Siris Corrigan Nido IV
Jedi Master
formerly Darth Corrigno
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Mara-Kai Neldorren, estranged
Tara Silvermore Nido
Siris Corrigan Nido III, deceased
9 Siblings, 8 deceased
3 Sons


Siris NidoEdit

A Jedi Master of the Naboo Jedi Council, Siris Nido has served the Jedi from his late twenties onward. He serves as an elder to the Knights who serve in the field as he has forsaken attempts to serve on the Council itself as he has in the past. Siris, distinguished even before his Jedi Service, has taken a place in history as one of the pivotal players on the galactic scene. His downfall to the Sith is rumored by some to be one reason why Jedi did not take planet Honoghr in a past conquest. Siris found his one true partner as a Sith and only the imminent birth of his sons, triplets, brought the couple back to the light. At one time entirely retired, Siris now sits on the fence between retirement and Galactic significance.


Coming to the TGC galaxy in 2003, the writer was among the youngest active users. Rich, known by members as Siris, hails from upstate New York; a 60 mile drive from the city of New York. Siris was a very active user for quite a while and shot up the ranks both in and out of character. While still among the youngest members, Siris became a forum and them board moderator. An untimely burnout brought about a retirement of sorts and the loss of his moderation post. Since the retirement, Siris had returned for a few weeks at a time for bursts of activity, often with 3+ characters.

Character HistoryEdit

Pre-Jedi Edit

The son of Siris Nido III, the young Siris came to be on Tatooine. The third-oldest of nine, he was not the most promising of the offsping. The two oldest siblings, Joseph and Thomas, each seemed superior than Siris intellectually and physically. Their promise was eclipsed by their family's lack of funds however. Each of the older boys worked with the Nido father in a family garage. It was there, on a hot Tatooine day that three Nidos most influential on young Siris became fatally ill. A ship, landed recently from Yavin IV, had ice remaining in a corner deep inside the ship. Within the ice were a few small insects carrying typical Yavin illnesses. The Nidos, none having been to Yavin were stung by the insects and contracted an illness none would recover from. Within minutes of exposure to the heat, the insects were dead though their impact was felt.

Siris III, Joseph, and Thomas made it hope early from work. Joseph died at the doorway, Thomas in his bed and Siris later that night in the kitchen. The three greatest breadwinners deceased, Tara Nido took the family away from the Tatooine wasteland. Coruscant would be their home. For the next six years, Siris lived on the metropolis planet. Just as his father earned money for the family, Siris' mother went to work for the family. A low paying job in the day-time paid for segments of bills. Food was put on the table, however when Tara Nido sold her body to the men of Coruscant. Her room, beside the apartment door, served as her office. The children slept as mother worked.

This heinous wrongdoing stopped one night long after Siris and his siblings went to bed. The boy sat up in bed, feeling something. The Force awoke in Siris that night as he walked from his bedroom to his mothers. A yell came from her bedroom. They came at night and Siris was sued to it. This one was of pain though. The door to her bedroom fell from its hinges as the young Siris entered his mother's room. A customer, his belt in hand, was holding Mrs. Nido by the throat. She was bleeding and a knife sat to the side. Clenching his fists and stepping towards the man- Siris used the Force by blowing him from the window. He was 16.

Republican Army Edit

At 17, Siris Nido found a future. He was taken as the personal courier for an senior officer in the Republican Army. The officer took a liking to Siris. The name Nido was one that was of the former Jedi Order. His father, a Jedi Padawan went into hiding on Tatooine during the purge. His grandfather, a Jedi Master, had been killed in the purge. His grandfather had known the General in youth. Siris' role as courier was but a return of the favor.

At 18, Siris enlisted into the Republican Army. He rose up through the ranks as Siris constantly applied for the most dangerous deployments. For the ten years he served, Siris fought in every campaign he could. Sergeant Nido was one of the most decorated in his unit for such valor. His final deployment, a minor insurgency on Geonosis, was the bloodiest of all. His division headquarters was assaulted- killing the Commanding General. That General, the same who had employed Siris as a courier, summoned Sergeant Nido.

In that tent, Siris learned of his father, of his grandfather and the line of descendants that had spawned Jedi. The man's dying wish was that this Nido would continue the legacy.

Padawan Edit
Theed greeted Siris Nido warmly. Nick Kahoshi, a Jedi Knight, was there to greet the Sergeant as well. That would be Nido's Jedi Master. Kahoshi was among the most demanding Jedi Masters of the time. Other Padawans had graduated in a fraction of the time it took Nido. His training was thorough, though. Kahoshi must have seen promise in the young man that would become a Jedi Master.

Siris engaged in few duels as a Padawan. The first (April `03), unfinished, was with a Darth Neradia; A Sith Apprentice who could not finish the battle and would come to no future significance. Later, Draco Naru met, defeated, and captured Nido in a spur of the moment conflict. With Nido being tortured, comrades arrived to rescue the Jedi.

Knighthood Edit

Siris was pushing thirty as he reached Knighthood. The Jedi found himself immediately on the frontier and always within the front lines. Nido wouldn't back down from this status until after achieving Jedi Master some years later.


Yavin IV and Rogue JediEdit

Siris Nido was joined by Jedi Master Danster Bokoto and then-Jedi Knight Mad Pierre early in his Knighthood on the planet Yavin's fourth moon for what could have been a turning point in Galactic history but remained a sidenote. Arriving after his companions, Siris found the other Jedi in company with Rogue Jedi, those who lived without the code. These, more than anything else, brought Siris to hash words. He spoke coarsely to the Rogues who were already on the verge of attacking Danster and Mad Pierre.

