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Satara Hawk
Also known as
Varies; 142
Jedi Knight
Singing Mountain Clan Mother
Hawk Matriarch
Rayen Hawk (d.)
Tocho (d.)
Winona Hawk (d.)
Shadi Hawk (d.)
Kamon Vondiranach
None currently
One purple
Force Forged Sword
Prev. affiliations
Rogue Jedi Order
The Alliance
Dathomirian Human
130 lbs
Body type
Eye color
Right-Blue; left-green
Hair color
Skin color
Black burn tattoos,
on neck, chest and abdomen
Family members
Significant other
Tocho (d.)
Rayen Hawk (d.)
Zaltana Hawk (d.)
Patamon (slave, d.)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Winona Hawk (d.)
Shadi Hawk (d.)
Other family
Na'ala Hawk (d.)
Ana Sullen (d.)
Torsten Hawk
Ana'eli Hawk
Raol Hawk (d.)
Skiazo Solstice
Nadie (rancor)

Satara Hawk is currently the eldest living Hawk, matriarch of the family after her mother's passing and predecessor to quite a few family members that come after her, starting from her own three children. She was raised on Dathomir, in the Singing Mountain clan to which she was and once again is the clan mother.

As a member of the Rogue Jedi Order, Satara reached knighthood under Kamon Vondiranach but due to the changes in her life and that within her Order, she decided to join the Alliance. Now a Jedi Knight, Satara is focusing her energies on re-establishing her clan on a new planet following the fall of Dathomir to the Nightsisters.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Standing at five feet six inches, Satara is somewhat of an averaged heighted female; neither too tall or too shart which her thin figure. She comes from a family of dark-haired, dark eyed females where every so often, a recessive gene would pop out and make a family member unique. Such was her mother, with her fire red hair and green eyes. And such is Satara with hair black, always kept long, and eyes of different color. A condition known as heterochromey, her right eye blue and left one green. Her pale complexion was never helped by her dark hair or slightly more toned full lips.  

With a hundred and fourty years behind her, this Human Dathomirian still keeps the apperance of being in her late twenties or early thirties. While much of her young apperance can be attributed to the wonders of Dathomir, as well as its rotational period, truth is, the Hawk origins have never fully been explained. It's known history begins with Satara's grandmother, Zaltana Hawk - because of her constributions to the Singing Mountain Clan but much of the Witch's lineage is still missing and could further explain Satara's physical apperance and aging but also of those folowing after her. 

On most days, one can see her wearing one of her gowns. Pants are something she only picked up living off world, expect in case of her battle armor, which of course, was reserved for training or the inter-clan battling. But thanks to the outsiders she has grown used to, Satara has learned to adjust; just as she has done many times before. 

Over the years, the Witch has collected a great numbers. But as a result of her Trial by Ancestors, conducted many moons ago, Satara had protection spells written all over body with rancor blood. While most of it was soaked up into her skin and eventually faded out, some remnants of it appear on her skin. Also, during the ceremony, the conductors of the ceremony placed one hand on the back of her neck, one over her chest and one over her genitals and chanted. The end result was burn black symbols that remained permanent tattoos.


Overall PersonalityEdit

Eldest living Hawk, Satara Hawk is very devoted to her family and protective of it. Born and raised a Witch and a Warrior, the woman has been taught to honor the Laws set by the Jedi Knight Allya and to always honor her clan. Much of those earliest lessons always remained with her and once, she was exactly what her parents invisioned to be. Full of love for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Satara has worked relentlesly to ensure they would live and grow as individuals and Force Users. With the losses she has suffered, Satara's warrior nature has slightly decreased but the basic insticts are always inside, waiting for the right time to rise. 

While Satara has never officially left the side of light, not as a Witch nor a Jedi, there is darkness within her blood. It is said that Hawks are meant to be lightsiders as their clan, however even before she was born, the darkness of the family showed through her aunts Winona and Shadi. The most her own has ever manifested was on the eve of her father's murder which she conducted, which the slave didn't fight. But even upon that act, she felt she was doing right, a young mind corrupted by her two aunts and teachers. It was the murder of her two aunts that showed what was burried deep inside the Witch and perhaps all of the Hawks. Enraged, filled with Force Rage, Satara struck the two aunts down, later calling them traitors of the clan and never allowing their names be mentioned again. Perhaps a bit because of shame for what she had done but more than that, the shame of being fooled in the way she had done. 

