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Sky Blackheart
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Naminda Blackheart (Deceased)



Life on CoruscantEdit

Sky Blackheart was born on Coruscant in the Lower Levels of the City planet. Her father Nee Blackheart and her mother Naminda lived in the Lower Levels with friends working the information’s networks and dirt ridden underworld for ends meat. Neither her or her father ever speak much about how things were back then, Sky was too young to remember and Nee is someone who keeps his past close to his heart, so as far a historical records go there isn't much that can be said about that point in time. What is known, however, is that at some point Nee Blackheart crossed the famed Black Sun network and, more severely, Prince Xizor. This resulted in tragedy as the Blackheart's small family home was blasted to pieces by a thermal detonator killing Naminda Blackheart.

At this point in time as far as Sky was concerned her father was killed in the blast also as she was too young to know the truth. Taken in quickly by family friend, Andkat Jensad, who looked after her as his own for most of Sky's early years. Andkat was a business man at heart, his old relationship with Nee was, Nee did the killing, he did the deals. Eventually Andkat's keen mind for money actually managed to work himself and Sky out of the Lower Levels and upwards to the glorified world of actual vehicles and apartments with more than two rooms. Sky was cared for like no other after this, she was brought whatever she wanted. She had a happy life, one which she deserved. That is until her 12th birthday, when a bombshell was dropped that changed the course of her life forever. Nee Blackheart was still alive!

As per instruction by Nee himself Andkat had kept this from Sky for 10 years until the day of her 12th birthday. The news confused Sky's still young and fragile mind as she was not able to comprehend the reason that something this big should have been kept a secret. In a rash decision Sky packed and ran from her peaceful home with Andkat and back down to the Lower Levels in search of her father.

It took her a few months of surviving on scraps and chasing up old names in Andkat's address book, which she had stolen, before she realised Nee wasn't even on Coruscant anymore. It was about the same time that in an unfortunate turn of events Sky was drafted in without choice to work at an underworld infested bar. In this bar it was all about the customers and the money they brought in. She was expected to work in conditions of dirt and grime hardly dressed to please the filthiest of punters. Many of which were the scum of the Galaxy. This was the sort of bar that bounty hunters came to in order to get 'information', the sort of bar that pirates would sip their rum in after a good days un-honest work, and the sort of bar that people who wanted to get and just kill someone came to. A horrible hive that the evil and deceit of the underworld thrived in. She was forced to work with men looking at, touching her and sometimes more just because they expected a whore to serve them.

It took years, 3 years to be precise, for Sky to work her way out of this disgusting excuse for a job while living on streets with hardly any cover from the harsh world around her and gather just enough money to buy her passage off Coruscant on a cheep transport ship destined for the Corellian System...

The Hunters AllianceEdit

Sky's escape to outer space and freedom didn't get very far, her transport was intercepted just as she reached orbit by Angel, a bounty hunter sent by Sky's father to find Sky and bring her in safely. It was then Sky learned that Angel wasn't the first person to be put on her trail by Nee. In fact three other well trained hunters had been sent, Kypzethdurron, Plogvieze, and Meliadus had all been looking for her. To her surprise her father was in charge of his own underworld crime organisation called the Hunters Alliance, so called after the fact it was started by three bounty hunters.

Soon after being told all this by Angel, Sky met her father Nee Blackheart and found out that Angel was in fact her aunt and also then carried the last name of Blackheart. These days she’s know as Angel Hawkmoon. Sky had found herself in a new home with a new family so quickly. Everything was perfect.

It wasn't to last, however, as the Hunters Alliance was soon thrown into war. The young blackheart daughter was soon to enter the arena of combat against an unknown enemy that was attacking using nothing less than fully complimented Star Destroyers. As the battles enraged and got worse Sky found herself performing tasks aboard her fathers personal ship, the Abiga Caedes. From loading weapons tubes to cleaning the R2 units she made herself as useful as possible. Eventually the war came to an end with a final battle above the desert planet of Tatooine where the Alliance finally lost. The Abiga Caedes was destroyed in a fire fight with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer half way through the battle . The connection between the bridge section and the rear section was severed causing the rear to collide with the Star Destroyer, causing enough damage to bring down most of the giant's systems to a shutdown and making it easy pickings for another passing Alliance ship. The head of the Abiga Caedes, however, floated off into deep space taking most of the crew with it, which included Angel and Sky Blackheart.

They were found months later floating the abyss of space, with little food or water left, by Andkat Jensad who took them away from the derelict wreckage to Geonosis where the far larger The Abiga Caedes II was being constructed. The Alliance was over, but the Blackheart family had survived, and Nee rejoined them months later thanks to being rescued by Meliadus.

