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Serapis Reijaan
Also known as
The Spider
~ 400-500yrs
Sith Apprentice
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Ash Blond
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"A Sith needs not the light to guide his path;
only the Dark Side of the Force."



Like all of the infamous Anzati race, Serapis looks indistinguishably human on the exterior. He stands at a height
of 5’10” and weighs 155 lbs. His body is physically fit with moderately toned musculature that gives him a very agile structure – due to many years of assassin training and practice. His face is handsome (which he will always use to his advantage) with a strong jaw line, fair – somewhat pale – complexion, balanced features and a cleft chin. His eyes are a sharp grey and his head is topped with short to medium length ash blond hair. He speaks with a smooth baritone, his pronunciation of basic only giving the slightest hint of his native Anzati language.

Though he may seem it, Serapis is far from human beneath the skin. As an Anzat, his features do not nearly display his true age; he looks to be around 30 in human years, while he is actually centuries old. His internal structure is entirely different from that of a human, requiring no biorhythm (pulse), nor any human-like digestive or circulatory functions. Like all Anzati, Serapis has two proboscii hidden beneath his cheeks, which extend out through highly expandable pores in his skin whenever he feeds.



Name: The Chronos
Manufacturer: Surronian hive guild (Surron StarTech)
Model: Conqueror-class assault ship
Length: 28 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1,000 kph
Hyperdrive rating: Class 1 (Class 10 backup)
Armament: Double laser cannon turrets (2), Forward fire-linked ion cannons (2)
Cargo capacity: 25 metric tons



Serapis' lightsaber, forged during apprenticeship.

Serapis forged this lightsaber as an apprentice under the guidance of Mistress Cunruth. It contains one synthetic crystal, which emits an angry golden-yellow beam. Having fought with cortosis weave daggers for centuries as an assassin, he uses a similar one-handed reverse grip and swift style in lightsaber combat. Serapis hopes to pursue Form IV: Ataru, modified with the reverse grip as his technique concentration.



Born on his home planet Anzat as the first and only son of affluent and aristocratic Anzati parents (they were both talented assassins who had gained their fortunes off-world), Serapis Reijaan’s childhood was easy and, for the most part, uneventful. He was accustomed to being waited on and getting everything he wanted, enjoying his youth in the mountain cities of his homeworld. One day during his toddler years, however, a strange figure paid a visit to his parents’ home.

It was a Jedi by the name of Korin Plau, who had been sent forth to seek out the young Serapis. The Order had sensed his promise through the force and, although reluctant to allow a dangerous being such as an anzat into their midst, they decided to adopt him and train him. Serapis, however, did not go with Korin Plau that day. His parents categorically forbade his adoption into the Jedi Order – he was to stay on Anzat and train to become a formidable assassin under the finest tutors. When Plau insisted, Serapis’ parents grew violent and threatened his life, and thus he left empty-handed, the child presumably being forgotten by the Jedi.

Training on AnzatEdit

Years went by, and Serapis went through the finest tutelage in the assassin arts. He studied at the premier Anzati Shadow Academy under the guidance of such famed figures as Akku Seii. Naturally, due to the heightened force sensitivity with which he was born, the young Anzat excelled beyond most of his peers. He was faster, stronger, more quiet, and more deadly than almost any opponent he faced. With his achievements in his sixty or so years at the academy came pride – and lots of it. Serapis took on a superior attitude with most anyone he met, and was angered when he didn’t receive the respect he thought he deserved. It was this self-love that would ultimately bring about his fall from grace on his home planet.


Serapis' homeworld, Anzat

It was during a dagger combat tournament of all the top students in Serapis’ age group from academies all over the rocky planet. Serapis was clearly a top contender, and he made it to the final match against another star student. The fight began, and their cortosis weave daggers rang with ferocity. Again, and again, and again they clashed, neither opponent managing to damage the other. It was incredibly frustrating to Serapis, who had never been beaten, to finally meet his equal in combat. Hours into their fight, Serapis made a small mistake which should have cost him the match, allowing his opponent to cut a deep gash in his thigh and sending him to the floor. The audience roared in applause, and the enemy turned away from Serapis thinking the fight was over. But it wasn’t.

Rage built inside the young defeated Anzat, such that he had never felt before. He allowed the anger to consume him, and suddenly his body was filled with a newfound and terrible vitality. Faster than would seem possible, Serapis sprang to his feet and lunged at his opponent’s turned back. With a frantic satisfaction, he sunk his blade deeply into the other’s back, right between the shoulder blade and the spine. The crowd went silent, and as his opponent lay on the ground dying, something possessed Serapis and caused him to do the unthinkable.

As if in a dream, he moved his face close to the slain enemy’s, pores in his cheeks stretching to allow long tendril-like proboscii to extend from within him. They snaked their way in through the other’s nostrils as his eyes grew wide with fear and disbelief. Serapis then violated the most central rule of Anzati society, and fed upon the luck of another of his species. In doing so, he malevolently relished the taste of his victim’s memories, thoughts, emotions, and especially his final moments of pure terror. It was one of the most delicious things that he had ever tasted, and it awoke within him a hunger that would never be satiated.

