Character Profile
Avatar: Christian Bale
Seth Maximilian Draclau
Faction Rank
Criminal Elite
Sith Lord
The Galactic Underworld
The Sith Council
Mister Draclau
The Prince of Madness
The Mad King of Crime
Apparent Age
1/2 Shi'ido
1/2 Nagai
192 lbs
Eye Color
Stormy Grey
Hair Color
Dark Brown (Masked)
Jet Black (True)
Ord Mantell
Melina Maer
Shana Draclau (Genetic Twin)
Skorn Draclau (Half Brother)
Erinyes Draclau (Half Sister)
Lono Draclau (Half Brother)
Demala Draclau (Half Sister)
Daos Draclau (Half Brother)
Samael Draclau (Half Brother)
Naphira Draclau (Half Sister)
Adriana Draclau (Half Sister)
Leylah Ultron (Half Sister)
Faceless Master
Raine Marzullo

Seth Maximilian Draclau is a Force-Sensitive Shi'ido/Nagai Hybrid who works as the head of his own Criminal Organization. Prior to this he served the Sith Council as a Sith Knight but would eventually leave the Sith and take on work as a soldier of fortune. Eventually he returned, working jointly with the Sith and Criminal Underworld. He is currently married to Black Sun Crime Lord Kassey Daklin and the two are proud parents of Julianna Nero, Isis Draclau and Ayden Draclau.

The young shape-shifter belongs to one of the more prominent Force User families on his father's side. He is the son of Sith Lord Malice Draclau and Princess Melina Maer of Nagi, he is the half brother of Skorn, Erinyes, Lono, Demala, Daos, Samael, Naphira and Adriana Draclau as well as Leylah Ultron. As a young man he bought and set free a young slave girl named Curupira Hawk who he raised as his own daughter despite the lack of a blood bond.

Seth founded a group of mercenaries when he began branching off on his own from the Bounty Hunter's Guild. The group itself was built as a company of mercenaries on the back of Draclau himself at the young age of 17 and found success with their leader in a command position. Some time after his merc band was formed Seth joined a clandestine criminal organization that few can identify and integrated his men into that group.

Through out his years Seth has come across many people that he's worked with and a few that he grew to know on a more personal level. In his early twenties the shape-shifter met many people that would prove very important to him in coming days. Tania Kasra, a young woman who became his wife after a night of drunken debauchery, Srika Kiren, a mentally damaged red head he took comfort in as his equal in madness and Kassey Daklin a woman Seth would grow to feel for more strongly than any other before.



Born the son of Sith Lord Malice Draclau and Princess Melina Maer of Nagi, his birth was riddled with tragedy. His mother died of complications from child birth and his father had left the planet and had not returned. In accordance to his dying mothers wishes, Seth was sent away from Nagi to be free of Melina's brother Severan, the King of Nagai. She knew her son would be left to the cruel devices of the king so the newborn was sent to Saijo, a world once inhabited by the Nagai and from there he was taken to Cloud City on the planet Bespin in the Outer Rim to be raised safely by the Princesses servant, Kamina.

Misfortune followed him though and upon their arrival Kamina wasn't able to find much work and was gunned down in an alleyway, leaving Seth all alone on Cloud City when he was 2. Seth was placed in one of the high end Orphanages and as he grew up he found himself isolated because of his unusual appearance. Born the son of a Shi'ido and a Nagai his skin was a Pale white with gray splotches and this was the source of great ridicule from the human population. The young boy found his only friends in the Ugnaught and Sullustan populations and quickly learned their languages. As well beginning to teach himself how to use the Force when he overheard someone talking about it and how it compared to himself.

On his 10th birthday he met a young human boy named Nikk and they two quickly became friends. Their friendship lasted through out the year and on Seth's 11th birthday, Nikk turned against him and began to make fun of him along with all the other human kids. Heartbroken and in utter shock of his friends betrayal Seth snapped and violently beat Nikk into a blood pulp. When security came he proceeded to steal one of their Blasters and murdered the two guards before turning the blaster on all the children that laughed at him, including the beaten Nikk. This was Seth's first major act of violence.


Seth, age 9.

Running AwayEdit

After the brutal murders of 11 people, Seth stowed away on the ship of a spacer and got away from the Cloud City. Upon discovery on the ship Seth murdered all 5 crew members in a panic and took over the ship and learned the spacers had actually stolen a large about of Tibanna gas frozen in Carbonite. Seth alone on the ship learned the controls simply by trial and error and what little he learned from smugglers on Cloud City.

