Seraphina Volturi
Avatar: Sophia Bush
Seraphina Anastasia Volturi
Also known as
Fina, Fi Fi, Sera
Nightsister Knight
Jaded Pines Clan Mother
High Witch Council Lore Keeper/Poet Laurette
Seth Decuir(Trained)
Thorne Deveron(Trained)
Seth Marzullo(Trained/Knighting)
Athena Dianora(Knighted)
Thanatos Marzullo(Knighted)
Reon Desmarias(Knighting)
single blade; purple
Body type
Eye color
Ivy Green
Hair color
Skin color
'H' on her left side upper chest right above her bosom
Family members
The Volturi Family
The Marzullo Clan
Significant other
Lessa Horne(ex)
Malcom Crane(ex)
Amelia Elle Volturi
Elle Volturi(Amelia's Clone)
Pandora Marzullo(Mother Figure)
None yet
Lacy Volturi(half-sister)
Dia Volturi(half-sister)
Esme Galloway(half-sister)
Soren Galloway(half-brother)
Reimi Galloway(half-sister)
Thanatos Marzullo(Brother Figure)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Mikeala Volturi
Ever Volturi
Other family
The Marzullos

Seraphina Anastasia Volturi is a force to be reckoned with, young feisty and ready to party, she always becomes to life of the party she's at. Though troubled in her past, she rarely lets it get in her way anymore. She tries to keep her life going, as she knows all too well, life is short...



Seraphina Volturi

Seraphina is a very strong willed, when she wants something and she knows she wants it, she gets it. No matter the cost of what it takes to get it. She is a seductress, also used to manipulating those around her to get what she wants. A very good liar when she wants to be. She knows she's hot and she tends to abuse it.

Never lacking in smarts, she tends to outwit those around her and can easily detect if someone is lying or not. She's also good at detecting people's personalities and uses that to her advantage if she wants to manipulate them in some way.

She's not selfish when it comes to those she loves, but anyone outside that circle, doesn't matter to her. She has the personality of someone who thinks they're royalty and should be treated as such. A lover at heart, princess by appearence.

She doesn't tend to take no as an answer. If she gets no as an answer, she will fight it tooth and nail to get the yes if she wants it.

Being An EmpathEdit

Seraphina figured out she was an empath as she got older. Suddenly all the feelings of others around her rushed into her and she was overwhelmed, she did some studying on it and then found it to be the reason. It was strange for Seraphina, but eventually, she slowly started to learn to control it well enough and not have to be overwhelmed by others feelings.




Gabriel Volturi; Present

Her FatherEdit

While she was growing up, her father wasn't around, or even knew about her, but Seraphina, being the way she was, didn't stop from finding stuff out about her father and learning about him. She wanted to be a part of his life, but seemed things were hasty with her mother when it came to such actions as to meet him. As if he couldn't accept that adorable face right away.

Eventually she was done sitting on the sidelines, and wanted to make herself known to the man who had helped make her, so a decision was to be made since she was Force Sensitive, as she knew her father was as well. Whom she had learned was a Nightbrother in the Witches of Dathomir. So she had a few decisions to make in her life. Not that it was that hard since she all ready knew she wanted to be close to her father.

Her MotherEdit

Elle Volturi; Sera's mother

Amelia Elle Volturi didn't skimp out on her little girl for one second from the time she was born until her mother could no longer. Elle spoiled Seraphina rotten and basically helped her thoughts of the fact that she thinks she's a princess. Her mother was just as beautiful as her daughter. They shared a closeness beyond comparrison for most.

Beauty and elegance could not save her though, her mother could only last so long after getting terribly sick. She tried to hide it from her daughter that she was getting terminally sick, but eventually the virus took her over and she could no longer fight it. Ending up in a hopsital when Seraphina was 16.

At the age of 19, Seraphina lost her mother, the worst thing that could have happened to the young girl. Though her mother was completely rich and the heir to a powerful business on Courscant, she knew all the riches in the galaxy that she inherited from her mother's death couldn't replace her mother.

The Return of Elle VolturiEdit

At the age of 21, Sera was revisiting the bar her mother had made, The Data Spike, and little did she know, she was going to discover a secret that had been hiding away for 2 years... As before Seraphina's mother died, she was copied and made into a clone.


Gabriel Volturi; Seraphina's father


Seraphina; present

Seraphina and GabrielEdit

At first when Seraphina met Gabriel, he did nothing but doubt the fact that she was in fact his daughter. Though, when did people doubting her ever stop her from doing what she wanted. She finally obtained his attention and they discussed some of her past and why she hadn't come to him in the first place. As she would have defintely made herself known before, but fear and her mother's death made her not go along with that thought.

Gabriel took her to Santeria Decuir and she was accepted as a Nightsister , Gabriel taking her on as his apprentice. Presently training her and also filling her in on anything she never knew of her mother and others.

Her LifeEdit


Seraphina; Age 16

Seraphina had a very easy life the first 16 years of her life. Even with no father figure, she didn't care. Her mother was more of a sister to her than she was a mother most of the time. They had fun and enjoyed themselves frequently. Beauty always graced the young Volturi and she always knew it and abused it. Riches graced her life as well, so if she wanted it, she had it.

If Sera had to chose, she would have met her father long before her becoming so old, but she was discouraged by her mother to do it on a constant basis, her mother being one of the few people she actually listened to, and when her mother became ill, that is what consumed her life was taking care of her mother, and her father was no longer of importance.

