Avatar: Chris Pine as Kirk
Also known as
Kirk (core name)
Imperial Adept
Naval Lieutenant
Single blaster
VT-49 Decimator
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Blackish blue
Skin color
Right arm
At least seven slashes on his abdomen
One stab in left knee
One stab in left hand
Right arm
Family members
Significant other
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family
Household Rytek (main)
Household Intrano

Rytek'irk'intrano, commonly known by his core name Kirk, was a Chiss male that served in the Imperial Navy as a Lieutenant. Born an raised in the Chiss Ascendency, Kirk left the Chiss in order to travel the galaxy. He used the Empire as a method to obtain freedom, even if he was not patriotic to the nation. After finishing at the Imperial Naval Academy, Kirk became a pilot of a VT-49 Decimator which made frequent missions as an infiltration vehicle as well as space defense vehicle. He would also split time as a marine on orders and accompany agents of the Empire, such as Akira Kahoshi and XoChitl Salvaje.


Early lifeEdit

Born between the houses of Rytek and Intrano on Csilla, Kirk enjoyed a relatively comfortable life in the high middle class at the graces of his secondary house, Intrano. His parents are assumed to have died just after he was born of unknown causes. The infant Chiss was adopted by one of his unmarried aunts, who took care of him until he could go to boarding school. However, Kirk never was able to make a lasting bond with his aunt, so he never developed the need or experience with close relationships required at such a young age.

Through Mitth'anos'intrano, commonly known as Thanos, the Intrano Household had a link to the Household Mitth, one of the most influential Chiss families in the Ascendency. Because of Household Mitth's ties to the military, Kirk was slated to join the military from before he could even speak. His studies heavily included math and science as well as tough physical training. From an early age, Kirk became interested in space and frequently snuck off to galactic ports on Cormit, the planet he was mostly raised on.

This interest in space eventually grew into almost an obsession for traveling the galaxy. His dream was to one day visit every single system in the galaxy. He shared this dream with his close group of friends, which he called his brothers even if there was no relation in blood. Nearly all of them were being trained to join the military just like Kirk. Many of them support it for Kirk, even if they did not find the idea as profound as he did.

His closest friend, Mitth'e'amai, which he normally called Thea, shared that dream of one day seeing the galaxy. Kirk usually took on a protective role for her, since she was an adopted half-Zeltron instead of a Chiss. However, Kirk eventually developed romantic feelings for her. He could not confidently voice his feelings, however, knowing Thea's discomfort in anything romantic at the time.

When he was about sixteen, Kirk began to grow bitter over Chiss culture and became increasingly irritable. Up until that point, he was generally seen as a candidate for adoption by Household Nuruodo, even if his behavior was more outgoing than traditional Chiss. However, he decided to leave by using the Empire as a means to get off the planet. He asked Thea to join him, thinking she wanted to see the galaxy with him as well. In that meeting, he proclaimed his love for her. Confused, Thea denied the offer.

Enraged and confused, Kirk attempted to place some pressure on Thea into leaving by requesting Chaf'arn'sabosen, the local judge of the neighborhood he and Thea lived in, to do so. The judge had been attempting to exile Thea since her arrival. However, his efforts proved fruitless due to the intervention of Kirk and his uncle, Thanos. However, with Kirk departure, Thanos stopped protecting Thea. The judge subsequently waited until the rest of Thea and Kirk's brothers were on an assignment without her to attack and exile her shortly after Kirk left for the Empire.

Kirk, unaware of the full extent of what happened, managed to get the top grades of the naval academy for his class. It was not until Kirk completed naval training that he heard about what had happened. He returned to the Chiss Ascendancy for answers at the first chance, yet ended up confessing to his brothers about what had happened. They vowed to never associate with him ever again, since exile for Chiss was considered a greater punishment than the death penalty. Yet, in order to protect Thea's feelings, the brothers decided not to inform her the truth.

Imperial TraineeEdit

Once Kirk finished his training at the academy, he still required experience before being considered a true pilot. That experience came in hard and fast as his task force was ambushed by pirates while on a routine. Their Aggressor-class star destroyers made quick work of the task force's own star destroyer. However, a determined Kirk made a distress signal while charging toward the pirates in an attempt to take on the Aggressor, which was not well equipped to take on fighters.