What could have happened to Satara after that, we'll perhaps never know because it was in those loneliest and darkest times that she met Madoc, the slave that would become her mate, her best friend, advisor and companion. He might have kept his status of slave within the Singing Mountain Clan but to the Clan Mother, he is a free man. He is her balance, her light. If the man ever chose to step out of their clan and become something out of it, his path of a Jedi would perhaps be even more pure than that of Satara but his very presence keeps the Witch on the right side of tracks. Satara knows this and has known from the earliest moments. And because of this, she protects the man with her life. 

Mother since the age of twenty-six, Satara saw her first born as a blessing. Adel'aide is hers and Madoc's pride and joy just as Kytarra that followed is her miracle, a child believed to be touch by Allya herself and gifted with the visions. Her third child, Milan was her baby of the family and much as his father is a free man in her eyes, so is her son. Even Spencer, her adopted daughter, with whom she got a few years before the girl went to become a Jedi, is someone Satara opened her arms to and began to care for deeply. 

After nearly hundred and fifty years of her life, considered now to be one of the eldest members of her clan, Satara rules her clan with just and equality. In her reign, both men and women are trained in the clan and she considered the young ones all to be her children. Her mothering nature, born with the birth of her children, spread wide and allowed her to easily embraced. Even now, when many of her children had fallen to the darkside, she has learned to accept this as part of life. As often she would like them to return to the light where she has thankfully returned to after her brief flirtation with darkness, Satara is learniing to accept ther family even when thrown in darkness. But that will never be the path for her, not as long as she has her mate. 

Theme SongsEdit

Character FlawsEdit

Anxious, Dependent, Idealist, Overprotective, Practical, Proud, Self-righteous,
Soft-hearted, Solemn, Stubborn, Superstitious


  • Agateophobia (Fear of insanity)
  • Angrophobia (Fear of anger or of becoming angry)
  • Myctophobia (Fear of (her own) darkness)

Personal ConnectionsEdit

Rayen Hawk ( She's Lost Inside...

Satara's mother, Rayen Hawk

Satara's mother. The two barely managed to have ten years together, of which a most of the time was spent with Rayen performing her Clan Mother duties and teaching Satara about her future role in the clan. The girl didn't understand back then why it was so important, she wished to do other things - play with others and learn spells. She got plenty of the latter of course but little of the first. It would be years before she truly understood why. In the time that followed, she began to appreciate the memories and the lessons she received from her mother and would forever treasure them. 

Tocho Hawk ( The Lonely

Satara's father, Tocho

Satara's father. A man with limited rights within their culture. He was a slave, born and raised in the clan and according to their story, Rayen claimed him as her mate a mere hour after learning his name. While he didn't have that much of an impact on the clan, he was a good father to Satara and taught her plenty. Sadly, on one particular eve her aunts cooked up a plan, convincing the girl that her father planned on overthrowing her, and Satara killed him. But the act was followed by the deaths of Winona and Shadi, Satara's aunts; all by Satara's hand for their actions against the clan and its clan mother, the girl Satara. 

In time, she came to realize just how much she loved her father and how much she would end up missing him. Different from the women in her family and the clan, her father taught her lessons she would never forget. Lessons that she would show in how she treats Madoc, her son and her grandsons. It was really his death that marked her most of all all and once her vengeance on her aunts had been done, Satara was fully able to grasp just how darkness worked and how much it scared her. She would give anything to never feel that anger again.

Winona Hawk ( Everybody's Fool

Satara's aunt, Winona Hawk

Satara's aunt. The whispers of Dathomir old could tell you stories of this woman's darkness. Even the late Zaltana Hawk suspected this, which was why she didn't choose her eldest to take her place. Satara, however, did not see until it was too late. Barely ten years old when she lost her mother, the young Clan Mother needed a mothering guide in her life and the position was quickly taken by this woman. Slowly, her mind was corrupted by the elder Witch, destroying all the values that had been taught to Satara by her parents. A cunning woman, taking her time in her actions, she had most people fooled. By the time Satara realized what kind of people her Aunts were, it was too late. She had already struck into the heart of her father and taken his life. In a moment of rage and pure hatred toward her Aunts and their actions, the young Satara took their lives. The story is told differently however, with their execution taken out before an official announcement was made - the two Witches are entitled as traitors of the clan.