Three years Sera spent taking care of her mother before she finally gave into what had been killing her slowly. A dark day it was for the young girl, but she and her mother knew the day would come eventually, and she was glad her mother was no longer suffering, but she wanted to make her mother all better so they could return to what used to be.

After her mother's death, Seraphina was torn apart and alone. She wasn't sure what to do, as she was young and now alone. Her life was hell and it took her a year to get over her mother's death, and another year to rebuild herself again.

As her year of rebuilding came to be, it dawned on her to finally reveal herself to her father. So, now she is on the quest to build herself and the relationship with her father.


Seraphina Volturi; Nightsister Apprentice

Life With The WitchesEdit

Seraphina has been extremely successful among the Witches so far. Just as she had hoped, she climbed the latter quickly among her fellow Coven members. Her father, Gabriel Volturi, brought her through her training, teaching her in his practices as well, and soon she was set for Knighthood which was carried out by Pandora Marzullo. Soon after she was knighted though, her father disappeared on her, which tore Seraphina apart on the inside because she had wanted to get to know her father really bad, one of the main reasons she had come to the Witches of Dathomir in the first place really. She slowly moved on though, finding solution in sleeping around a little, but comfort nonetheless. Pandora also stepped up and told Sera she could find solace in looking at Pandora as a mother, which happened rather quickly. During her escapades, she had found Athena Dianora, and fell deeply in love with her. 

After a while of her father's disappearance and the look of no return, Seraphina 


Seraphina Volturi; Nightsister Knight

was granted the title of Clan mother of Jaded Pines Clan, her father's clan originially. Soon after becoming clan mother, she had a rough dealing with her cousin, Christian Draclau. She then suffered earning her scar on her 

upside breast of an H for Harlot in Christian's opinion.  After the incident, Athena and Sera dated for a while and then decided to mate.

Soon then Seraphina found herself graced with the honor of being on the High Witch Council as the Lore Keeper. After Pandora was promoted she also took on Pandora's previous position as Poet Laureate.

Sera has trained many apprentices and Knighted many members of the Coven. She has no outlook on stopping her progression among the Coven and is looking forward to making the Marzullos, the Coven itself, and her father proud once he returns. She is a determined woman and she knows it. Hoping for the future and watching over those she cares about carefully.



Gabriel Volturi

Zalera Marzullo (Informal/Controlling Empathy)

Knighted ByEdit

Pandora Marzullo


Seth Decuir (Trained)

Thorne Deveron(Trained)

Seth Marzullo (Trained)

Athena Dianora (Trained/Knighted)


Thanatos Marzullo (Knighted)

Athena Dianora (Knighted)

Seth Marzullo (Knighting)

Reon Desmarias (Knighting)


Character DevelopmentEdit

What A Beautiful Night..... To Die (Completed)

The Only Hope For Me Is You (On Hold) I'm In Love With My Sins (Incomplete)


It's Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies(Incomplete) Falling Inside The Black (On Hold)


Their Fate Put Into Your Hands (Marzullo Family Reunion)(Incomplete) Shadow Of A Soul (Incomplete)

You're Crashing, But You're No Wave (Incomplete)

Strawberry Gashes All Over (Incomplete)

Where'd You Go? I Miss You So... (Incomplete)


And She Will Be Loved... (Seraphina meets Lessa Horne)(Completed)

Zeltron Nights (Sera meets and sleeps with Malcom Crane)(Completed)

Party Til The Break of Dawn (Seraphina meets Athena Dianora)(Incomplete)

Invading Seraphina(In progress/On hold-ish)

Doom Is Just A Four Letter Word.... The Action Says More (In progress/On hold-ish)


Well, Well, Well... (OOC intro to WoD)

Bring On The Next Generation! (Seraphina finally meets her father after so many years...)(Complete)

The Father Becomes the Master (Sera trains with her father)(Complete)

Punch Drunk Groupies (Seraphina goes to a club)(Incomplete)

Becoming (Sera trains with Zalera)(Incomplete)

Morality Bites: Takeover of Hapes (Complete)

Alcohol and Witches and Bowling, Oh My! (Sera hosts a Witch party)(Complete)

Get Right, Get Me Novacaine (Seraphina goes through her Knight trials with Pandora Marzullo )(Completed)

Takeover of Concordia (Complete)

A Leader On The Rise (Incomplete)

Herein Lies A Line, Which I Dare Tee To Cross (Seth Decuir's Intro)(Complete)

When The Day Met The Night(Seth Decuir) (Complete)

Don't Pay The Ferryman (Thorne Deveron's intro)(Complete)

One Step After Another (Seth Marzullo Intro)(Complete)

We Build Then We Break(Seth Marzullo) (Complete)

Trial By Fire: Path to Knighthood [Thanatos Marzullo] (Complete)

You Gotta Shop Around(Complete)

Does Love Know No Bounds? (Complete)

Power of Blood (Complete)

Trial By Fire: Path to Knighthood[Athena Dianora](Complete)

Trial By Fire: Path to Knighthood[Seth Marzullo] (In progress)

Trial By Fire: Path to Knighthood[Reon Desmarias] (In progress)


Oo-De-Lally (Seraphina gets drunk and in a fight)(Incomplete)

~The Moonlight Ball~ (Seraphina goes to the ball with Athena)(Discontinued)

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