General Information
Shimiwooka Bangarand
The Sith Council
Approx. 280 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Black with white streaks
Home Planet
Kashyyyk (Warralokk)
Ralatha (Deceased)
Bagawyyyk (Deceased)
Snoika (Sister, Deceased)
Reno (Adopted Brother)

"Listen to the Jedi. It's either that or feel his lightsaber... And your clones feel my claws..." - Shimiwooka threatening Renze

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Personality Edit

Shimi is the kind of Sith that runs into a situation, cracks as many skulls as possible and sees what kind of outcome he gets - he doesn't think situations through. And, sometimes, that works for him, seeing as he's a great warrior and doesn't have to depend on the Force to aid him in his battles.

Outside of the battlezone, Shimi isn't a very social person - there are few people he likes, and respects, and a less amount of friends. He doesn't involve himself in other people's situation - unless they were a friend, of course. Shimi is more of the 'stand back until it comes to the fighting' kind of person - let's face it, he's intimidating enough, saying something would most probably ruin his image.

Appearance Edit

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Skills Edit

Shimiwooka can fly most spaceships as one of his jobs, on his homeworld, was a freighterman and, like most Wookiees, Shimi is a fast-learner when it comes to the mechanical side of things. He also understands many languages, again like most Wookiees, and can learn languages rapidly - even though his vocal chords restrict him to speaking Shyriiwook. Shimi can understand Shyriiwook, Galactic Basic, Huttese and Binary. He learnt most languages on his dealings with numerous merchants when buying supplies for his clan.

Shimi is a great warrior - he has confidence, strength, speed, power and skill with some favoured weapons - although he lacks in Force powers because of this. The Wookiee doesn't like the concept of choking people or throwing them off a cliff, without touching them, and he prefers being a warrior rather than a master of the Force.

History Edit

Life before the Sith Edit

Shimiwooka is a born and bred warrior, seeing as he was born during the Trandoshan attacks. As he was growing, Shimi had to take combat classes and lessons in war-tactics - the first he excelled in, the latter he struggled with.

When he come to age, Shimi joined the his clan army, as was planned when he was born. Soon enough, he had made his way up in the ranks and become the youngest Assault Captain ever, in his clan's army. Shimi's squad had soon won a lot of territory from the Trandoshans until it all went wrong...

In a meeting, with the clan leader and the other military leaders, Shimi was discussing his next assault plans when the clan leader disagreed. The Captain had decided on plan of action, which could, if something went horribly wrong, kill Shimi and his squad - the clan leader didn't like the thought of loosing one of his best teams so he disagreed. Shimi and his squad went on to act on the plan and it prevailed. Finally, the clan's territory was free of Trandoshan slavers. But when they returned, after loosing three warriors, the clan leader banished Shimi from ever participating with the army/forces again and was forced to become a freighterman.

Captured by Evil Edit

Roleplay/Source for this section - Running into a Sith turned out good...

When arriving at Kashyyyk's capital, Rwookrrorro, after one of his usual supply-gathering treks, Shimi asked for a landing pad so he could quickly collect the materials and be off to his city. There was a mysterious crackle coming from the control center and Shimi assumed it to be a bad signal - he was wrong. The Wookiee had to take the last resort and land in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk - a big mistake.

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Peiori Caligga Edit

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Test of loyalty Edit

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Posessions Edit

Youw (Elder Staff) Edit

Roleplay/Source for this section - Blood and Fur

Description Edit


Shimi's Electrum Elder Staff

The Elder Staff is of ancient design but built with modern materials - it looks like an old Elder Staff, made from wood, has been coated in Electrum. In actual fact, the weapon is solid Electrum and the mould would have needed professional developement to be desgined so accurate. Along the nobbly shaft, of the Elder Staff, were intricate shapes and pictures, marks of certain clans/tribes (also known as tribal). Someone had taken alot of time on the staff. It wasn't just a weapon, either. The Elder Staffs were used in many rituals throughout the clans and were a sign of supreme wisdom, battling/fighting ability or hierarchy.

Gaining Youw Edit

Explanation of the Name, Youw Edit

Claw Necklace Edit

When Shimi was sent on his 'test of loyalty' he was asked to collect a claw from each of his closest family members - his mother, father and sister. When he returned to Korriban, the Wookiee had to present them to his master. Once presented, and identified as the real claws, Shimi coated them in Electrum and made a necklace out of them - he never takes it off.