silent and glows violet. He also possesses a smaller second blade forged from the harvested souls of deceased Jedi, a more recent creation.

Sith Sword Edit

Remy's Sith sword was used during his early mastery after his time on Mustafar. It was a diseased weapon, leaving shards of the Darkside within its victims. Its current location and condition are unknown, having vanished after Remy's disappearance.

Ship Edit

The only vessel Remy ever owned was The Valkyrie, a Star Destroyer he had named after his wife, Tellaria Parenthis.