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Samara Galloway
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Samara Galloway is a scientist, former-Jedi Knight, and the Ducha of Gallinore. During her time with the Jedi Order Samara obtained a double doctorate in Medicine and Theoretical Xeno-Genetics. Intelligent (with an IQ of 180) and fiercely opposed to the Empire and the Sith, she has focused much of her research on understanding the nature of good and evil. She is the type of person who hates disorder and is clean and organized. By extension, she also has the habit of solving unfinished jigsaw puzzles.


Samara Galloway was born on Myrkr to Thomas and Esme Hunter. Named after her grandmothers Mulan Galloway, Ducha of Gallinore, and Samara Hunter founder of Hunter Technologies, Samara inherited both positions.

After the fall of the Empire Thomas Hunter moved the headquarters of Hunter Technologies from the families homeplanet of Hapes to Myrkr before Samara and her siblings were born. Growing up Samara had taken an interest in medicine was dreamed of attending the Medical school on Coruscant. Her family had other plans for her though. In a deal brokered with the Marzullo family an arranged marriage was planned between Samara and Gabriel Marzullo. Despite her abhorrence to this arrangement Samara fell in love with Gabriel and soon became pregnant at 18. Nine months later Esme was born, forestalling her plans for school.

Bloodshed on MyrkrEdit

In their quest for expansion the Empire set their eyes on the rich Myrkr. To alluviate any backlash Imperial troopers disguised as pirates led a bloody raid on the capital, Hyllyard City. Under the command of General Keyes, who held a vendetta against Thomas Hunter, the Imperial invasion force ravaged the city and Hunter labs.

Samara along with her brother, sister and daughter were evacuated to a hidden underground landing pad several kilometers from the city, though not before her parents were captured. Fearing the worst Samara left her siblings behind and snuck back into the city to discover the whereabouts of Thomas and Esme Hunter. What she found was Imperial forces descending upon the city under the guise of liberating it. Upon a platform in the city square was twenty of the city officials, including her parents.

After a long mock trial General Keyes moved down the line, personally executing each official including her parents. The deaths set off a force rage that had the city square in flames within minutes. Samara remembers little of that experience except waking up sometime after dusk in the middle of the forest, covered in blood with Sith Master Emyrc standing over her. The one clear memory she retains though is standing over General Keyes who was writhing in pain, before she brought her boot down hard on his head.

Sith Training and KnighthoodEdit

After the events of that day Samara left behind her entire family, her reasoning being she felt it was best and she did not want to harm them with her uncontrolled power. It was discovered that during the harsh and brutal training under Master Emyrc, that she had an iron will as she was Immune to even the strongest of mental probing. Through further training she learned to harness this power and use it to protect those around her. Her skills best served her in the form of illusions, Samara looked to dominate the mind of another rather then simply trick them. Besides her fascination with the mind that did not limit her lightsaber training. She became an accomplished duelist and used her saber training to center herself and control her emotions.

Though trained as a Warrior, she traveled to the planet Ruusan to study in it's library. Through her individual studies of old scrolls and manuscripts, Samara's attitude towards the Sith Order changed drastically. She believed that there was a greater destiny for the Sith Order wanting more then just dominance through wanton slaughter. This was a belief that she also instilled in the training of her Apprentices. She encouraged them to look beyond themselves and help the galaxy itself. Her new views constantly put her at odds with the more traditionalist members of the Sith Order.

Massacre on WaylandEdit

Fives year after Samara's journey down the dark side started, she found herself baring witness to a horrific slaughter of a village on the planet Wayland. Many helpless women and children were slain all a product of Sith brutality. Shocked at the Malicious and Merciless act, Samara took action. She personally murdered each Knight responsible for such a horrid display of viciousness and went on to challenge the Sith Council itself for its use of such tactics. The Council however would have none of it, she was quickly arrested and sentenced to be executed.

She suffered torture at the hands of the Council and was prepped for execution. However a timely intervention by a number of the Marzullo family member's at the call of Gabriel Marzullo. Her life was sparred, her beliefs and devotions shook to the very core. Samara was unable to continue on as a Knight of the Sith Council. Her already weakened faith in the Sith Order from five years of study had finally come to a head, she left the Order and went into seclusion.


For a year Samara remained in seclusion on the ecumenopolis world of Taris. It was there that she discovered her innate talents were not a random fluke, but the result of an undiscovered neuro transmitter that interact with the force unseen in any other species. For months she tried to learn of the origins of this new step in human evolution but to no avail. It was shortly before the arrival of Gabriel a year after his rescuing of Samara that the young woman found the journal of a long lost Sith alchemist. It was there she learned the neuro transmitter was a sith creation, but was hidden away in a select bloodline before it could be used.

Eventually Gabriel tracked Samara to Taris. With their daughter in tow the Marzullo lured Samara out of hiding where he presented her with a choice. She could rejoin their family and help raise Esme or never be allowed near her again. Remarkably it was Esme whom touched her heart and made Samara reconsider her outlook. The exile force user sensed the budding darkness in the little girl and realized all her actions had ever done was hurt the ones she loved. Soon after Samara sought out the Jedi. Though she was shown typical distrust it didn't take long for her to be welcomed into the order as a Jedi Knight.

The Jedi OrderEdit

For the next decade Samara would spend her time on Naboo, learning all that she could about the lightside of the force. She attended the prestigious Theed University where she finally completed her dream of obtaining a degree in Medicine. Her discovery of the neurotransmitter also inspired her to get a degree in Xeno-Genetics. During this time, with the resources of the Jedi Order, Samara began to study this genetic abnormality and learned how to replicate it.

Samara also began to expand her skill with the force, finding that she was talented when it call illusionary abilities of the force. When she wasn't training a padawan Samara was tracking down rumors of such mental powers through out the galaxy. A habit that would sometimes put her at odds with the Jedi Council.

Death and New BeginningsEdit

A few years after Samara's return from Taris tragady struck when Gabriel Marzullo was murdered under mysterious circumstances. It was during this time that Samara had began to learn the turned about her husband. Through various contacts and a hidden safe that had kept Gabriel's most important files that their marriage had been a shame, purpetrated to gain access to her DNA. Working for the Sith, he'd used her genetics and Samara's own research to rebuild the original Memetic project, which resulted in Samara's clone Mikeala Volturi and a clone of Gabriel whom possessed a flash copy of everyone of Gabriel's memories. Though with Gabriel Marzullo's death the project died Samara fears that many more Volturi clones still exist.

Soon after the death Samara began to distence herself from the Jedi order and the force, instead looking to restore her family's name. After helping to free the clones Mikeala and Gabriel Volturi from the control of the Empire Samara sought out Mandalorians leaders, and building a trusting relationship with the Chiss. Together rogue elements of the Chiss, Hapan rebels, and Madalorians began plans for the liberation of their own worlds. Feeling that the war between the Galactic Empire and Rebellion was to blame for much of the suffering going on in the galaxy the three groups desired to not only free themselves, but to become active in bringing a peaceful resolution to the war.

After years of planning, and with the help of an Imperial assassination attempt, Samara and her allies were able to convince the Chiss ruling council in not only their triumvirate, but becoming an active force in their peace keeping efforts. With the backing of the Chiss Ascendancy, and reunited Mandalorian clans Samara lead the Triumvirate in their first action as a new galactic player, the reclaimation of the Hapes Consortium from Imperial hands. Unprepared the Imperials soon were forced to retreat outside the cluster when the exiled Queen Mother returned with a rebuilt royal fleet to rally the nobles to join the United Triumvirate.



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