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"I don't flee. Ever." Ryori Holloway, when given the choice to fight or run by her Jedi master Rhett Marius during training.

Ryori Holloway was born on the planet of Carratos. Aside from her planet of origin, however, Ryori does not have any knowledge of her blood family. She was raised on several different planets under multiple ownerships as a slave until she was finally freed. From there, she strode to join the ranks of the Jedi Order, in which she currently holds the status of Knight.


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

"It's hard to miss a family that I don't remember, and to long for a life I never knew." Ryori Holloway

Ryori was born on Carratos, a planet from the Inner Rim Territories. She has no knowledge of her birth family other than vague, fleeting memories that have become distorted throughout the course of her lifetime. At the age of three, Ryori was kidnapped by a local group of slave traders and sold into an existance that made up the next twenty years of her life.

Passed back and forth between multiple owners, Ryori at one point resided on a couple different planets
located in the Inner Rim Territories: Carratos (3 years), Ambria (9 years), Telerath (2 years), Iseno (7 months), Reecee (6 years), and lastly Pengalan IV (1 year). Being a stubborn and rebellious individual, Ryori had been sold several times because her masters began to tire of her attitudes. She had never done enough to merit being executed, but caused enough problems that only the most patient and dedicated masters could control her for very long.

Her owners were numerous. Often times, Ryori was sold to several new masters before the next one took her to a different planet entirely. Her short time as a slave on Pengalan IV was the worst by far. At the age of 21, she spent six months under the ownership of Myron Gantern, who was a highly political figure to the local communities. While Myron himself did not involve himself in Ryori's life more than to give her instructions and punishments, his son Jacob--or Jake--spent much of his time harrassing her. A week before Ryori was freed, Jake attempted to force himself on her. He stopped before fully violating her because she had fought back viciously, but the night had still ended with her severely beaten and a brand burned into her flesh on her chest above her right breast. While a small handful of people have seen or know of the scar, the events of its origin is still private knowledge which Ryori has only shared with her former master Rhett Marius.

A week after her horrific encounter with Jake, Ryori was sold to a man named Jaemuk Teegrin. Jaemuk bought Ryori with the intention of setting her free. She stayed with him for a few months as he provided for her, but eventually she left in a futile search for her family on Carratos. When she found no answers there, Ryori traveled to Naboo where she was accepted for training with the Jedi Order at Temple Theed, her current place of residence.


"I'm not looking for pity, or to run away, or to find others like me. Just to do something with myself. And, though I don't really know much about the life I've chosen, I plan on seeing it through to the end." Ryori Holloway

The live of a slave was a demanding one, with very few luxuries. Almost immediately, Ryori had been put to work doing motor mechanics on a variety of different vehicles. She continued this trade skill with a passion, bringing it with her to each new owner, until she became a well rounded mechanic.

After being freed and traveling to Naboo, Ryori chose to pursue the life of a Jedi. Even though she had never worked with the Force before, and had no previous formal education or combat training, Ryori was knighted after only a short year of training. She was dedicated to her studies and to prospering in the life that she had been able to choose for herself. Many habits she had picked up from her time as a slave--such as waking up every morning around six to start her days--had actually provided useful in quickening the time of her apprenticeship.

Once Knighted, Ryori was immediately put to work by the Council with training her own apprentices. After the first year of being a Knight, she had acquired four padawans to train, ages ranging from five years to twenty. While she is not terribly comfortable with such a task, she performs it as well as she can, trying to garner as much experience and information from her own former master as she can to help her.


"Ryori was perceptive—extremely so—when she wanted to be, and Rhett was glad that all of the time they’d spent training together had amounted to many improvements in Ryori’s lifestyle. Despite the harshness that the woman had suffered at the hands of slave masters, despite all the turmoil and strife that had no doubt plagued her life, she’d become stronger for it. It all showed nowadays, in the way she moved; she kept her head held high, a smile on her lips and, at least around him, kind words… even mixed in with all the verbal jabs, which only served to add a little spice to their interactions." Rhett Marius's thoughts on Ryori


"Well, I was never much for initiating a fight, but people around me learned pretty quickly that I didn't put up with nonsense. If you make it part of my training, I can't guaruntee I'll be any good at it, but I can tell you that I'll work on it until I think I'll pass out, and then I'll work on it some more." Ryori Holloway to trainer Rhett Marius on learning cage fighting.

