Dathomir Witch Clan
Shady Sands Clan

Clan Leader

Dresdin Astil
Members Castor Draclau
Emilia Aleka
Raine Marzullo
Shaithis Deus
Zalera Marzullo
High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches Xander Starkiller
Diablo Mandagoran
Pandora Marzullo
Vanya Aklin
Zen Marzullo

The Coven

Dathomir Sea

Galactic Basic



The Shady Sands Clan... Nightsisters and Nightbrothers that were almost completely overlooked for so long. They were one of the more peaceful and off kilter clans on Dathomir. They had moved around a lot, making their stand against other tribes difficult as their foothold was weak as they were usually in new areas. Now, their clans had been united under one unifying purpose that drove them. Their calling had been realized and the other clans united under Santeria Decuir and her host of Council members, one of each appointed to lead one of the twelve clans.

Shady Sands ClanEdit

Christian Draclau, a name they'd come to know well in the passing months, had been appointed to lead the Witches of the Shady Sands Clan. They'd been thought weak nomads, which was why the War Minister was appointed to lead them. Now, the warriors of the sands have become a force to be reckoned with. Their homes line the coast just to the east of the Witches most prized Temple.

Their homes lay hidden in the treeline of the coast of the Emerald sea, an Ocean given such a name for it's amazing, deep green color due to the massive mineral deposit running down the coast for hundreds of miles. They fish to survive and their lives are now ripe with purpose as they train and learn every day under the guidance of their leader and their mother. They were always able to survive, but now they've found home and have been strengthened by knowledge and ability through the fortune of the force.

Their warriors, an adaptation of Christian's own Crimson Sentinels, have taken their own names...

The Dune Knights.

he years have passed, and the Shady Sands witches have learned just how powerful their element is, being taught to harness the power of the sands and use it to their advantage. The years of training in it's utilization have made them some of the most feared witches of all using it so closely that they've even found ways to become their element. Their image, however, is possibly their most valuable aspect as in their latest battle they rose from the sands, their bodies materializing slowly as the mounds raised up one by one, their limbs, outstretched and forming detail around their arms, legs and chests as tendrils of sand danced around their bodies spilling from each fingertips.

Their homes lay strewn out across the coast of the Emerald sea just along the treeline only miles from the Great Temple. They take to the trees at night, most of their huts matching the greenery of the trees as to stay hidden, but in the sands below, their true home, they're impossible to contain.

When they are not preparing for battle, they are surviving, rarely able to celebrate especially when one considers there is nothing to celebrate.

Culture of the Clan Edit


They wear dark colors, blue, purple, red, to celebrate the sky, the sea and the sands, their precious gods of nature. They wore brown. black and grey attire and cloaks for rituals and calling on the force and the darkness for power before war. Their battle garments, however, are quite unique. Most of them typically wear head wraps, but some do not. All of them wear light armor, typically leather and clothe across the chest and legs, their women and even men wearing dress like garments that sway with the motions of the sand.

Their Dune Knights, however, did wear some metal and stone armor as well as carry swords into combat with them. They rarely worry about wearing much of anything, though, seeing as they move with the fluent motions of the sand, their bodies able to meld with it's element to protect themselves from what might be piercing blows that could take life. Their sorcery, a true prize to be had which they share with no one, as it has the ability to preserve life when met with life ending circumstances aside from a natural end.

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