Salem Ave
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None (formerly Emily Daragon)


Appearance Edit

Although Salem Ave is what the Empire would consider a mutt (being only half Human), the only evidence of his Nagai heritage is a paler-than-usual complexion. He is tall and compactly built, and has a certain roguish charm about him, being fairly handsome by most standards. Salem has a number of bionic implants, the most noticeable being a bionic eye and arm, the latter of which is concealed by synth-flesh. Aside from these artificial augmentations he has a number of distinguishing scars and tattoos on his body, gained during his time as a smuggler. Notable among these are brands of ownership, applied by various Hutt crime-lords, and a bizarre circular design permanently inked upon the underside of his left wrist, whose meaning and origin he refuses to discuss.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Youth Edit

Life on Corellia Edit

When he was eighteen years old, Salem travelled to Corellia with aspirations of enrolling at Corellia University in the famous School of Engineering. Sadly, this dream was cut short quickly. Though he was technically skilled, he had neither the money nor the credentials to receive an invitation to the school. Stranded on Corellia, Salem found a small apartment in Coronet City and found himself a job in a local mechanics. The work was menial - fixing broken speeders on a good day, and tooling with malfunctioning toasters on the less interesting - but it was paid, and it was regular.

Years past, and it seemed to Salem that he was going to spend the rest of his days on Corellia. His life was not without pleasure, however. In his spare time, he would visit the local bars and cafes, meeting with others who had the desire to travel the Galaxy. As they shared their hopes and fears, many of them found their eyes drawn to the pretty young waitress who so often served them. Her name was Emily Daragon - a student from Bespin - and it was not long before she and Salem became friends, she drawn to him for his keen intellect and wry wit. Both idealists, eager to change the Galaxy and wrapped up in romantic naivety, they soon fell in love.

In Emily, Salem felt as if he had found a new lease of life. She was due to graduate the University of Corellia herself and had hopes of becoming a pilot for the Republic, but was happy to put her career aspirations on hold while she and Salem went traveling. With their combined savings, they bought a ship named The Dauntless and took to the skies.

Downhill From Here Edit

The newlywed Ave's earned their money working as pilots, shipping cargo from one corner of the Galaxy to the other. For a year or so, life was good - clients were regular, and being paid to travel to new and interesting places was an excellent bonus. Sadly, it wouldn't last forever. Competition was stiff and, when they found themselves unable to keep up with consumer demand, the pair needed to find a new market. Gradually their cargo became more risky, with Salem - without Emily's knowledge - securing clients within the Galaxy's up-and-coming crime-rings. Their growing entanglement came to a head when Emily was kidnapped by a crime-lord from one of the Hutt clan's.

The Galactic Empire Edit

In Exile Edit

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