Shadi Hawk ( So Cold

Satara's aunt, Shadi Hawk

Satara's aunt. While not as evil as her older sister, Shadi had her moments. Much like Winona, she harbored darkness within her from early age. And like her, she managed to trick Satara into believing that they were her trusted advisers, bringing good to the clan. While Winona corrupted the girl's heart and mind, Shadi had a different task - keep all those that would set Satara on the right track away. Thus, the girl's mind was poisoned against those around her: her father, any possible love interest and advisers that could divert their plans. And it worked for a long time. Satara trusted them far too much for a long time. But when their last crime was committed, making Satara believe her father's act of treason against the clan and her, Shadi fell first. Satara had never quite felt the feelings of the dark side as she did on that night and vowed to never feel them again. Her execution was swift, leaving Winona to watch before her own time began. The Singing Mountain Clan since then has known the two be nothing more than traitors and the subject is never spoken of.

Madoc ( I only have Eyes for You | Not Strong Enough | Promise This )


Satara and Madoc

Satara's mate. A year younger than her, Madoc was a slave of the clan whom she spotted during training one day. The young man wanted to be trained but many of the trainers, all females, refused to teach him spells. Satara did not agree and took him on as her first official apprentice. Having already learned how to use the Force at the time, she taught him that as well. It was through the training that the two clicked and Satara found him to be right for her.

Her feelings manifested right then and there but her trust and respect for her mate would truly show during her second pregnancy when the visions had become too much and Satara appointed Madoc as the temporary clan father.

Adel'aide Hawk ( ) 

Adel'aide Hawk

The First born of Satara and Madoc, the daughter that inherited the clan mother position when Satara resigned. Having lost her mother too early and learning what it means to have her mind corrupted by those she believed to be closest to her, Satara never allowed that chance with her children. So her position of power was passed down when she felt Adel'aide was ready. Much of the girl's childhood was spent preparing her for her future though unlike what her parents did with her, Satara gave her daughter her childhood as well. To this day, the Witch sees her daughter as her pride and joy, the daughter that has always done her and their name right. Even when she chose a mate, Satara saw this as a good thing, just as her children to come were.

Kytarra Hawk ( ) 

Kytarra Hawk

The second child of Satara and Madoc, her little trouble maker. From the first moment the Witch learned she was pregnant, she began to worry due to her Mother's inability to keep any of her other children to term. Even though that didn't happen, the pregnancy caused her problems. Kytarra was to be a seer and Satara experienced her visions even before her birth. Many call the girl crazy, due to those same visions and the funny way she speaks but Satara has experienced the things her daughter sees even before Kytarra did and she never believed this to be true. Kytarra may have her quirks but she's still her daughter and Satara knows how hard her life has been. It's because of those same visions that Satara never considered her second daughter to take her place some day, not wanting to burden her further with such a duty.

Milan Hawk ( ) 

Milan Hawk

Her third child and only son came to Satara when she had already given up her title of the clan mother in Adel'aide's favor. Already, her daughters were beginning to have their own children. It was then that Satara learned she was pregnant again. Unlike with her daughters, Milan would be given far more attention. Of course, like she never spoiled her girls, Satara was careful this time as well. Though perhaps she was different with him, among other things, her son would never experience what his father had to endure growing up. The son of the former clan mother was born and raised as a free young man, never to be held back by the ideals of Dathomir.
Around the same time Satara left Dathomir to become a Rogue Jedi, Milan left to become a Jedi himself. When he later came to tell her he had turned to the darkside and become a Sith, it didn't sit well with Satara. Still, he was her son and that fact couldn't change her love for him. What was perhaps worse was the fact that he took a Nightsister as his mate then but it was also perhaps the first time in years that Satara came face to face with one and didn't grow to dislike her or hold their crimes against her, because she had become family at Milan's request.

Spencer Jacobs ( ) 

Spencer Jacobs

The adopted daughter of Satara and Madoc, Spencer Jacobs was born to Satara's friend Rus Jacobs. The two friends had lost contact for a long time and when one day she was able to travel to Naboo and see her, she ended up arriving just in time to witness her friend and her husband die, leaving behind their daughter. Satara didn't think twice then, taking Spencer with her and adopting her as one of her own.
Much to her adoptive mother's pride, Spencer was a Jedi and trained hard, reaching the rank of a Master. Satara performed the claiming ceremony between her and another Jedi Master, Phylis Alince.

