Reyven Samoth is a Sith Master, Council member on the Dark Council, and High Priest of the Voices of Truth, the cult embodiment of the Pillar of Truth. He is cold and calculating and uses people to get what he needs, though deeply believes in the idea of the Sith bringing about a better galaxy and advancement of lifeforms in the galaxy.
Reyven Samoth
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Reyven Samoth
Also known as
Darth Astus
Horseman of Famine
Accoladed One
Dromund Kaas
Dark Councilor
High Priest of Truth
Regnum In Protestas
Sine Occasu
The Sith Council(Current)
Voices of Truth(Current)
Anubis Starkiller
Jake Laventa(Knighted)
Anesia Jy'Vun(Knighted)
Lilith Matrionac
Kothos Asurya
Kathryn Langley
Hyp Drav
Gabriel Kane
Several, built with bio-locks:
-Dual-phase, electrum plated(Silver blade), first made
-Dual-phase lightsaber(Black hilt, blade)
-Electrum plated short hilt saber set(Red and violet blades)
-Phrik hilt dual-saber(Black-white blades)
Sith Sword
Sith Tremor Swords
Self-made 'Soulsaber'
Modified Amphistaff
-E-Wing(Modified with hardwired Astrodroid)
-Fury-class Sith Transport
-Imperial II-class Star Destroyer 'The Hold'
-Executor-class Star Dreadnought 'Derriphan'
Body type
Very thin, purely toned muscle and bone
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Pale white
One from forehead over left eye to upper lip under left eye.
Five on each cheek.
Upper back
Right shoulder
Inner right forearm
Family members
Luna Marzullo(Deceased)
Significant other
Dragen Marzullo
Tiamat Marzullo
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family


His face has been scarred and changed by years of training and battles. He has sharp features, harsh lines for his face. His cheeks are lined with ten scars, five on each side of his face, from a fight with River Sanshu. His left eye is an organic prosthetic that is a clear orb with black fluid within, though he maintained the black iris, the white of his right yellowed from the effects of the Darkside. His jaw is also an organic prosthetic, and the flesh covering it. The teeth attached to it are shiny black and come to jagged points. The flesh covering it and the upper most portion of his throat is also a shiny black that almost resembles that of a reptile. There is a large scar running from the top of his forehead over his left eye, down to the upper lip under it, which resulted in the need of his prosthetics, courtesy of his fight with Mak Manto and Hawk Hinata. His left arm is a replacement as well, covered with the same false flesh that his jaw is. The fingers come down to slightly sharper ends than most normal human's, but it works fine for him, though the prosthetic has dug into his chest a bit to maintain hold, which shows just under the surface of his skin there. The rest of his flesh is also covered with patches of burn scars from the explosion that destroyed the Sith Temple on Coruscant.

As for attire, it has changed quite a bit since his apprenticeship. He tends to wear his robes, consisting of black fabric traced with gold trimmings, covered in a cloak with hood of the same color pattern. He wears the mask-portion of the helmet that all the acolytes of his Pillar wear, though with the same coloring as his robes to denote his rank and treated with Sith Alchemy to make it lightsaber-proof.. He wears a pair of Mandalorian crushgaunts, worked into the same color scheme. His prosthetic arm is covered in leather bindings which have Force foci, purple gems wrapped in alchemic metals, attached to them.

He also has several tattoos. The emblem of the Dark Lord of the Sith is tattooed on his upper back, the center of which is replaced with the circular World Tree emblem of their order, forming the emblem of his Pillar. There is also a tattoo on his right shoulder and inner right forearm, as well as one on the left side of his chest over his heart.


Proud, thoughtful, and practical. He's not one to fly off the handle when there is something to be gained by keeping his focus. He also enjoys the company of those with an even level of thought, not much caring for those only interested in brute force. He knows more how to harness his hate with calm focus rather than letting it overtake him. Although certain practices are starting to wear at his mind.

Fighting StyleEdit

He has learned many lightsaber forms, though prefers to use the Force as a weapon. He has learned to make himself invisible in presence of the Force and physically through the Force. He has knowledge of some Sith Alchemy and Sorcery, as well as dark healing arts. Though he prides himself most on his Force 'vampirism'. He has the ability to take and use the energies around him, both of the Force and of life, heat, and so on, to repurpose it to his own ends.


He takes pride in the weapons he has crafted over his time with the Sith, and finds himself often tinkering and modifying them to suit ever-changing needs.


Fervio: The first saber he made, using a dual-phase hilt with electrum plating. It has a silver blade.


Crossbreed: His second saber, made from crystals grown in Freedon Nadd's tomb. A dual-phase saber as well, with a solid black blade.


Gryphon: A set of two blades with electrum-plated hilts and a red blade on one and violet on the other. Meant for use in Jar'Kai, they have shorter hilts to be able to be wielded single-handedly easier.


Saber Staff: A phrik hilt meant to withstand lightsaber blows directly, it was made during the forming of the Voices of Truth to commemorate the occurance. It has a black blade core with a white edge.

Other WeaponsEdit

In addition to his lightsabers, he has a few unorthodox weapons he uses. His favorites being the crushgaunts worked into his armor.

ere is also a Sith Sword he crafted using Sith Alchemy. He uses it mostly within the temple or for rituals. The hilt contains a crystal used as a Force focus to aid in his use of the Force.