Overprotection and On The RunEdit

Sky, however, was a troubled child. Her childhood had been spent away from her family, her teens years working in dirty bars, and her glory days out in open space had been destroyed by a war her own father had caused. She was distraught with anger towards Nee Blackheart and the rest of her family. Something which Nee failed to pick up on when he was too busy changing his own life and opting for the path of the Jedi. In taking the Abiga Caedes II to the peaceful planet of Naboo in order to further his understanding of the Jedi, Nee signed his daughter up to be trained in the ways of the Jedi by long term family friend Plogvieze (aka Ben Hawkmoon). A mistake that would decide upon the path of Sky’s future.

Sky didn’t gel with the training at all, in fact she hated it. She want to fight, not learn about how wisdom and knowledge can keep peace. That didn’t interest her at all, but for the small part her mind was elsewhere with the teenagers new friends, Ben Shadiamow and Q9-V1NC3 (a quirky R-series prototype). Together the three of them enjoyed creating mischief aboard the Abiga Caedes in whatever way would cause the most trouble for the older crew members. Something was wrong, however, her close and loyal friend Ben Shadiamow was a fake. He wasn’t just the happy maintenance boy that happened to like the Captain’s daughter. No, Ben Shadiamow was a Sith spy, slipping under the noses of the Jedi onboard by being nothing more than an Apprentice to the evil spirits that guided him.

Sky having no clue about this woke up one day to find that Ben Shadiamow had disappeared, leaving behind a heart broken Sky who knew not what to do with herself. The same day her father made the choice that they where all going to leave Naboo and its orbit. The Abiga Caedes was going to take a mission to the stars and never return. Equally, however, Sky made her own choice to look up the security recordings, with the help of Q9-V1NC3, in order to find out where her friend had gone. What she found though, she didn’t expect. A holo-recording of her father and Ben Shadiamow fighting in the hanger bay. It showed her father hurting the boy she was falling for, it showed him slicing off Ben’s arm. Worst of all however, it showed the start of the killing blow just before the tape cut out from an edit where somebody had obviously tried to delete all records that such a thing had ever happened. Nee Blackheart, a Jedi Knight, had killed Ben Shadiamow in cold blood.

For months after Sky planned her escape from the hell hole that was the Abiga Caedes. Every corridor she went down she was reminded of what her father had done, too afraid to confront him in case she was to meet the same end.

On her third attempt she managed to escape the hanger of her fathers ship and head to the remote planet of Geonosis for supplies. Unfortunately, Nee had her followed and she was hunted by no less than 4 Bounty Hunters. Nade Roskk, Kane E Smart, Kuraii, Vector 17, where all on her trail. It took days of starfighter dog-fights and hide and seek style piloting in the asteroid fields of the desert planet before she had a valid opportunity for escape. Which she took and successfully managed to out run the galaxies finest, just.

Korriban Edit

Sky didn’t check the coordinates of her hyperspace jump before she made it and for some, even to this day, unknown reason she was drawn to accidentally in-put the coordinates for Korriban, the home planet of The Sith. Having not been told much about the Sith in her past, Sky was open minded to what she would find when she settled her starfighter down on the planets surface. What she did find though, was thankfully exactly what deep within her heart she wanted to find, someone willing to train her to be able to take revenge upon her father for what he had done. That someone she found was Kharn Kava, a Sith Knight who made the offer to train Sky in the Sith Arts.


At present time, Sky is halfway through her Sith training, having learned and performed use of the force and learning to fight in real life situations by being pitted against Kharn. Her greatest challenge to date was overcoming her common need to break down emotionally through the stress of her training. Although close behind was when she, not all too long ago, had to fight Kharn blindfolded.

She is currently located on Coruscant for part of her training, whereby she is taking revenge upon the very same bar that she had served in and slaved away her teenage years to. Inside this bar where she is slaughtering all that come in her way, she is beginning to understand something about herself. She loves killing people like nothing else and she is beginning to get the feel for others pain and suffering as she begins to fall the slippery slope of evil…

Future (ooc & spoilers)Edit

I have a few storylines in the pipeline with this character that I am looking forward to writing in the next year or so.

First is her continued growing hatred to those around her. My main plan over the next year is to write Sky getting more and more evil by finding more and more enjoyment out of others suffering. She’s going to be one evil woman by the end of this year, one who cares for nobody and uses everybody.

Secondly is her relationship with her father and the Jedi, yes they will meet again. I plan to have them fight each other on several occasions as well as putting her up against other TGC Jedi. Believe me, Sky is not going to be a passive Sith who sits watching the world go around. She will be joining as many threads as I can find the time for with the intention of her trying to kill everyone from Padawans to Masters!