He arrived unknown to him on Jabiim, unsure of how to land the young Draclau resorted to a crash landing that almost killed the 11 year old. He attended his own wounds and was able to craft a makeshift shelter out of the remains of the ship. He spent almost an entire year on the planet where it never stops raining. He sold all the equipment and Tibanna gas he could to make money to buy medicine and food and practiced his Force techniques and marksmanship. Unable to stand the constant illnesses he bartered passage off of Jabiim and made his way coreward to Coruscant.

Sith TrainingEdit


Seth locked in combat with a Jedi.

When he arrived on Coruscant at the age of 12, the authorities recognized his young age and tried to put him into an orphanage. Seth outright refused and instead killed the 4 man squad, tapping into the Dark Side of the Force for the first time and drawing attention from the Sith Council. Within a few weeks he was taken in and instructed by a man Seth never saw in the flesh.

From the age of 12 to 20 he was trained in the Sith Arts but with it came the further degradation of his mental health. He became an extension of his Masters will, performing tasks given to him by his teacher that developed his skills further, including use of the lightsaber. Around the age of 17 is when he began to acquire a flair for the dramatic as well as taking greater risks for greater reward. His continued use of guns was frowned upon by his Master and came to ahead when Seth finally met the man who was his master and promptly killed his teacher, proving a pistol was sometimes all you needed and effectively ended his training with the man.

Soon after though, he became the student of a woman known as Raine Marzullo, a woman with connections to his family and it was through use of his name that she discovered who he was. His training was completed under the Sith Master and by the time he was finished, Seth showed great skill, physically and with his focused skill set in the Force.

Becoming a Father?Edit

One of the more crucial events that happened in Seth's life was when he was seventeen years old and he came to attend a rather high class auction for exotic items of a questionable nature. Seth himself had no real interest in bidding on most of the items until an item of interest came up for a rival of his in the mercenary business.

Teenage curupira008

Curupira D'Arr Hawk, Age 8

The item itself was a little girl around the age of 8 years old. She had flaming red hair and golden eyes, a young girl from the world of Dathomir. Knowing what lay in store of the little one, Seth outbid his rival and claimed ownership of the little girl. However after he had purchased her, Seth released her from the bonds of slavery and attempted to send her on her way. Thinking he had lived on his own she could too.

Surprise would fill him though to find the young girl named Curupira had followed him home. Unsure of what to do, he let Curupira stay with him for the time being since he had more than enough supplies for two people. In the years to follow Seth kept Curupira in his care and taught her to read and write, to tell time and how to speak fluent Basic. He also taught her how to defend herself with martial arts training and how to use and maintain a pistol, should the need ever arise.

The two would be neigh inseparable in their time together and though it was not made official Seth considered Curupira as his daughter, a thing he would not expect himself capable of. He attributed his success to having to raise himself all his years and treating the young girl with as much love and affection as he could muster, something only Curupira could ever attest to in Seth's early life.

Mastering himselfEdit

It was at the age of 21 that Seth secluded himself on Coruscant in an old safehouse that he began mastering his biological abilities to shapeshift. Starting slowly by shifting the gray off his skin it took him the good portion of a year to learn his body's capabilities. By his 22 birthday he had mastered the ability to change the color of his skin and quickly began focus on eye and hair color.

In 6 months, half the time it took him to master his entire body. He succeeded in changing the color of his eyes and hair. During this time is where his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder developed, showing through the years his need to be a perfectionist.

Establishing Draclau EnterprisesEdit

Mercenary CareerEdit


Seth during his Mercenary years.

Having little else to do, Seth found himself in the undercity of Coruscant. His training had served him well and he found the ability to navigate the dark places in the galaxy. Finding his way to the Rodda the Hutt, the shape-shifter began accepting contracts on people that many thought were insane or too complicated. Still Seth went out and completed the contracts thought to be suicide and in doing so earned himself the nickname: The Walking Apocalypse.

His reputation for pulling off incredible feats of acrobatics and almost unerring accuracy quickly earned him a reputation as being an efficient mercenary able to do things by himself that would normally take an entire squad of men. One particular mission involved him infiltrating the palace of a rival of his employer. Seth got in and killed the rival but found himself fighting through an army to get out. Bloodied and beaten, Seth Draclau emerged with his life intact.

Chaos, Mayhem, ViolenceEdit


Seth before his escape from Jail.