Perhaps purposely, Siris brought the Rogues to ignite their weapons. It was on Yavin IV that Siris came to meet Jameris Malak, a future friend and rival. Their initial meeting was much less peaceful. Once the skirmish began, Siris was absolutely on the ofensive as he chased Malak through a Massassi temple in hopes of catching and arresting the Jedi impersonator. None of the code Jedi were successful that day and with the Rogue Jedi's exit, the three narrowly avoided a Jedi Civil war.

TJC LeadershipEdit

The Jedi Council on Naboo, for a time, was short on Jedi Masters. The senior Masters saw fit not to revitalize the Order themselves but to entrust the Senior Knight in the Order to that task. As such Siris Nido, Senior Knight, became caretaker of the Naboo Order for a time. Desperate times without a plentiful supply of Jedi Masters saw Nido convene the first, and thusfar, only Junior Council. Nido, chairing the body, pulled several Knights into leadership with him. Time under Nido was fortunately peaceful. Nido commissioned a minor fleet and had taken moves to annex ground on Druckenwell for a secondary temple.


With a nod from General Ceel and other masters, Jedi Knight Siris Nido became Jedi Master Siris Nido at the age of 33. His esteem at this time brought about the end of the short-lived Junior Council. With an active Jedi Master for day-to-day affairs, Knights needed no such responsibilities. On a trip to Druckenwell to oversee purchase of several buildings, Siris fell victim to food poisoning. Weakened from the sickness, further ailments latched onto the young man until he lay on a deathbed for some time. Unable to continue active care of the Jedi Council- he ceded his powers as caretaker back to the council at large while he recouped.

Once the master found himself once again in high spirits he found himself on Naboo. The mission to Druckenwell had been abandoned and the tiny flotilla he'd commissioned scrapped. Other masters had not quite stepped in until the Order had deteriorated. Siris, back from illness, was not among the favorable councilmembers. Accepting this- he retreated to the dangerous missions of his youth.



Enduring a self-exile of sorts, Siris entered into the most horrific fighting of his career. Nido's prowess with a lightsaber became as perfected as he could achieve. Along with this perfection came a newfound pride and a terrible ego. Always away, none of his wise colleagues could sense Siris' slip from his pure roots. At Honoghr, the Jedi sicced their vicious Nido unto the Sith. Brashly and suddenly- he found his pride atop his thoughts and with them- the emotion he'd shunned for a decade. Sith Lord Cazador, dueling Nido, corrupted him totally and ripped the noble Jedi from his order. Sith Lord Corrigno was born at the age of 36. Darth Cazador took Corrigno to Korriban where the former Jedi was taught the ways of the Sith. Corrigno gave up his former name entirely and would not take it up again as a Sith.

Cathedral of the SanctimonEdit

The training, with an impatient student, ended. Corrigno left Korriban with his own designs for a Sith Empire. Onderon was doomed the day Darth Corrigno stepped foot in Iziz. The royal family was slaughtered by Corrigno and one of his pupils. From the power void, Darth Corrigno proclaimed himself Lord of the system and established Iziz as a premier Sith stronghold. The faction, despite being Nido's brainchild remained a minor player in galactic affairs. Nido, in realization of this truth met with the heads of other Sith factions in hopes of combining the scattered powers into one superfaction under a single Dark Lord.

Dark Sith OrderEdit

Corrigno was left out of the inner circles in the final negotiations. Nido felt personally slighted in this aspect and left the faction he'd helped forge. As he had done when scorned before, Nido cast himself into dangerous missions. He did not find himself in the heated combat as before but hip deep in murders.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Nido became disillusioned with his status as a killer and sought the peace he'd achieved as a Jedi Knight. The most peaceful place he'd ever known were the gardens at the Jedi Temple at Theed. As such, Nido travelled to Naboo and to Theed. There were Jedi there though. Siris did not attack until they realized exactly who was in their midst. A witness to the Onderon murders was there as well, a Jedi Knight and heir to said throne. Several Jedi pounced on the Sith and despite delivering Sith lightning onto Jedi Knight Windsor Gray, he was apprehended and tried. Convicted- Siris was sentenced by the Jedi Council to serve in a Jedi penitentiary indefinitely. 3 years had been serves when Sith operatives raided the facility and led Siris to his freedom.

Turning BackEdit


The first mission after being freed, some many months afterwards, was to Nar Shaddaa. There, he ignored his mission. Two Sith had captured a Jedi Knight, Mara-Kai Neldorren. Siris found himself infatuated at first sight. He'd never felt so close to someone so quickly. Corrignio turned on his comrades, two apprentices. Freeing the beautiful young lady, he escaped to an estate on Glee Anselm. He courted the lady successfully and turned a Jedi into a Sith and more importantly- his wife.


Marriage came with children. Three boys, triplets. His boys, beaming with light in the womb, poisoned the health of their mother. The unborn son urged their mother not to be filled with hate. As abruptly as she'd crossed into the darkness, Mara-Kai swayed back to the light. Siris would wait longer. His sons would all be born and would be toddlers before he finally identified himself as Jedi Master Nido once more.


Just as soon as he called himself a Jedi, Siris retired. The sons grew. Anafield went on his way to the various stars. Phinehas found himself a pupil to Korran Halcyon and then a Sith Knight. Ulrik was drawn to Yinchorr to become a Jedi. Siris, oddly enough, was proud of each.


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