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Rogue Squadron is an elite Rebellion starfighter squadron founded by Commander Arhul Narra, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles shortly after the Battle of Yavin out of Red Squadron. Rogue Squadron played a key role during several engagements in theGalactic Civil War, serving as the primary defense squadron of the Alliance High Command. The squadron mainly fielded T-65 X-wing starfighters, but flew other craft as well, including T-47 airspeeders, Z-95 Headhunters, RZ-1 A-wing interceptors, B-wing assault starfighters, and BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters. They participated most notably at the Battle of Hoth and later at the Battle of Endor while reorganized once more as Red Squadron. Command of Rogue Squadron was later taken by Admiral Angelica "Angel" Hawkmoon. Under her command, she took the Rogues to new heights of infamy against the newly reformed Galactic Empire by becoming an effective thorn in their side. Some of the famous battles Admiral Hawkmoon led the Rogues in where Mygeeto, and the battle of Kuat. Admiral Hawkmoon later stepped down as commander of the Rogues and passed the torch to Commander Sage Seidon. Commander Seidon led the Rogues at the battle of Geonosis against the Obsidian fleet of the newly reorganized Dark Empire. After Sage, Commander Alexandra Russo held the coveted mantel of Rogue Leader, and lead the Alliance's elite squadron against the evil forces that threaten the galaxy.   Alexandra Russo stepped down recently as commander and a surprising choice was made to replace her.  Commander Braiden Sky was selected to lead one of the best squadrons of the ages.  Sky is young, and an odd choice but Alliance Command seen something in him his enemies will fear.  After a few years leading the Squadron a tragic accident left Sky hospitalized. During this time second in command Mazen Darksun stepped up to run the squadron while Sky recovered.  Upon full recovery Commander Sky was offered a new position by The Alliance High Command, who claimed they needed his talents elsewhere.  Commander Sky accepted the assignment though knew he would always be a rogue at heart.  Mazen Darksun became leader of Rogue Squadron. The Rogues are the most feared fighter squadron in the galaxy and the ideas of the Rebellion will never die as long as the Rogues still fly.

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Rogue Squadron Banner


Rogue One/Lead - Charlotte Monreau :: CO :: Call Sign - "Charcoal" 

Rogue Two - Sylvia Alvaro :: Call Sign - "Star Chaser"

Rogue Three - Open 

Rogue Four -  Apollo Hawkmoon :: Call Sign - "Sideswipe" 

Rogue Five/Two Flight Lead - Hawk Solo :: Call Sign - "Kamikaze"  

Rogue Six - Rekha Kaarde :: Call Sign - "Matahari" 

Rogue Seven - Aiden Tann :: Call Sign - "Hawkeye" 

Rogue Eight - Sage Seidon :: Call Sign - "Sentry" Rogue

Nine/Three Flight Lead - Thessa Kai :: XO :: Call Sign - "Little Mano" 

Rogue Ten -  Sky Jian :: Call Sign - TBD 

Rogue Eleven -  Logan Riv Shiel :: Call Sign - "Fur Ball"  

Rogue Twelve - Open  

Reserve Rogue Pilots 

  • Jessalyn Cassidy :: Call Sign - "Dancer"
  • Jason Dreggs :: Call Sign - "Havoc"

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