Dathomir Witch Clan
Singing Mountain Clan

Clan Leader

Satara Hawk
Members Adel'aide Hawk

Ahote Hawk
Ayden Cater
Arik Kane
Chloe Limelight
Curupira Hawk
Kalina Volk
Ket Limelight
Kytarra Hawk
Mercureus Hawk
Milan Hawk
Rach Sullen
Ryori Holloway
Sasha Caleb
Satara Hawk
Seth Caleb
Ti'Cira Hawk

Titles and Ranks of Note
Former Mothers Augwynne Djo (d.)
Zaltana Hawk (d.)
Rayen Hawk (d.)
Adel'aide Hawk
Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk
Masters Ket Limelight
Rach Sullen
Ryori Holloway
Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk

Dathomir (formally)
Aaris III

  • Paecian
  • (Italian)
  • (Native American)
  • Galactic Basic



The Singing Mountain Clan is a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Singing Mountain on Dathomir. They are a bitter rival of the Nightsister clan. Over the course of the past hundred and fifty years, the clan leadership has been passed down among the Hawk family, starting with Zaltana Hawk and her granddaughter Satara Hawk is to date the first Clan mother who willingly stepped down from her position and passed the title down to her children.

From mother to daughter, the position of the clan mother had fallen to Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk until her disappearance after which Satara has re-claimed the position until she can once more pass it on.

A person becomes part of the clan by either being born into it, by being mated to a member of the clan, by being formally welcomed by the Clan mother or performing a blood ritual with another member of the clan. And the same manner, a person leaves the clan through formal presentations a lot. Minimum of one clan elder has to be present for the act to be done and a person leave the clan on their own or be exiled. 

Singing Mountain ClanEdit

Singing Mountain on DathomirEdit

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Aaris IIIEdit

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Culture of the ClanEdit

Notable TitlesEdit

Traditional titlesEdit

Initiate | Clan Scout | Clan Sentry | Clan Rancor Tamer | Clan Dragoon | Guardian

Specialty TitlesEdit

Clan Mother | Councilwoman | Clan Arch Witch | Clan Healer | Clan Seer


Paecean (dialect) | (Italian) | (Native American) | Galactic Basic Standard
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Singing Mountain Female Fashion


Female ClothingEdit

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Clan Mother's formal attire during Zaltana Hawk's reign

The fashion sense of the females have changed over the years, in small ways. While some of their clothes may be similar to those of other Witches on Dathomir, some of them have been made unique to their clan. Often, the outfits represented a Witch's position without the clan, making the councilwomen and clan mothers stand out far more than your average female. 
Normal 07 001

Examples of the Clan's battle armors


One of the Clan Mother's formal outfits

Best way to separate their fashion would be for times of peace and times of war. Any able Singing Mountain Witch has an armor of her own for those war occasions but also the more suttle and feminime outfits for the times of peace. 

Singing Mountain Scout

Singing Mountain scout

'Their outfits also warried based on their duties. Different clothes were worn during their task as a Scout, Handler or even during training - be it trainer or trainee.   Clan's fashion changes over time in degrees. Many of the Witches that have gone out into the galaxy have often returned with new fabrics and ides for the fashion changes but the basic principles often remain, with suttle differences. 

However, most of the time, other than the separation of duty or position, peace times against times of war, Singing Mountain women make their own clothes and thus, if one was to stand out more than others, this would not be frowned upon. Often, the Witches that stand out over others will have other symbols making them stand out - such as hair pins and the like. 

Male ChlothingEdit

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Religion and PhilosophyEdit


Daughters of Allya.
Learn these words and learn them well, for they are the foundations
that will increase your strength and keep you safe from harm.
Those who suffer emotion will never enjoy peace.
Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.
Those who yield to passion will fail to dominate.
Those who fear death will never achieve pure power.
Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.
Never concede to evil, lest you be consumed by it.

Religious DocumentsEdit

Book of LawEdit

"On her deathbed, Allya admonished her daughters to follow the Book of Law, a tome of moral and ethical regulations Allya devised to make certain her offspring would never fall as she did."
Llarn Kristovv

The Book of Law was a book of magic and spells written by the former Jedi Knight Allya.
Originally, the Book of Law was meant to be a moral guide to teach Allya's female descendants in safe and sane ways uses of their magic. Since Allya was a Jedi Knight, she based some of the text on the Jedi Code.
After generations, Allya's children dispersed themselves across Dathomir creating new clans of Dathomiri Witches, each of which had their own copy of the book.