Ryori is very abrasive and blunt. Never one to sugar coat her words, she tells things like they are and has very
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little patience for fantasies and farfetched ideals. Her time as a slave severely jaded her ability to relate to people. As a general rule, she dislikes interaction. While she can get along fine with those who are honest and respectful, Ryori is not afraid to make an enemy out of someone that she feels the need to speak her mind to, regardless of rank or if she's even met them before. In her first interaction with her Padawan Julius, Ryori had ripped him apart verbally for an action he had performed that she viewed as petty and arrogant.

Despite her crude mannerisms, however, Ryori is a very compassionate and caring individual. She makes an honest effort to connect with those that she feels are honest. While she had very few people she calls friends, she holds each of them dearly and goes through great lengths to ensure their happiness and health, often times putting her life on the line to do so. In addition to these things, Ryori is an extremely hard and dedicated worker. When she sets her mind to something, she does it--end of story.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"That was where her talent was. Rhett was actually extremely confident in teaching Ryori new Force powers, considering the fact that she had picked up on telekinesis without any instruction from him and had demonstrated it well." Rhett Marius's thoughts on Ryori.


  • Galactic Basic
  • Binary
  • Bocce

The ForceEdit

"It was a lovely thing to be able to have a Padawan with a natural instinct for the metaphysical energies around them." Rhett Marius's thoughts on Ryori.

When Ryori first came to Temple Theed to try her hand at the life of a Jedi, she honestly had no idea if she was even Force sensative. Her first attempt to tap into the Force had taken her hours. However, she took to it fairly quickly. Most aspects, anyway. Some parts were so hard for her to understand that she needed to experience it first--such as Force Persuasion. Meanwhile, she was such a natural at telekinesis that she had mastered it before her master Rhett had even
taught it to her.

She perceives the Force as a breeze. Ryori can control that breeze, change its speed, direction, and use it to her advantage. During moments when the Force manifests without her active consent, such as when she is emotionally distressed or distracted, she has been known to create physical gales and whirlwinds. Though he has not said as much to her, Rhett believes that this might be characteristics of hidden Shaper talents.


"This is learning to fight with a weapon. You will learn swordsman ship my way." Rhett Marius to Ryori during saber training.

Trained under the watchful eye of a Weapon Master, Ryori learned much about the use of the lightsaber. Her talents here extend slightly beyond that of the normal Jedi education, but the saber was not her main combat focus. Aside from the sporatic tip here and there, Ryori has no training or knowledge on any other weapon.

Very rarely does Ryori actually use her saber in battle, though she keeps it with her at all times. Preferring to fight with her own hands, she typically only brings out her saber if she is fighting against blasters or against an opponent who is much stronger than her. She maintains her skills with the saber by having friendly duels with her friends and by spending her mornings doing sword fighting drills.

Martial ArtistEdit

"You wanted cage fighting tactics? There's a basic one. A hunter is patient." Rhett Marius to Ryori during combat training.

The martial arts is Ryori's area of expertise in combat, specifically cage fighting style. As a woman with a history of being abused and taken advantage of, she appreciated the ability to defend herself without needing to rely on weapons. Similar to her sword work, Ryori keeps up her abilities in this regard by spending several hours every morning putting herself through pattern dances and martial forms, as well as the occassional spar with Rhett.


"Her meger attempt at self control and courtesy was lost upon him. Kevin could feel the irritation and disdain dripping off of the girl's aura. Needless to say, her people skills needed work." Jedi Master Kevin Kazama's thoughts on Ryori.

Due to her experiences as a slave, Ryori tends to be very negative about her views on other sapient beings, often times believing the worst of people before all else. She is quick to speak her mind, and does not trust easily. This makes it very hard for her to get along with others, and for others to get along with her. Currently, Ryori considers only two people she has ever met to be worthy of the title "friend": Rhett Marius and Ti'Cira
Jennifer Connelly
Hawk. Other people that she trusts nominally are Ramal Cloud, Kir-al Mavin, and her four current padawans. Outside of these people, Ryori has to actively make the effort to care about people enough to converse with them and act in a way that society would view as civil. Altogether, she'd rather avoid social interactions than work on her people skills.

