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Arianna Darklighter
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Early Years -Edit

Rianna was trained at the facility on Yavin and in the temple on Coruscant, until the Empire started eliminating the Jedi. Her Master sent her first the to planet Emberlene, where she met the Mistryl Warriors, who embraced her not as one of their own but one of a kindred spirit. Fortunately Rianna was not on Emberlene when it fell, she was hidden away on the planet Dagro with farmers. Her Master continued her training in secret, until the Empire came to Dagro . Riannas Master stood against the invasion the best she could, in the end Rianna watched her die. Her Master instructed her to hide, and continue her training as she had been taught, and someone would come for her soon.

During her years as a young padawan and Knight before the Empire changd everything, Rianna fell in love with another Jedi, Han Skywalker. Many times they had come dangerously close to breaking their oaths, at times questioning. Only in time would it come to light exactly how far the two had broken their oaths, and what the result was.

The tide had changed in many ways and Rianna knew she needed to hide deeper, she moved to the planet of Tatooine hiding her Jedi identity, she took work as a dishwasher in a Cantina owned by Algernon. Where she worked until the day Rafe Antilles came and convinced her she was needed to help fight the Empire. After much hesitation she accompanied him. Rianna felt out of place among the rebels though they were well organized. Rianna spoke very little of her time during the days of the Empire, it is known to Rekha Kaarde and Rafe Antilles one incident which redefined Rianna.

During one mission she had been captured and torture by the Moff she could only remember calling Asmodeus, the torture nearly killed her. Once rescued Rianna returned to Tatooine to recover she still maintains a home there and when possible she retreats there.

Rianna though never speaks of it, she still bears physical and emotional scars.

Personality -Edit

Rianna is reserved and quiet for the most part. She is observant of those around her, and dedicated to her order. She has been known to stray here and there while on a quest. She is a willing listener.

Attire Rianna wears the robes of her order either black, or brown. She can be seen wearing the light brown tunic, with white undershirt, and matching pants, and boots. Upon occasion she has been known to wear civilian garments depending upon what her task is. As she has aged she had relaxed in her stiff attitude

Life as a Jedi -Edit

Where she was before she came to Naboo one could only guess, having wandered for a long time she suddenly felt the calling to return to be among Jedi, as the order has once again rose up from the ashes of the years of her seclusion.

Rianna changed taking on more duties as Healer and Diplomat rather than fighter. Establishing the Circle of Healers on the planet Lianna, she once again returned to Naboo to stand and be counted among them.

Rianna's mantra was to offer aide to anyone no matter who they were, no matter what their alliance.

The order fractured many Jedi forming other temples to follow their interpretation and beliefs. A darkness was coming over them and Rianna knew not how to react.

On the planet Hoth while Rianna was a prisoner with her life long friend Adrianna Fiore a change began that she had not expected. Of which the consequences she had not seen. Garith Darkhold, Sith Lord. Rianna actions at the prison came into question first she became the ward of Garith, going with him to Alderaan and Raxus learning and observing him, Questioning everything which she thought she knew.

Weapons -Edit

Blue blade lightsaber


Abilities -Edit




Future Foretelling

Languages -Edit




Ship -Edit

Ship Jedi Explorer I named The Morning Star

Personal life -Edit

Does a Jedi have a personal life for many years Rianna believed the two were not compatible, and for many years she watched the others of heorder marry, and have children. Questioning her belief, her order, and their mandate.

Roleplays -Edit

2013 -

This is not the Gungan your looking for (the murder of Jar Jar Binks revisited JCSI) Rianna leads a team of investigators to Yavin on a hunch that someone may be cloning General Ceel.

To Live is to Love to love is to suffer - Rianna travels to Ilum to find a new crystal for her lightsaber thinking it would help to put her back on the path of light, She meets Christian Draclau who seems to be on a similar mission. She senses his darkness, as much as he senses hers.

Evil never dies it just changes faces - Rianna travels to Manaan still trying to figure out her place in the galaxy and what path she belongs on. She meets with Malice Draclau, once again the Sith Sorcerer lures her in using her confusion to open a box of sith design which unleashes Techno Beasts onto the planet. Rianna is once again reunited with Garith Darkhold, who begins to complete her downfall to the darkside.

Desolation Rianna's fall to the darkside is completed. After two years and great emotional turmoil Garith Darkhold Sr. completes her transition.

2012 -

Stitching the Wounds - Rianna goes with Alexie Daniels to find out who kidnapped her, caused Garith's death, and manipulated her daughter Arabella.

The Galactic Storm 2012 - Rianna joins Garith Sr. and Blade to take on the Jedi as they threaten to use an ancient scroll to wipe out the dark side of the force.

The time Has come 2012 - Rianna meets with her son Garith Jr. to discuss his growing relationship with Kalia and her decision to take a sabbatical from the Order.

Order 66 (2012) - What happen that day, and where were you when the order was given to kill all Jedi.

Wheels within Wheels (2012) - Rianna and Lucien search for the answer to a virus

Nar Shadaa Blues (2012) - Rianna employs Surge Korso to help her move valuable information and return to the Jedi.