The weapon he is most proud of his a creation much like the Soulsaber. He created it during the bombing of Ryloth and forged all the energies of the dead, along with a fraction of his mind and that of Famine, into a twisted mass of metal warped with Sith Alchemy and a black crystal. As such, it constantly hungers for energy and tries to draw it from wherever it can. It functions as a focus for the Force, channeling it into a blade with the same damaging properties as a lightsaber, though with more noticeable effects on the environment. Whenever active, the air around it grows cold and it seems to draw light into it. Any who aren't Reyven that try to hold the weapon will find the Force being drawn into it if they're Force sensitive, or their strength being sapped if they are not.

He also possesses an amphistaff, the Vong weapon he'd taken a liking to. He had a modified one created for him, black in color. The venom it spits has an acidic quality that lets it burn its way into flesh and act as a paralyzing agent once worked into the blood of its target.


Pre-Sith LifeEdit


Reyven's appearance in his youth.

Raised on Onderon, he was exposed to many tales of the distant past. Raised by his grandparents, due to his parents' deaths in a freighter explosion, he was told of long-ago wars in Onderon's history. He was particularly interested in the stories of the Mandalorian Wars and of the dark Jedi known as the Sith that ruled over the planet in the past. Battle interested him greatly, and the tactics used by the fallen Jedi to defeat the Mandalorians fascinated him. He began to study the ways of these people. He felt the Jedi, who had been reluctant to help the ancient Republic, were merely weak, and that's why they would not fight. He resolved that he would never let himself be as weak as they were, and that he would fight for what he felt was right with all he had, and that he wouldn't let himself be restricted by the teachings of the Jedi.

He visited the moon of Dxun, having heard of an ancient temple that existed there. He scoured the moon, finding many of the old Mandalorian chaches, recovering old equipment from them. Among these were a set of Mandalorian crushgaunts, which he found useful in combat. He came across the temple, which was in actuality an ancient Sith tomb, and investigated it thoroughly. Inside he found two old Sith tremor swords, which he took and repaired in his free time, along with some damaged Sith holocrons, through which he learned some of the more basic philosophies of the Sith as well as lightsaber techniques. He took time training and studying these whenever he had the chance.

The whole time he had no idea he was sensitive to the Force. He only knew that he had what he considered 'heightened senses and reflexes' that allowed him to take to the training easily. He grew frustrated with the lack of learning materials available on the planet and moon, and, once his grandparents had passed, decided to head out on his own to learn as much as he could about his interests, now having no real ties to the planet that would hold him back. His travels would eventually lead him to the planet mentioned in some of the Sith records he came across, known as Ziost.

Apprenticeship and KnighthoodEdit


Reyven's mask and robes during his time as an apprentice and knight.

Following his training and knighting under Anubis Starkiller on Ziost, and the subsequent forced 'migration' of the Sith from the planet, he remained with them and trained at the temple on Korriban. Actions taken by the Sith on Byss lead him to come upon a copy of the Dark Side Compendium, which he took for further study.

After the events there, he kept mostly to himself and his studies. The only thing that changed this was a break-in to his chambers on Korriban by Luna Marzullo, which lead to the two being married, him having two children, and access to the Marzullo family resources. It also caused him to take a Star Destroyer, The Hold, to house himself and his experiments to prevent further intrusions of the sort.

However, what knowledge he did have access to wasn't enough for him anymore. He sought out Kith Verloren, Malice Draclau, and Zoe Marzullo to learn what they had to teach. In the catacombs on Korriban, he learned the methods needed to cloak himself in the Force from the ghost of Kith. On his now-modified ship he learned Sith Alchemy from Malice. From Zoe he learned to manipulate Force and life energies and bring them under his own control to do with as he pleased. Soon after gaining this knowledge he took his ship and headed into less-traveled space on the outer-rim, leaving behind his family and focusing on his studies. It was at this time he began construction on his flag ship, The Derriphan.

Sith MasterEdit


The mask Reyven made when first granted rank of Master.

He returned almost six years later to find the Sith had split, his wife having joined the 'cult' of the Witches of Dathomir. He has yet to find out what has happened to his children. He was present for two attacks on the Sith Temple on Coruscant, the second of which almost resulted in his death and his body being heavily scarred by burns. He joined with a group who made a failed attempt to start the Regnum again, becoming the Horseman of Famine and vessel for the spirit of Famine. However, in an attack on Dromund Kaas, his wife sacrificed herself to summon a 'demon' for the Witches. In that same battle he allowed himself to become the conduit for the dead spirits of the Dark Temple, which had been destroyed.

One of the spirits lead him to an isolated asteroid housing a complex known as the Foundry. There he was told of the Empire of the past and that there might still be a leader left alive from that era. The Foundry was modified to produce fleets and weapons of the old Empire, and he met with the would-be Emperor there. The spirit, a servant of the 'Emperor' from long ago, helped convince Reyven, who was still outraged by the decision to share Dromund Kass with the Witches, to try and bring the rest of the Council under his sway. In the resulting Civil War, he was cast out of the order for a time. He returned to the Foundry to report his failure. The 'Emperor' and his servant tried to break Reyven so that his body could serve as a vessel for only the 'Emperor'. In the resulting struggle, Reyven struck him down and the collective spirits within him destroyed his servant.


Robes and armor Reyven wears now as a leader of the Voices of Truth.

Free of the influence of the crazed servant, he returned to the Sith Council in an attempt to form a more united front for the Sith. In return, he was granted a position on the Council and placed in charge of the religious Pillar of Truth for the Sith. He began work and soon reconstructed the Dark Temple beneath the Citadel on Dromund Kaas to serve as a base of operations for his 'cult'.

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