By the time he'd turned 25 years old Seth had become a prominent face in the Mercenary community. He'd developed something of a flamboyant style and used his shape-shifting abilities to make himself look different. His aim was to give off the appearance that he had dyed his hair wacky colors and one of the more prominent colors was white.

With his rebel rousing lifestyle in high swing. He made his fair share of enemies, the biggest of note was when he was ambushed in Limbo City on Abregado-rae. Outnumbered and out gun he allowed the police to arrest him and take him in for booking, however the shape-shifter enacted an explosive escape that left several police man dead and several more wounded.

To add insult to injury Seth introduced a virus into the computer network before he left and wiped out not only his records they had taken, but every computer record for every criminal in the building. With his trail erased Seth made his way out and moved back to Nar Shaddaa, the idea on his mind? Vengeance.

Shortly after this incident Seth met someone that would be the first person that he would consider important to him. Eris Desnae, a fellow Sith but more importantly a fellow psychotic with a bubbly, happy personality unseen in many Sith. They quickly grew to like one another and from their partnership began a new era of chaos.

From this new era however came something more, Eris had become someone Seth believed he could trust and and with it a strange love developed between the two though to them it would seem normal. Eris was his first experience in a sexual nature when he was 22 years old while she herself was only 17.

Shotguns and Shotgun WeddingsEdit


Tania Kasra

At the age of 23 Seth met a young woman on Ryloth named Tania Kasra who seemed to be having problems obtaining work. Seth offered her work with him if only so he didn't have to take public transport and the two immediately hit it off. The two made it to Tatooine without a hitch and quickly fulfilled their contract to destroy a Hutt's palace and destroy the Hutt.

After the two made it back to Ryloth, Seth paid Tania half of what they made and the two went out for a celebration that included heavy drinking, a night they couldn't personally remember. However upon waking up, they discovered they had stolen a vid camera and the entire night had been filmed, their drinking, sexual escapades and most importantly, their shotgun wedding that named them husband and wife.

When discovering this fact the two did the unexpected and decided to forgo divorce or annulment and remain married with the stipulation that neither were tied down to the other since love was not a factor. The two spent their honeymoon in a motel on Ryloth, mostly locked up in the bedroom and ended up parting ways on more than amiable terms with the promise they'd see each other again.

An Unlikely AssassinEdit


Kassey Daklin

When Seth was 25 years old the shape-shifter came into contact with a young woman who had come after him for after he murdered of a member of the Black Suns organization. He and the young woman that had to be around eighteen never introduced themselves to the other but after quickly fooling Seth and leading him out to the alleyway, she attempted to kill him but Seth quickly turned the tables on her and turned her attempt to kill him into a fist fight that saw them ascend to the top of the building they had met in.

Through out the fight Seth took it like a joke, flirting with her even if she would have none of it. Things took a turn for the worse when his goofy nature left him and he turned quite serious, letting a bit of that psychotic nature show to his would be assassin. The fight would come to stop then after the fighting spirit had all been but silenced and they left one another on somewhat mutual terms though the young blonde known as Kassey Daklin had failed her mission. As he left, Seth went a bit further and stole the woman's scarf and kept it in his possession from then on.

A Few Months LaterEdit

While on assignment to kill a ruthless mercenary boss, Seth was captured and thrown in a cell by the very same group. He was taunted and ridiculed for his failure and had women dangled in front of him only to have them taken away to be raped and killed. It was in his time imprisoned that the mercs also caught the same young blonde he had met a few months ago.

The two traded barbs with another but it quickly became clear that like all the others Kassey would soon be taken away to be sexually assaulted and mostly likely murdered. Despite his best efforts to seduce her, Kassey once again resisted his charms though still they did not know each others names.

Seth quickly concocted a plan to get them out, faking a sexual episode between him and his blonde cellmate that had the guards come to break it up. That was when they struck and freed themselves from prison. The two made it out of the base relatively unscathed though once more the two would part ways, only this time.. with a kiss, enjoyed by both and a code cylinder he slipped in her pocket containing his comm frequency.

The Age of DevelopmentEdit

From Mercenary to MobsterEdit

Seth enjoyed a long period of prosperity in the time after he had met Kassey Daklin. His work as a mercenary remained top notch and soon his skills attracted the attention of a group of men that invited him to a private meeting the likes of which he had never seen. He was offered a position with their group, a group that was described as a shadow organization with no name and no symbol, a criminal empire that had assumed the guise of a secret intelligence agency.