Na'ala Hawk ( )
To be added

Ana'eli Hawk-Sullen ( )
To be added

Arik Kane ( )
To be added

Kir D'Arr ( )
To be added

Kalina Volk ( )
To be added

Phylis Alince ( )
To be added

Mercureus Hawk ( )
To be added

Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk ( )
To be added

Ahote D'Arr Hawk ( )
To be added

Áine’ki D'Arr Hawk ( )
To be added

Curupira D'Arr Hawk ( )
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Rach Sullen ( )
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Kamon Vondiranach ( )
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Powers, Abilities and TrainingEdit



Personal Skills

  • Botany
  • Calligraphy
  • Cartography
  • Chemestry/Potions (basics)
  • Dancing
  • Dathomirian History
  • Diplomacy
  • Galaxy Literature 
  • Gender studies 
  • Nutrition
  • Planet Piloting
  • Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork

Force Powers and Dathomiri SpellsEdit

Force Powers

Animal Friendship | Battle Precognition | Comprehend Speech | Control
Pain | Enhance Ability | Enhanced Coordination | Force Blinding | Force
Comprehension | Force Empathy | Force Flight | Force Jump | Force Rage |
Force Sense | Force Sight | Force Scream | Force Speed | Force Wave |
Force Whirlwind | Levitation | Mind Trick | Plant Surge | Precognition |
Protection Bubble | Telekinesis | Telepathy | Thought Shield

Dathomiri Spells

Animal Healing | Arrows of Fire | Call Mist | Force "Blanket" | Force Crush |
Seeking Spell | Spell of Communication | Spell of Element Protection |
Spell of Focus | Spell of Healing | Spell of Mind Touch | Song of Power |
Summon Companion | Telekinesis | Tempest | Warding Spell/Deflection |
Weather Sense



Dathomir era

  • Rayen Hawk (d.) ~ (Witch Magic)
  • Tocho (d.) ~ (Physical Combat)
  • Winona Hawk (d.) ~ (Witch Magic, Darkside Magic)
  • Shadi Hawk (d.) ~ (Witch Magic)

Rogue Jedi era


Dathomir era

Rogue Jedi Order era

  • None

The Alliance era

The Jedi Council era

  • TBA



  • Name: Nadie
  • Meaning of Name: Wise
  • Specie: Rancor
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 8 meters
  • Skin tone: Light brown
  • Intelligence: Semi-intelligent

Notable possessionsEdit


Satara with her sword, observing training of young Witches on Dathomir.


Force Forged SwordEdit

Upon her Trial by Ancestors upon which Satara moved to the second stage of her Dathomirian training, she was given two weapons, one of which wa the force forged sword she uses to this very day. The reasons for it vary. Sometimes, it is to train others; other times it's to actually use it in duel. After spending practically half of her life, she's become quite an adept with it and is quite attached to it. 

Satara's gemstone


Her first lightsaber, given to her upon her second Trial.



2nd lightsaber built on Kashyyyk by Satara

While a child, still training with her mother, Satara performed a spell through she discovered a golden gemstone. Her Mother then explained to her that she should always keep it safe as it would one day be the gemstone placed into her lightsaber.

When the time of her Trial by Ancestors arrived, the ritual was conducted in great detail and the very gem she had discovered as a child was infused with her blood and placed into the lightsaber made for her. For over half a century, she used the same weapon, became as accustomed to it as with the sword. However, unlike the prior, the saber was lost upon the Nightsister attack at which her granddaughter Na'ala and her mate Kir died at. Since then, Satara had not requested another one nor she had made attempts to make one on her own, not while she was still living on Dathomir.

It was upon her training with Kamon that Satara finally gained a new lightsaber, this time building it on her own, rather quickly though having seen it be done many times during her time as Clan mother, as much probably shouldn't have been such a big surprise. The weapon was crafted as she desired but getting used to such a weapon again would take time.