Mission to Ansion 2012 - Rianna travels with Spark Vallen and Alexie Daniels to the troubled world of Ansion to negotiate peace between two warring clans.

Death is but a step away 2012 Rianna goes to Arabella who is dieing the technology used to to create her life is now taking it.

It was as if all the voices cried out at once (2012) Rianna helps long time friend Spark Vallen find out what has happen to the Wayne Family.

Silhouette of a Jedi 2012 - Rianna on the night she announces a sabbatical from the order to her family is told Garith Sr. is Alive

Dromund Kass - The Search for Garith Darkhold Sr. - Rianna has been told that Garith Sr. is alive and walking on the planet of Dromund Kass. She goes to search for him, and what she finds scares her and yet intrigues her. But the man before her is not the same man who she watched die. Garith with his two daughters Arabella and Aredhel seek to either turn the Master, or kill her.

Promises Fulfilled 2012 Rianna after raising the child she called Hope returns her to the planet of her mothers' birth. Rianna meets with Santeria Decuir.

In Darkness there is no Light (2012) - Rianna struggles to hold on to her beliefs as a Jedi. The Dark emotions that Garith Sr. had brought out in her surface and seek to take over dragging her back into the Darkness. While Ryori, Kalia and Lucien join her to find the resurrectors of the Krystos Virus on the planet of its origins, Borleias.

Visions of the Past 2012 Rianna and Garith Sr. are children meeting on Alderaan, unknown that they are both of the house of Organa. Unknown they are related. Both escaping their families for the day.

The Path Ahead 2012 Rianna coming close to her decision to walk a different path, goes with Vohn Exel to explore and contemplate her leaving the Jedi Order. A decision which would affect her family, and her way of life.

If one is no longer a jedi 2012 - Rianna contemplates leaving the order forever

Even Memories can be Stolen - A story from her past shows a young padawan Rianna Organa on a mission with padawan Han Skywalker.


What Dreams May come 2011 - Kevin Kazama returns as he and Rianna try to pick up what they once shared on a mission that calls to Jedi Master Kazama revealing their fears.

Deep Dark Nights (2011) - Rianna is called when a pregnant Rekha becomes sick. Hawk in the meantime is having an affair with Alexis Ravensclaw. In the meantime Alexis and Vicious are seeking an active way to kill Rekha, and draw Hawk into the darkside.

Where do we go from here (2011) in the aftermath of the breakout from the prison on Hoth. What was there to say Rianna had stayed behind during the prison break, and it wasn't because she had to, she volunteered to, she surrendered her weapon to Garith and offered her services as a doctor. Now there was rumblings of her being a callaborator, traitor to her order. For Rianna she felt she had done what any doctor would do honor her oath to render aid. What had that outcome been....2 dead Jedi, 3 rebels, 2 from the underground, and then then imperials...she watched on poor boy die on her table begging her to make sure his mother knew...Rianna had promised..

Trial of Rianna Organa (2011) - Rianna is put on trial for her actions following the prison outbreak on Hoth, and her becoming the Ward of Garith Darkhold. The Trial finds her guilty of collaboration, and exile her for one year in the outer rim.

Sometimes one must sacrafice (2011) - Rianna is still on Raxus trying to understand Garith and his ways and the training that some Sith must take. In her quest to understand she is undergoing a deep healing trance, much like death in an effort to see if the darkside exists on its own...if she misuses the force to find this this information, and then what is the aftermath to her, and is there a cost.

Exciting is hardly the word I would choose (2011 SNRP) = The Death Star II has been destroyed, the remnants of its massive frame have rained down on the little moon of Endor. In the ensuing years the forest has done its best to conceal this blemish. Vines, moss, and even trees cover the towering bones in a grave of greenery. But something stirs. Somewhere, buried deep in the labyrinth of twisted beams and girders a beacon begins to sound. But how, and why, after all the long years?

Drawn by their curiosity, the factions of the galaxy move in on Endor to investigate. But its a trap..... you morons. Next step? Spring the trap....

While Jedi and Rebel landing parties investigate, a pirate fleet drops out of hyperspace to begin looting their transports. While the Pirates are stealing from the Alliance, the Empire, already doing their own search of the Death Star ruins opens fire on the Jedi and Rebel group. With so many top Imperial, Jedi, and Rebel officers in one place the Galactic Underworld can't resist the urge to go hunting for Bounties. With the Galactic Underworld rounding up bounties, the Sith bastards paying the bill see it only fit to kill both the hunter and the hunted as the captives are delivered to the beacon site, heart of The Sith Council's most elaborate trap to date.... Rianna works with Adrianna Fiore and Hawk Solo

Ghosts of the Past (2011)- Rianna walks on Dantooine again, to remember a battle where many of her healer students died from a man that she had tried to heal. She seeks him, or perhaps he is a creation of something else, or is someone else...(this story is not actually fleshed out yet)

Glitterstim Dreams (2011) Rianna goes into the under belly of Coruscant searching for someone who has touched her mind

Guardian of the Galaxy (2011) Someone has captured the Guardian of the Mindharp of the Sharu, many force users are mind touched and going to Rafa IV to face what has replaced the Guardian.