Althrough the message in each book was based on Allya's original message, each clan added its own discoveries and spells to their copy. Some clans even took Allya's original message and replaced it with various interpretations, such as Book of Shadows done by the Nightsisters.

Hawk Magical TomeEdit

An old family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. It's unsure who began to write the first pages of this book but much of its earliest writings mimic those of the Book of Law by Allya. Later, the Hawk Witches added their own spells and rituals, documented important events and many other things. As the oldest of Hawks, Satara Hawk is the current keeper of the family legacy which contains endless pages on magic, history of Dathomir and the family, the Nightsisters and how they came to be, spells, potions, companions and distinguished Witches throughout the ages. 

Each generation ha added their own pages which in Satara's case has been the section on Force Powers and organisations around the galaxy, including the Jedi and the Sith. 

Legend in the clan says that when first started, the Magical Tone had but maybe fifty page but as it was filled, it began to grow as well. None of this has been confirmed and most mates of the Witches have been incredibly gifted in the art of crafting and have created things for them. 

With this very book, the Clan mother has not only educated her children and their children, but also other Witches and Jai of the clan. And while it remains in her possession, it is always available for family and other clan members.

Clan Trials and RitualsEdit

Ascending trials Edit

Trial by Fire - This trial is taken from the nightsister's ideals; however, more  controlled and less the risks to falling to the dark side for those that wish for those results. The first five times (stages) an initiate attempts to cast a spell learned in an hour. The use of the new spell is extremely dangerous, possibly even fatal if the initiate is not fortunate. Each time the Witch or Jai attempts the stages, the danger goes down slightly and it is less likely to backfire on them. It is also possible for the spell to backfire on the Witch by drawing them into the darkside due to attempting to gain such power so quickly. After the five stages of the trial, the Witch has no difficulty casting the spell.

During one Trial by Fire ceremony

The test itself also has the second purpose, of discovering whether the Dathomiri is gifted with Allyan magic or not. If they are, their training with continue and be tested over and over through out the next years. If they are not, no further force training of any kind will be brought upon the child and another purpose within the clan shall be found for them.

Trial by the Ancestors - This trial mirrors the trials of Knighthood for other Force-using groups. The initiate is taken to the Temple of the Ancestors of the clan to begin initiation into the next step in their life. The initiate's entire clan and others that wish to be there watch as three Witch elders (among which are the initiate's Clan mother and the Clan mother of the opposing infuence) as well as the Herd mother of the initiate's clan (Rancor blood) take collection of their blood while the initiate sheds all material items they have on. The initiate kneels on the altar while the Elders write spells on their body with the rancor blood; three old protection spells to aid the Witch or Jai.

After the spells are written, the Elders place their hands on different parts of the initiate's body. The soon to be ascended Witch has a hand on the beck of their neck, one on their chest, just over their heart, and the last hand just above their genitals. As the Elders chant, the applicant feels a growing amount of heat, pain and pleasures coming from the areas their hands are cover. The areas form into burn black symbols and become permanent tattoos.
The ceremony is continued with giving a lightsaber with the color that represents the young Witch or Jai and a new force forged sword. From there, the Elders list twelve tasks for the person to complete to fulfill their rite of passage into the second stage. An example of a task is going out alone to gain a friendship and a symbolic relationship.

Following the complexion of her or his trial, a Witch or Jai takes chooses their path. In the ways of the galaxy, they are seen as a knight level, however, they either pick the path of a scout, sentry, rancor tamer or dragoon or leave this decision for later. 
Singing Mountain Sister

Singing Mountain witch on her rancor

Trial by the Force - This trial is simple because the final task for the Mentor is to train another. The soon to be Inquisitor watches their student go through the Trial by the Ancestors after which the new Inquistor is sent out into the wilderness to face a new challenge (for example: the cave on Dagobath) in which every person's experience is unique and may kill them. Because there is a mixture of force induced visions and droids, the droids have holographic capability to trick the Witch or Jai. After a week, the member returns home if they have lived through it.

Once a Witch or a Jai has ascended to the last step, they may become a Guardian or continue their previously chosen path. Some Witches are offered to become a Council woman while many are not. While there is an option of becing an Arch Witch, this is a rare gift which isn't offered to anyone, one either becomes one or doesn't. 