While Ryori is an extremely talented mechanic, she is horrible with electronics. She barely knows enough to plug something in, and once almost jepordized a mission because she couldn't figure out what end of a code cylander went into which inlet on a massive computer. Working with electronics makes her nervous to the point of almost being a phobia, and she avoids dealing with them at all costs.

During a mission in hyperspace, Ryori discovered the hard way that she is allergic to certain drugs, particularly hallucenogenic ones. While fighting off a pirate attack, she was pricked by a drug-filled needle and sent into an emotionally-heightened drug high. Aside from drastic mood swings from anger, to bliss, to being horny as all get out, the major side effect was a severe allergic reaction in the form of seizures, violent vomitting, and losing consciousness. Additionally, she has no recollection of the events that took place between being induced with the drug and waking up from the allergic coma after receiving the antidote. The temporary amnesia may have been a symptom of the drug in question, however, and not necessarily her body's reaction to it.


"Their lives were hectic and crazy, which meant that Rhett and Ryori didn’t much have the time for this sort of thing, particularly when their best realisations tended to come when surrounded by other people or in the middle of a mission. Well, now they had the time. And both of them knew one truth about the other… why they couldn’t just talk about it, Rhett didn’t know. And, of course, the usual ‘So you love me. What’s up with that?’ approach wasn’t going to work here." Rhett Marius's thoughts on his relationship with Ryori.

Similar to her inability to make friends easily, Ryori has had a hard time coming to terms with her romantic interest in her former master. Rhett is her best friend, the only person she trusts completely, and it took her an entire year to even admit to herself that she loves him. Even so, she vehemently works to keep her feelings at bay, afraid that they will one day tempt her to turn the path of the Sith, much like Anakin Skywalker had done in the past. Aside from that, she also fears that her jaded views of human interaction and intimacy will cause her to lose her friendship with Rhett if she pursues a relationship with him.

Rhett and Ryori flower
Currently, she is working up the courage to face her feelings for Rhett, feelings she knows are not unrequited. A lot of her coming around has to do with a recent reliving of her past with Jake which had been the root of her inability to maintain an intimate relationship. Having to face her history made her rethink her hesitency about growing closer to Rhett. That, and--let's face it--she's not exactly a model Jedi to begin with. A lot of her current life has been reassessing what it is she wants, and what her goals are for her life, and she has slowly worked her way toward confronting Rhett about their unofficial relationship.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


"Coming to a stop in front of the trainees, she level her weapon at the intruders in the threshold, making sure to place herself between the two parties like a shield." Ryori defending new Padawans from infiltrators.


Her main weapon of choice is her own body, thanks to the training in martial arts. However, Ryori does own a lightsaber as Jedi are wont to do. The crystal in her saber is a Krayt Dragon Pearl that manifests her blade in a bright, pure hue of white. While the saber itself is nothing special--no inscriptions on the hilt or any fancy designs--she does have some plans to modify the blade in such a way as to make it more formidable and more intimidating. These plans, however, are still in rudimentary stages.


"It took her about an hour and a half to rig both the TIEs, but she was completely confident with them when she was done. And, since she had time to spare, she made a few other modifications to the Bomber, just in case." Ryori, while on a mission from the Council to steal two TIE Defenders.

Ryori does have the ability to pilot ships, most of her skill having been self taught while tinkering with motors, as well as through simple observation of professional pilots among the Jedi and the Rebellion. Being a mechanic, Ryori would love to own her own ships to maintain and operate. Such items are costly, however, and is a luxury she cannot afford. At least, not one she can afford when legally buying a ship outright.

Stealing an Imperial T.I.E. Defender from a captain of the Empire, however, is much less expensive.

Thus, Ryori is the proud owner of a Defender, taken from one Captain Akio of the Rancor during a mission from the Council. At the time that the Defender had come into her possession, Ryori was still a Padawan under Rhett's tutelage, and she has kept it ever since. She is, however, constantly frustrated with the ship as it seems to break down periodically. Imperial ship pieces are extremely hard to find in non-Empire territory, after all. Still, she loves to work on it and takes it out for practice flights whenever she can.

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