Outer Rim ExileEdit

Needless to say, Serapis was forced to flee the planet in exile or be put to death. He stole one of his father’s fastest ships, a conqueror-class cruiser which his father stole himself from a Surronian victim, and headed out into space without a plan. He was now reduced to a sheltered Anzati youth (at only about 100 years old), who had no prior experience outside his home planet. Wanting to keep a low profile, he fled to the outer rim territories and was led by the strange new hunger he had acquired after his first feeding.

Serapis lost track of time in the outer rim planets. He was there for a century, maybe two, and always on the move. The anzat would haunt villages and cities, taking up odd assassin jobs and bounties to sustain his cash flow. He fed upon the luck of the lowest and most wretched scum of the galaxy, forced to flee a settlement once his identity a “brain-eater” was discovered. It was a bleak existence – a blur of meaningless killing, desolate sands, and desperation. Until finally Serapis was fed up with all of it, and decided it was safe for him to return to real civilization.

Life on CoruscantEdit

Coruscant (before its control by the Sith) was a whole hell of a lot different from the outer rim, and Serapis relished in the vibrant life of the city. The capitol was perfect for him, because he could disappear so easily while remaining within the comfortable bounds of society. The anzat began in the bowels of Coruscant, frequenting bars and clubs at which lurked all manner of treacherous company. He found work in abundance, finding his skills as an assassin quite valuable in a city where everyone seemed to want someone else dead. In a matter of years, Serapis had built up quite a reputation among the villainous circles of the underworld. He even came to be called “The Spider,” as it was quite dangerous to get wrapped up in his web.

After many years underground, Serapis began to take on much higher profile (and thus higher paying) jobs among the more elite of Coruscant. His skills proved so effective that he was hired for the stealthy elimination of public figures, wealthy entrepreneurs, and even politicians. He developed a new method for his assassinations, which left no trace and was 100% lethal. Serapis would get himself involved with his victim long before their death, playing a false role closely involved in the victim’s life. Gradually he would seduce the victim using his natural mind influence, luring them into his web… and into the bedroom. As they made love, Serapis would wait until his victim’s climax, extending his proboscii and devouring their brain at the height of ecstasy. Then, he would simply vanish back into the chaos of the city (after receiving the second half of his payment of course). Female, male, alien or human, Serapis used this method with indescribable enjoyment, finding it so much more enthralling than the way he used to feed.

Over a period of about a century, Serapis carved out a very comfortable life for himself on Coruscant. It all fell apart, however, when the inevitable occurred and the assassin made a mistake that would cost him everything. It was a miniscule but critical miscalculation during a job to rid the planet of a very powerful but very corrupt bureaucrat. He succeeded with the killing, but the ordeal shut down all his networks for escape, and left Serapis and his identity totally exposed. With nowhere to hide and no one to whom he could run for protection, the anzat was once again forced to escape off world.

The Sith / ApprenticeshipEdit

Frustrated and despairing, Serapis flew aimlessly through space until his Anzati senses caught a scent of something unlike anything he had ever encountered. It was a power that drew upon his hunger for luck, drawing him relentlessly to its source. Serapis let this dark pull seduce him, and he followed it hungrily to a planet he had never heard of – Korriban. Upon his landing, he was drawn further into the sands to discover a place of immense darkness and even greater power. He would soon learn this place to be the Sith Temple of the infamous dark brotherhood, whose ranks he would join thereafter.

Enraptured by the dark side and the new power at his fingertips, Serapis began his training as a Sith apprentice under the tutelage of the Felacatian Sith, Darth Cunruth. He diligently studied his master’s teachings, steeping himself in dark side lore, Sith philosophy, force wielding and combat training. He performed missions off-world with his peers and his superiors, including the deliciously horrific slaughter on Naboo at which he witnessed the sheer magnitude of power a Sith could wield by the example of the Knight Peiori Caligga.

After succeeding in the construction of his first lightsaber, the not-so-young apprentice accompanied Mistress Cunruth on a special mission. They traveled to the moon of Khar Shian to explore the legendary fortress of Naga Sadow, which the dark lord had constructed during the Great Hyperspace War. The expedition was highly dangerous, and the ruined fortress was saturated with deadly traps, beasts drawn there and twisted by the dark side, and powerful Sith magic of antiquity. The darkness there was overwhelming, however, and Serapis was soon separated from his master. He wandered for what seemed like days through the massive complex, searching for any sign of sentient life, only to be led down more twisting corridors and crumbling stairs. The last he remembered was the feeling of weightlessness and the rush of panic as he lost his footing to fall into a pitch-black precipice.

If his master hadn’t abandoned him already, all evidence would have pointed to Serapis’ death. Not even his force signature remained in the fortress. But somewhere long after, deep in the abyss of Khar Shian, a child of darkness stirred from its shadowy slumber.