Ceremonial RitualsEdit

Wedding / Claming Ceremony - Traditionally, while Witches could be joined in ceremonies to non-Dathomirians, their childen could not inherit their Mother's place. The be eligible to lead a Clan or to be on a council, the child must be born of an Union done by the laws and customs of the Clan being represented. If the Witch and man choose to, they may have a double ceremony where each person's religion and customs are observed.

The traditional Singing Mountain Clan wedding must include an Elder of the Clan, preferably the Clan mother, but if neither could be met, a female member of the clan will have to do. There are several different ways of preforming the ceremony. In the most traditional one, the female makes offer to claim the male, after which the Clan mother functions as a Priestess over the ceremony, speaking on behalf of the Witch to the male, establishing what it means to be claimed before the other, the male, accepts the offer, after which by the Clan's law, the couple is united, a bond that can only be broken if the female sells the male (or kills him). Other ways include the female and male exchanging vows which is acknowledged by a Clan member.

Final bit of the ceremony is the back scratching, preformed during the actual intimacy act at which time, the female lays her final claim of the male by scratching out his back. 

Child Naming - A naming ceremony of some type is common to most societies. It is a ceremony where a new born is introduced to his or her community as well as to the Force. It is an important ceremony for the family and friends that are involved even if it does not mean much to the infant at this point in time. It makes the newborn a real and concrete member of the Clan. It is very important socially, not to mention that it brings the infant to the attention of the powers that be, whatever he or she will call them later, during one of the most vulnerable times of their life.

Naming ceremonies are normally done no sooner than one week after birth (to allow the recovery of both the baby and mother from childbirth) and normally no longer than a couple of months after the birth (if more time passes the infant is already part of the Clan and has probably already been called to the attention of the Force in some way so it becomes a rather moot point). The ceremony is best done at sunrise or at least in the morning and is best if done during a full or waxing moon.
Singing Mountain Sentinel

Singing Mountain Sentinel

New parents should invite family and friends that they feel will be close during the child's life. A naming ceremony can be simple and non-Dathomir enough that those of other views of the Force should feel comfortable attending.

Originally it took place at the down square or any sacred space with clear quadrants would do. The Clan mother oversees and performs the ceremony in most cases. The ritual can be adapted for a male child, a single parent, or parents of the same gender. Elements (earth, wind, water and fire) are used to bless the child while using cardinal directions (north, east, south and west) for each stage.

(Credit for the rituals goes to Dharma Decuir , with slight modifications to fit the clan by Satara Hawk . Clan information and pictures from the wookieepedia page of the clan and location )

Funeral Ceremony - Upon the death of a clan member, the deceased is given a funeral ceremony to which all clan members, be they male or female, can witness. The ceremony itself is most commonly conducted by a priestess of the clan that sings the following lyrics.

Beyond the night, a rising sun
Beyond the night, the battle's won
The battle is won.
Fear and shame now in the past
Pain and sorrow gone at last
Gone at last.
Circle renewed, peace will be found
Beyond the night, on sacred ground.
River flows led by the wind
First new breath, our journey begins
Journey begins.
Following the song, the body is burned so the soul could be free to pass on.

History of the ClanEdit


Generally classified as lighsider Witches, the Singing Mountain Clan has been given name based on their location - having spent most of known history situated in the Singing Mountain, north of the Trade Outpost on Dathomir. Bitter rivals of the darkside wielding Nightsister clan. Rancor tamers with deep hatred for The Galactic Empire because of the Dathomir blockade.
They have been known to keep male slaves. While the Singing Mountain Clan seemingly treats them better than their rivals, fact is, its always been an individual thing. Many Witches of this clan, in the past, refused to even train their males. Exceptions however have always existed, such as Satara Hawk who not only trained her mate in all in which she was taught but also temporarily titled him Clan Father while she was pregnant with their second child.
While their force classification is good, some have pointed out in the past that they can hardly be considered "good".

Wait, you guys got wands?Edit

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The months of Peace; The Years of WarEdit

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My Heart Would Overule my Mind

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Clan Members by RankEdit

Masters: Ket Limelight | Rach Sullen | Ryori Holloway | Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk
Knights: Curupira D'Arr HawkKalina Volk | Kytarra Hawk | Mercureus Hawk | Milan Hawk | Satara Hawk
Apprentices: Adel'aide Hawk | Ahote Hawk | Ayden Cater | Arik Kane | Chloe Limelight |  Sasha Caleb | Seath Caleb

Known historic membersEdit

(Credit for the clan box goes to Santeria Decuir, with slight modifications to fit the Allyan clan by Satara Hawk.)

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