Seth, tying a tie

Seth accepted invitation and hung up his old merc outfit and tried on his very first suit, a change to fit the new persona. However soon his own paranoia would make the man seek out a tailor that could craft his suits out of protective material such as Armorweave and Shell spider Silk to protect himself from harm. Seth would integrate his men into the command structure as well, nothing much would change for the small mercenary band but they all knew that more money would soon pour right into their pockets. This would also mark the first time that Seth settled on a color for his hair, settling on a dark brown color for his hair and vibrant blue for his eyes.

Seth found the roll of a mobster quite to his liking, using his natural abilities to disguise himself and his honed athletic and acrobatic skills to his advantage. Seth himself was instrumental in weeding out the smaller organizations and having them turn on one another by impersonating key members of the organization. He even managed to incorporate those people leftover into his own organization, proving himself a vital asset.

Time with the WifeEdit

Seth kept many contacts in his life as a mobster and began referring to himself as a Business man when questioned about his work. One of the people he worked with often was his wife, Tania Kasra. He contracted her for more work between the two given their history and while they worked, Seth found himself learning from her, perfecting his ability to fly a ship among many things. This partnership would last through the years and would end up making them lots of money and still their open marriage went on.

Seth was no stranger to other women either, he developed quite a smooth reputation with women and he could usually be seen with a different woman on his arm whenever he seemed to go out. Though on a number of occasions he did invite Tania along when the two's schedules allowed it. He knew the marriage was a good one, but despite growing desire to make it more monogamous he never did mention his thoughts toward her because he did not wish to limit her and himself in what they could do.

The Tools of the TradeEdit


Seth's custom weapons

In his growing capacity with his new job, Seth used some of the money he had available to construct his own personal weapons and armor. His weapons were two heavily customized Dissuader KD-30 Slughthrower pistols, designed to fire the specialized acid filled rounds and normal rounds. The rifling was adjusted to make them more accurate, the clip was extended to hold 13 rounds. He even had compensators added to reduce muzzle climb. These weapons he would claim were perfect.

Along with his weapons he contracted a special tailor to construct custom made suits for him comprised of Shellspider Silk and Armorweave. Before long he had an entire wardrobe filled with this custom suits. Shirts, vests, pants, jackets, even the ties were made of the silk. Seth believed that his clothing would act as a last resort to damage during combat though he was hoping that his skill would prevent injury though even he wanted a contingency plan.

Making his WayEdit

It took Seth a few years to really get himself into a groove. Once he truly understood what he was doing and how to run his own group of men efficiently, that's when the money really began rolling in. His rise from a low level associate to a full blown captain, before long he was trafficking millions of credits in drugs through various suppliers and assassinating government officials with no clues as to the culprit, his success due to his growing shape-shifting abilities.

During a job on Nar Shaddaa, Seth was tasked to steal back a shipment of Spice and provide it to his employers so they could finally. Before the heist was to take place he met a young brunette named Kassey Daklin, unknown to him the woman he had met so many years earlier. The two shared a few drinks and flirted with one another before he offered her a job to work with him.

Together the two completed the heist but it wasn't done then. Seth paid the woman but things began to get steamy for the two, sharing a kiss but also discovering that Kassey was actually married and she could not do much more than that kiss. Despite this, the two would stay in contact for work, and then it became much more personal then they would ever know.

Setting the StageEdit


Seth and Kassey

Seth's criminal experience seemed to grow with each day after meeting Kassey. He'd quickly become the best man for any job and was known to take on even the most difficult and dirty jobs though his only rule was no harming children. His policies worked and he became the go to man to deal with problems the bosses had. Seth garnered quite a bit of respect and influence to the point he was making millions for the organization.

Drug trafficking, gun running, grand larceny and even high risk assassinations were in his scope. His professional career would grow and grow and much to his surprise his personal life would take an interesting turn as well.

A New Lease on LifeEdit

Being BadEdit

Despite Kassey being a married woman, Seth would continue to see her when she wanted him to be around. She would call him and he would come see her no matter what was going for him at the time. She called him one evening on Nar Shaddaa and the two decided to have dinner together. The evening turned as the two went back to her ship, one thing lead to another and they began to make out.

It seemed that the two of them would go all the way in their passionate embrace but it was not to be as Kassey stopped them and Seth himself had a rather bad effect to being cut off. Though their encounter almost ended in disaster, he stayed with Kassey the rest of the night and even cuddled with her until they both woke up and Seth left on amicable terms.

Leads to GoodEdit

From the AshesEdit

He Is Born AgainEdit

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