The Hawk Family Magical Tome

Religious DocumentsEdit

Hawk Magical TomeEdit

An old family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. As the oldest of Hawk's, Satara is the current keeper of the family legacy that contains endless pages on magic, history of Dathomir and the family, the Nightsisters and how they came to be, spells, potions, companions and distinguished Witches throughout the ages. Each generations has added their own pages which in Satara's case has been sections on Force Powers and force organisations around the galaxy, including the Jedi and Sith.

With it, she has educated her children and while it remains in her possession, it's always been available to any Hawk desiring to use it.


Something Wicca This Way ComesEdit


Satara's parents.

Child of the MoonEdit

The black haired Witch was born over a hundred years ago and as the first and last child of the Singing Mountain Clan mother. The truest mystery of the girl was the eyes. One blue, one green, it was said to be a rarely trait that the Witches didn't have a name for at the time. Some said it was a bad omen, others that it was a sign of power. The last was option was that there was no reason to it but it struck fear in them the most.

Satara as a child

Second Star to the RightEdit

Childhood, time with Rayen, Trial by Fire

Satara during her Trial by Fire

Valley of the DollsEdit

Training, Chilldhood as the daughter of the Clan Mother

Though her parents tried for more children after her, none of them actually made it to term and it was upon Satara's tenth year that her mother perished at yet another childbirth leaving her only with her father who was unfit to take her mother's position due to his gender. This left Satara as the only logical choice it seemed except her mother did have two sisters whose goodness was questionable.

Her earliest training began when Satara was still a young child, with both of her parents, only to continue with her aunts.

When they were all gone from her like, her Witch and Warrior training continued with others, various older Witches, and she began training others as well as time progressed.

That Old Black MagicEdit

Who died and made you Queen?Edit

The two women supported that their niece take their sister's place and after it was was accepted, fed the child with the plans they wished be seen. 

Lost in the ShadowsEdit

For a period of ten years, the two witches controlled the young unassuming girl that eventually fell under their control completely, all until the two sisters convinced the girl that her father was plotting against her with other males of the clan, planning to overthrow her.
Young satara031

Satara studies the family magical tome

Fruit from the Poisonous TreeEdit

Satara, as young as she was, believed to do, making her kill her father that same night. He did not fight her, only tried for his little girl to see the truth. She didn't.

Heart of DarknessEdit

At least not until she returned back to her aunts earlier than planned, hearing them talk among themselves.The same night, Satara killed three people. Her father and two aunts. It is said that on that night, her eyes burned like fire, glowing yellow and red in the darkness. 
Young satara028

Satara angered, attacks her aunts

And as the act was done, the girl vowed never to again to lose control in that way, to never be mislead in such a way. 
Young satara025

Satara in the aftermath of the battle with her aunts

Extreme Makeover World EditionEdit

Long Live the QueenEdit

Young satara027

The young Clan Mother takes her rightful place, uninfluenced

Having been left without a single member of her family, Satara began her path on her own.

And as The Force itself was but a myth to her at that time but Satara was stubborn enough so no matter how many times others told her they had to use use spells to actually do magic, she wouldn't give up, not until she actually managed to do it, when she was slightly over twenty. 
Young satara020

Satara meets her mate to be, Madoc

The Thing You Love the MostEdit

It was during one of her training courses of others that Satara met the man she would late claim as her own. Madoc was barely a year younger than she was, a slave and eager to learn.

Several other Witches had refused to actually train him so he came to the Clan Mother as his last resort. She did not do what others did. She took him as her student and taught him of all she had been taught before as well as how to use the Force
Young satara005

The young Witch claims the slave

He was the first she would learn as much and being able to push someone over the Dathomirian myths made her proud of herself to the point of promising to herself she would teach them what she knew, no matter how little she was capable of. During the training with Madoc though, the two managed to click, just enough.

Young satara034

A new era begins for the family

He was right for her. He spoke his mind under her permission always, he had good thoughts, he advised her well but always let her make that last choice. The slave quickly became her balance, so much that Satara had to claim him for her mate but she did uncommon with him again, which was that she allowed him to choose whether he wanted it or not. 
Baby adelaide

Adel'aide Hawk

Adel'aide HawkEdit

It wasn't long after their mating that Satara (26) and Madoc (25) had their first child, Adel'aide. She was her parents pride and joy from the very first moment they lay eyes on her and both parents could see her doing great things some day.