Before Kirk could attack the Aggressor, help had already arrived. Allaina Mare came in from Hyperspace with her own star destroyer and squadron of bombers. They made quick work of the pirates and saved what was left of Kirk's devastated task force. After Kirk showed competence as a pilot and tactician, Allaina Mare decided it would be best to train the young Chiss. Through her, Kirk managed to learn the basics of commanding a vessel as large as a super star destroyer, and especially learned how to manage and use weapon control systems.

Encounter with XoChitlEdit

Then Ensign Kirk visited a small Chiss colonial world in order to make an obligatory meeting with Mitth'anos'intrano. However, even with all of Thanos's supposed help, Kirk viewed him as his least favorite uncle. Thanos seemed to be just like every other Chiss Kirk disliked; focused solely on politics and manipulation. Thanos was attempting to win Kirk back from the Empire.

Kirk would have eventually denied Thanos's offer, yet he never got the chance. Thanos left to use the restroom, and after doing so, stumbled upon a massage parlor. The Zeltron XoChitl Salvaje posed as a masseuse and managed to catch Thanos off guard by offering a massage. With a mix of her careful touch and acting, Thanos never realized he was the target of assassination until his throat was slit by XoChitl.

After waiting for several minutes, Kirk began to wonder why Thanos did not return. In search of him, he went to the back of the cantina and found the massage parlor. Not wanting to speak with his uncle anymore, Kirk entered and found XoChitl. There were two different massage tables, with the one Thanos's body was on hidden behind a screen.

Thinking quickly, XoChitl offered a massage to Kirk. Being extremely fond of Zeltrons, Kirk could not refuse the offer. Because he was not the target of her assassination attempt, her first choice was simply to incapacitate Kirk in order to escape. She offered him some wine. After drinking a glass, Kirk realized that the wine had been spiked with a sedative. Thinking quickly, he took another gulp of the tainted wine and kissed Xo, shoving down the wine down her throat as well.

Caught off guard, XoChitl released an intense wave of pheromones. This drove Kirk to passionately makeout with her before passing out. She attempted to escape as well, yet passed out just after locking both Kirk and herself in.

Some time passed before both of them woke up at relatively the same time. While he stumbled to get up, Kirk managed to find his uncle's body. XoChitl did not reveal that she was an Imperial agent after Kirk questioned her. Instead, she continued to use pheromones in order to assure that Kirk would not attack her. Seduced by this femme fetale, Kirk proceeded to have sex with her. Yet, she decided to threaten Kirk with a knife in order to insure he did nothing to harm her. Alarmed, Kirk managed to have her use of the weapon become mutual knife play, which strangely excited him.

After he was finished, XoChitl disappeared, leaving a greatly disturbed Kirk due to having sex with a stranger just feet from his uncle's corpse while also having some knife play. Kirk never got XoChitl's real name from that encounter.

Mission to LahonEdit

Assigned to Delek's fleet, Kirk went with the Grand Admiral to the former capital of the Infinite Empire to obtain the data of a Rebel starship after its 50 year journey. He was assigned as a pilot and assistant to Akira Kahoshi, an Imperial Agent. Their decent to the planet's surface was simple and they had no problems. Kirk got to know a little bit about Akira before landing and felt comfortable in being her partner for this mission.

After landing, Kirk and Akira immediately went to the crashed ship. They found several outlaws already searching the starcraft. They kept themselves hidden until both left. Then, they searched the ship and discovered that it was already abandoned with the equipment sabotaged.

Deciding to follow the outlaws, Kirk and Akira raced toward the direction they saw them run off. After walking for some time, they came accross some Rakatan tribals. After killing a few, they were eventually ambushed by a larger group and were forced to run. During one encounter, Kirk was injured attempting to push Akira away from one of the tribals attacks.

They ran all the way back to his ship. Once they reached it, both boarded it and got it started with the tribals hot on their trail. After taking off, Kirk killed all nearby Rakatan tribals with his ship's missiles then took off toward the main fleet, failing the mission due to unforeseen dangers.

Kirk helped treated Akira's injuries while she helped treat Kirks. He felt he could trust and perhaps become a friend of Akira's after this mission. Feeling some attraction, Kirk asked her out on a date as a token of appreciation for her saving his life with her marksmanship. She accepted just as they arrived on Delek's flagship.

Imperial AdeptEdit

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