The Sith are Force-sensitive beings that utalize the dark side of the Force and band together to oppose the Jedi. In Star Wars canon, Sith were originally a type of red skinned species that lived in the area of the galaxy near Korriban. Later, the term came to describe exiled Dark Jedi that adopted some of the culture of the Sith species. Since then, there was a cycle of galactic victory and defeat for the Sith. The Sith manage to survive defeat when other Jedi are tempted to fall to the dark side, sometimes at the prompting of the old spirit of a Sith lord. Despite the many changes in the Sith order's structure and opinions, one trait remains a constant: the desire to destroy the Jedi.


Meritocratic idealsEdit

One prevalent idea in the Sith is the belief that one only deserve what they can take. The strong deserve to rule by demonstrating their power while the weak are left to die. The usually lead to internal strife among the Sith as they all struggled to gain more power than the other. Ultimately, it was encouraged to engage in conflict.

A way where the Sith demonstrate this philosophy is the practice of the student killing the master. This appeared in the canon Sith orders under the Rule of Two and Rule of One. The purpose was that only by defeating the master in a personal duel would the apprentice show that he or she is ready to become a master. Due to the fact that killing one's character and staying dead is quite boring on The Gungan Council, Sith factions usually never have this specific practice in the normal training of apprentices.

Instead, The Gungan Council Sith usually employ a teaching style similar to the Brotherhood of Sith and Revan's Sith Empire in Star Wars canon. Multiple apprentices are taught in vaying ways, usually at an academy of sorts. Sometimes, there are group training threads where competition is encouraged, leading

The Power of PassionEdit

While Jedi shunned negative emotions, the Sith frequently embraced such feelings. Anger, fear, and pain could be used by an adept Sith to empower them. Sith in Star Wars canon believed that only by tapping into raw emotions could they achieve a power greater than the Jedi. In many cases, it did. However, the Sith were wary as a group to not fall prey to their own emotions. It was looked down upon for Sith to become a slave to passion, such as when Freedon Nadd rejected Exar Kun for having unlimited ambition.

However, love was viewed as an undesireable emotion for the Sith. The reasoning was diferent than the Jedi, as they believed that love would create attatchment. Instead, the Sith believed that love instilled a since of mercy in Sith, a trait that was undesirable. In many cases of Star Wars canon, such as Darth Vader and Darth Malgus, having a Sith kill their own loved one was presented as an empowering moment for Sith as they would be granted near limitless self-hate.

Sith Philosophy on The Gungan CouncilEdit

The philosophy of Sith on The Gungan Council is extremely varied. While it is encouraged to follow Star Wars canon to a certain degree, many Sith have extreme variations to the standard teaching of canon Sith. Several well known Sith Masters are known to have a loved one that they accept. Others strive to make their character emotionless. Some characters are much more benevolent than the Sith really were in Star Wars canon.

However, with many of these Sith being inducted in the Hall of Fame, such behavior is not looked down upon. The general consensus on The Gungan Council is that a Sith must be evil in some way. Some Sith attempt to emulate those from Star Wars canon while other attempt a different brand of evil.


Sith History according to Star Wars canon

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