That Still Small VoiceEdit

After Adelaide came her second pregnancy. Considering how it had gone with her mother, Satara was worried. Her mother had been unable to have more than one child and her first daughter was already everything she had hoped for.  Luckily, the pregnancy kept but even during it, Satara felt something odd. 


Satara tells Madoc he'll be taking over her position until the childbirth

Her crawings during it were different than with the first one, her thoughts were far more dark and twisted, her nights filled with visions she couldn't stop. Having not been born as a seer, Satara knew it was not right for her to have any of them, not really.

Several months into the pregnancy, Satara made a choice that shocked everyone. She asked that Madoc takes her role of a clan leader temporarily, until their child is born. The Witch didn't trust herself at that particular time and even when she couldn't explain it, a feeling told her that it would all change once the child was born.

830px-Morgana dreaming

Satara experiencing a vision

For the last four months of it, her mate came to her for advice but there were times when she asked him to make it on its own when she couldn't make a reasonable decision with her mind being often so crowded with all the images and sounds that filled her.

Baby kytarra

Kytarra Hawk

And just as she believed, when her second daughter was born, the odd behavior, dreams and visions ended and into the world came Kytarra Hawk . After what she felt for nine months, Satara had a feeling this one would be a trouble maker, she wasn't wrong but also quite gifted in her own way. 

Tumblr lq36pm3tdP1qeqrj2o1 500

Satara and Madoc

Happily Every AfterEdit

We Are FamilyEdit

The years passed, the clan lived in peace, her daughters had their own children, the clan prospered. Satara kept on with her role as the Clan mother for a long time before she finally decided it was time to let go, pass it down. She didn't want it to happen that her daughters were forced to take responsibility due to her death, but instead, she wanted to help them so they wouldn't begin as she had done.

Prince CharmedEdit

It was odd in the beginning, not being Clan mother anymore. Still, it brought new things for Satara that she previously could not truly enjoy. Such as being more with her family, seeing their family grow, be a great grandmother more actively and finally, her own unexpected pregnancy in the midst of all this. 


Satara with Milan

Nine months later, Satara gave birth to a son, the first of her own children. Milan Hawk.

As she no longer took as an active role in the clan as she used to, she was able to completely devote herself to raising him, giving him more attention than Adel'aide and Kytarra had been given though, she was reasonable of course, not to be overbearing.

In her armor


Nightsister AttackEdit

In the attack that took her granddaughter's and son-in-law's life, along side the youngest of their children, Satara barely came out alive, severely wounded. She had managed to take out some of them but eventually, her own recovery took too long after it was all done, and the mourning those that had been lost.

Battling during the Nightsister attack

While she was supposed to rest far more than she had done, Satara couldn't simply take a passive role in helping her clan, which made the recovery itself take a lot longer than it did.


Satara with Mercureus

Due to what had happened at the attack and the loss of her granddaughter, the family itself was hurt but not just those within the clan. Satara soon received an message from Morrigan Alban Heruin, member of the Blue Coral Divers Clan who told her of his son's grief over the news of his mother dying. Despite not partaking in her eldest great grandson's life until now, the Witch sets out to the other clan to get to know Mercureus and help him through his grief.

Heartbreak CityEdit

As if the attack itself wasn't enough, more of her family separated. One of her grandsons disappeared, a granddaughter had been taken away and it kept coming. Despite the prosperity they had lived in not too long ago, things had become dark but for the woman that Satara was, she couldn't allow herself to crumble and fall. No, she had to help what she could, work with what she still had.


Satara and Spencer

In time, it would no longer be necessary to help but they were instead required to return to old ways which Satara did. Her energies focused on training young Witches though for a long time to come, she would not take on a single Witch to focus herself on.

Cheaper by the CovenEdit

Chasing NeverlandEdit

Having it been years since Satara had seen an old friend Rus Jacobs, she set out to Naboo to see her, bringing Milan with her. Unfortunately, it was not fated for the two friends to be united once more as both Rus and her husband were killed that very day. Instead, Satara met Spencer Jacobs, her friend's daughter for the first time after hearing so much about the girl.

