Dathomir Witch Clan
Scissorfists Clan

Clan Leader

Members Electrobe
Titles and Ranks of Note
Former Leaders Unknown
Masters Unknown

Dathomir (formally)
Aaris III


Gallactic Basic



The Scissorfists Clan was a clan made up of former escaped slaves on the planet Dathomir. It was named after the Scissorfist, a large crustacean found on the planet. The Scissorfists feuded with the Blue Coral Divers Clan, another clan that lived near the sea.
The Clan is led by Electrobe and it was under his leadership that they moved with the rest of the Allyan Clans to Aaris III following the return of the Nightsisters.

Scissorfist ClanEdit

Location on DathomirEdit

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Aaris IIIEdit

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Culture of the ClanEdit


  • Pacean
  • Galactic Standard Basic


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Religion and PhilosophyEdit


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Religious DocumentsEdit

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Clan Trials and RitualsEdit

Ascending trialsEdit

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Ceremonial RitualsEdit

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History of the ClanEdit


The Scissorfists Clan was made up of former escaped slaves of the planet Dathomir. Named after Scissorfist, a species of large crustacean found on their planet. The clan feuded with the Blue Coral Divers Clan, another clan that lived near the sea. After years of fighting, both clans tried to settle their differences through a diplomatic meeting. However, the peace talks ended badly and both clans resumed their feud.

Wait, you guys got wands?Edit

"Brothers! We now have the chance to drive our fist our weapons…our magic into these women. They are monsters…a scar upon the galaxy! RISE UP BROTHERS! RISE UP AND SHOW THE TRUE MUSCLE OF THE SCISSORFIST CLAN. PUT ASIDE OUR DIFFERENCES WE ARE ALL ONE BREATHING LIFE FORCE! BURN THE WITCHES…TONIGHT WE BATHE IN THEIR BLOOD!!!!!!"

After years of fighting, both clans managed to settle their differences under a temporary peace with the Blue Coral Divers Clan when faced with the invasion of Nightsisters from The Coven. Lead by Matthew, the brave Scissorfist Warriors charged to the canyons of the Great Canyon Clan, where they then joined forces with the witch allies of the Jedi. Together, they battled for victory against the Nightsisters of the Spider Clan.

The months of Peace; The Years of WarEdit

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My Heart Would Overrule my MindEdit

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Clan Members by RankEdit

Knights/Adepts: Electrobe | 

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