Darkness wears a false face (2011) - Rianna Organa is believed dead of a virus which is spreading through the outer rim. Her friends and family mourn her loss, until it is reported that she has been seen on Nar Shadaa. How is that possible? Jedi Master Rianna Organa has no memory of who she is, becoming a street urchin and doing what she must to survive. However Rianna is pregnant with the child of the Sith Dark Lord Garith Darkhold. As Rianna struggles to remember she suffers mercury poisoning threatening her and the unborn child. Adrianna Fiore Mavin has found her but Rianna is mistrusting. Garith having heard that Rianna was on Nar Shadaa goes to find her. The pair are united however, Rianna's illness is such that in order to save her and the child Garith uses transfer damage taking on all of her injuries and in his final moments he transfers the part of himself that was the light to the child. Garith dies. The force transfer triggers a reaction, the child grows rapidly and Rianna delivers him on Nar Shadaa. Within hours he reaches the height of a 17 year old boy. Rianna names him Garith Jr.

Union of Two Factions (Marriage of Kir-al and Adrianna) 2011 - Rianna is maid of honor to the Jedi Master Adrianna Fiore.

In the Middle of Nowhere 2011 - Rianna goes to stay with Garith on Raxus Prime to learn what differences there are between Jedi and Sith. She meets his latest protoge's Lady Flare and Cvijan.

Crisis at Abregado 2011 - Rianna goes to Abregado to render aid, meeting up with Keir Wayne, and Feena.

Have you come here to die like the Jedi before you? This place is a graveyard for your kind 2011 - Rianna and Mak Manto search the grounds of the Ultron estate looking for clues as to who has kidnapped Adrianna Fiore, just as they learn other Jedi Masters have also been taken. Who is responsible?

JCSI: The Murder of Jabba the Hutt 2011 - the JCSI team is headed to Tatooine to investigate who killed the legendary slug.

The Knightrise Alliance: The Coruscant Takeover 2011 - Rianna follows her son who has joined the NJO as the order goes to Coruscant to protect the innocent and wounded.

Repo in Transit 2011 - Vohn Exel is captured and taken to Korriban. Rianna goes to help free him.

The Resol'Nalare 2011 - The Mandalorians, and Hapans try to take back Mandalore, Rianna and other members of NJO go to negotiate

The Empire is not so forgiving 2011 - Rianna is back on Alderaan....but this time without the protection of Garith Darkhold Sr. She is unsure of what she is seeking.

A Game of Chess: Save the light 2011 - The Hapan prince comes to Dagobah to meet with the Jedi...

Carnival of the Rogues 2011 - Rianna seeks some downtime at a carnival.

The art of confusion 2011 - Rianna goes to study the malia beasts of Ragoon 6.

Sell your secrets to me for a price 2011 - The aftermath of Dathomir...

Occupy Baroonda 2011 - The order goes to offer aide to Baroonda.

Power comes and goes but the force is eternal 2011 - The Trial of Malice Draclau

Family is more than Blood (UT) 2011- The return of Anija Ordo

Johnny comes marching home again 2011 - Rianna deals with the injured after Utpau

Shades of Blue - Rianna hires Kassey Daklin to move a virus, Hawk makes plans to stop Rianna's plan.

Imperial Entanglements - Rianna and Mak at are the Kuat Ship yards on a mission.

With Thunderous Applause - The galactic Senate breaks down once more

Destination Dagobah - Rianna goes in search of Spark Vallen

Spawn of Evil - Adrianna is pregnant with Malice's child after he raped her. Rianna goes to help.

Where's my lolly and whats' my name - Rianna deals with Hawk Solo who has lost his memory.


Theed Nights - Rianna and Kevin Kazama try to figure out if they are in a relationsip

2007 -

Mending Fences - the Jedi reach out to the Republic trying to once again find grounds for an alliance

Mystery on Rytloth - A Group of Jedi go to investigate the ancient ruins


Lost City of Yavin -A Team of Jedi search the jungle moon.

The Double Edged Sword - After the battle of Drongar, Rianna and Rekha search for a shipment of Bota.

The Kidnapping of Arianna Darklighter - Ronin and Rianna work together to recover Arianna.


Alone and Running - Rianna infiltrates the Underground.

The next mission - Rianna works with the Rebellion spying on the Imperials

Mission to Bastian - Bethany Kismet and Rianna go under cover on Bastian

Blackout on Naboo - The Jedi experience a loss of light, are the sith attacking, or did Ceel forget to pay the power bill

Hostage - Alexander Lineaus takes a member of Rianna's family

Unseen Death - A virus is killing the children, Bethany and Rianna search for an answer


JCSI: The Search for Jar Jar Binks - The team goes to Bespin to search.

TGC Accomplishments

Hall of Fame -

89) Rianna Organa A long time member of the Gungan Council, Rianna brought to the Jedi one of comforting and a trainer of many padawans. Standing strong within the light, Rianna was a source of inspiration for many to become healers of the Jedi Order. Her presence is known by many who she affected, and she brought to roleplays a sense of good and undying commitment to the light.


May 2013

  1. 3 in the Top 5 Jedi

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