Tragedy behind them, the Witch did what she believed Rus would do for her if need be. She then took Spencer with her but not before giving Rus and her husband a proper funeral ceremony after which the bodies were burned as per her clan's tradition. From that day forward, Spencer was adopted in the family and out of necessity educated of the Allyan culture, traditions and history to ensure her safety while growing up on Dathomir.
007 (8)

Curupira D'Arr Hawk, Satara's great granddaughter

The Demon Who Came in from the ColdEdit

It was one dark and beautiful evening that a Witch arrived to Dathomir. Satara would be the one to welcome her and before long, the elder Witch realized that she was to face with her youngest granddaughter, Curupira. She chose not reveal who she was to the girl, instead just told her about her family and the legacy she carried with her, leaving Curupira to make her own choices.

When the girl left, a part of her believed that she would one day return.


Kamon Vondiranach

A Call to ArmsEdit

Rogue Jedi OrderEdit

Many years passed when Satara finally made the choice of expanding her knowledge. Today, she is well over a hundred, mother of four, a grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother to many and still her desire to learn more and further the basics she has in the knowledge of the Force which led her to the Rogue Jedi Order where she chose to begin her training.

On the very first day, upon her arrival to Kashyyyk, Satara met Kamon Vondiranach who would pick up her training shortly after.


Milan Hawk

Sith in the BloodlineEdit

During her time on Kashyyyk, Satara was visited by her only son Milan who left Dathomir before she did to join the Jedi. Only when he came to see her then, he told her that he had joined the Sith and was taking on a former Nightsister for his mate. With the past the clan shared with the Nightsisters, the darksiders of their planet, Satara's heart was of course broken at first but that didn't change the fact that this was her son and she loved him unconditionally so after a few moments, she ended up telling him that she respected his wishes. This would never change the way she feels about the Nightsisters but the path he wished to follow were his own to make.


Kalina Volk

Satara even performed the wedding ceremony for him and his his chosen one, not missing the fact that she was identical in apperance to another Witch of her clan. Milan also revealed to his mother that he had met the Rach Sullen, the daughter of her Na'ala's daughter Ana. She too was a Sith from her son told her. The family that had never had darksiders, not real ones at least, was oddly quickly becoming divided between the light and dark.

Unknown to her at the time, another descendant was turning to the darkside at the same time. Far beyond her reach, Curupira had chosen to walk away from the Jedi as well and while the girl had no idea, the two had crossed paths in the past and would in the future.

Ascension to KnighthoodEdit

With training received from her Rogue Jedi Master, Satara was granted knighthood in the Rogue Jedi Order, though in her mind, she didn't quite know enough powers to reach it, she respected the wishes of her Master and accepted this title, making her wish for more skills so she could one day pass them down to her students.

All Hell Breaks LooseEdit

The Aftermath of Dathomir's fallEdit

As once the Nightsisters had been exiled for their crimes and alliance to the darkside they had finally returned, to seek out their revenge for their punishment. Yet so much had changed for Satara then and though she had returned to Dathomir following her ascension to knighthood with the Rogue Jedi Order, she was no longer the Warrior she once was. A century ago, she would have been quick to find and defend the land but with all the losses that had come in the past due to the dispuit, her spirit no longer wished to stand in first lines.

Instead, the Witch spent the time of the war in the stronghold, keeping the youngest safe and aiding the wounded while her main job was to make sure the clan and her family had a place to go in case of defeat. And soon enough, she began the evaculation when all was lost, when defeat was obvious, sending in first transports to a remote planet on the other side of the galaxy called Aaris III, seemingly most similar to Dathomir.

Satara would leave on the last transport, with Madoc. The camp was getting set up already and while it would never be hope, safety would have to come first in the times to come.

Claiming Ceremony of Spencer and PhylisEdit

With all that was happening in the recent times, Satara's days were finally lightened up when Spencer contacted, inviting her to Naboo as she required her to stand as a Priestess to her wedding. It brought joy to the woman, be able to witness something so wonderful compared to the loss of their home.

To Serve and ProtectEdit

The Jedi CouncilEdit

With all the changes in her life, Satara joins the Jedi Council.

The Night Festival on TheedEdit

Satara joins the festivies on Naboo.

Which sort of Witch are You?Edit

Kytarra forsees them having guests on Aaris III.


Satara hears of a fellow Jedi having been hurt and has lost her connection to the Force and opts to visit her despite only knowing her in passing.

We Can't Keep Going Like ThisEdit

To be added...








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