Rora Tai
None yet
Human from Naboo
112 lbs.
Eye Colour
Golden Amber
Hair Color
Home Planet
Dorme Combs
Bryce Tai
None (Yet)

"Tai's three B's Be happy, Brandy, Blades. Check...What?"


Rora was born on Naboo, raised by her mother Dorme Combs a gifted artisan while her father, Bryce Tai, worked with the traveling circus. When she was 8 she was allowed to go with her father on the next circut of the circus. She learned to be an expert knife and blade thrower under her father's teaching.

Rora had been helping her father with his blade act for the circus, for over a week when one of the exotic creature's trainer's sons had locked her in a cage with the gigantic spiders. She screamed for a few hours before going hoarse. Her father and the creature trainer let her out after the boy came back to tell them the spiders had wrapped her up in their web intending to turn the 8 year old into their next meal. Rora never stayed calm near a spider from that day since.

After her mother's unexpected death thanks to a strange fever, Rora at 16 while in school for the arts, met and learned a great deal about hacking and tracking data from another student. She pursused more into that study along with continuing to be her father's partner on the circus route, until she was 22.

Her father got into a brawl at a cantina and was literally riddled with holes from his oppents' blasters. She stayed with the circus until she got to Coruscant and then got back in touch with her old class mate. After a few years of using her talents of data hacking, tracking she decided where she really wanted to be was working along-side the Rebelliion.

Life in The RebellionEdit

Other InformationEdit


Loves Orchids and peppermint candy but not too many folks know this information.


Certain fruits. Very afraid of spiders.


Various knives and blades hidden about her person. Doesn't like blasters or rifles


Easy going playful, finds the oddest things to be funny. Is very loyal to those she calls friend, willing to do what she can to help, then some if it comes down to it.

Has a real soft spot for kids, and folks in trouble.

Does NOT use a blaster or rifle, she knows that most use them; in fights but she won't not after seeing her father gunned down as he was.

Only time she is not smiling or joking is when she is 'celebrating' the anniversary of her parents deaths. She usually sits drinking brandy slowly and throwing a knife or blade at a target until she misses it.

Owned ShipsEdit

Modified Naboo Star Skiff, dubbed the Tai's Blade (painted a dusky golden color with some red stylized markings on it.) Instead of the brilliant silver of the normal Naboo Star Skiffs.

Tech. details:

Size: 49.3 meter-wingspan; 29.2 meters long

Manufacturer: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering

Type: Personal starship

Weapon: Two laser cannons

Love LiveEdit

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