Starfighters and Capital ShipsEdit


The WhispererEdit

614pxTIEinterceptor negvv

The Whisperer

The Whisperer was Sky’s first ever Starfighter, given to her by her father when he made the choice to let her live with him aboard the original Abiga Caedes. It has so far not seen much in the way of battle thanks to Nee’s overprotective fathering. However, she has been well trained in how to use it and she proved this fact when she used it to escape bounty hunters, Nade Roskk, Kane E Smart, Kuraii, and Vector 17, above the desert world of Geonosis. The fighter is still in use to this very day as Sky enjoys taking it for a spin above Korriban during breaks from her training.

  • Name/Model: The Whisperer / TIE Interceptor (modified)
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems/Hunter's Alliance Construction Yards
  • Length: 9.6 meters
  • Hyper drive class: 1.5 (added as modification)
  • Sublight Speed: 125 MGLT (modified from 110 MGLT)
  • Atmospheric Speed: 1,250 km/h
  • Hull Strength: 20 RU
  • Shield strength: 125 SBD (added as modification)
  • Shield type: 1 Particle and 1 Ray
  • Crew: 1
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Laser Cannons
    • 4 Blaster Cannons
    • 1 Proton Torpedo Launcher (8 missiles / added as modification)
    • 1 Minelayer (6 seismic charges / added as modification)

Capital ShipsEdit

The Abiga Caedes (Destroyed)Edit


The Abiga Caedes

The Abiga Caedes was the first ever ship constructed by The Hunter's Alliance and it stayed in service as Nee Blackheart‘s personal vessel all the way through till the Alliance's demise in the battle above Tatooine. The Abiga Caedes saw many a battle including the takeover of Geonosis. It was present when the Alliance visited Ryloth in their failed attempts to get the planet to peacefully join the alliance. It ferried the Blackhearts between Tatooine and Naboo and even took the odd trip to the city planet of Coruscant. When the Alliance meet its demise above Tatooine, however, the Abiga Caedes was destroyed in a battle with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The connection between the bridge section and the rear section was severed causing the rear to collide with the Star Destroyer, causing enough damage to bring down most of the giant's systems to a shutdown and making it easy pickings for the passing Clanthead. The head of the Abiga Caedes floated off into deep space taking most of the crew with it, which included Angel Hawkmoon (then known as Angel Blackheart) and Sky. They were found months later floating the abyss of space, with little food or water left, by Andkat Jensad who took them away from the derelict wreckage to Geonosis where the far larger The Abiga Caedes II was being constructed.

  • Name/Model: Abiga Caedes / Nova-class Battle Cruiser
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Hapes Consortium/Hunter's Alliance Construction Yards
  • Length: 400 meters
  • Hyper drive class: 1.5
  • Sublight Speed: 30 MGLT
  • Atmospheric Speed: -
  • Hull Strength: 2600 RU
  • Shield strength: 2000 SBD
  • Shield type: 2 Particle and 2 Ray
  • Crew: 1700
  • Troops:
    • 224 Battle Droids
    • 68 Destroyer Droids
    • 68 Super Battle Droids
    • 56 IG-100 Magna Guards
  • Ground Vehicles:
    • 2 PAC
    • 8 Dwarf Spiders
    • 2 Spiders
    • 2 AAT
    • 2 Hail-fire Droid
  • Starfighter capacity:
    • 90 Vulture Droids
  • Support craft:
    • 3 Lambda-class Shuttles
    • 1 Rho-class Shuttle
  • Weapons:
    • 25 Turbolaser Batteries
    • 10 Ion Cannons
    • 10 Laser Cannons

The Abiga Caedes IIEdit

Sky first saw the Abiga Caedes II above the planet of Geonosis just after The Hunter’s Alliance had lost the war that signalled the end of the Alliance itself. The Abiga Caedes II was to therefore be more of a personal ship to the Blackhearts rather than a ship amongst many within a crime organisation. The crew however, remained to be retired mercenaries and bounty hunters muddled in with a load of hire personal to fill in the spaces where needed. Sky spent over a year living on the Abiga Caedes II before she left to escape her father and accidentally join the ranks of the Sith on Korriban. It was the place where she formed her friendship with Ben Shadiamow, the boy who she cared for like no other and had to watch dying by the hands of her father. If she ever returns, she intends to destroy it and slaughter her family in revenge.

  • Name/Model: Abiga Caedes II / Pulsar-class Battle Cruiser (modified)
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Hapes Consortium/Hunter's Alliance Construction Yards
  • Length: 1300 meters
  • Hyper drive class: 1.5
  • Sublight Speed: 20 MGLT
  • Atmospheric Speed:
  • Hull Strength: 16000 RU
  • Shield strength: 12000 SBD
  • Shield type: 3 Particle and 3 Ray
  • Crew: 2570
  • Troops:
    • 1120 Battle Droids
    • 340 Destroyer Droids
    • 340 Super Battle Droids
    • 168 IG-100 Magna Guards
  • Ground Vehicles:
    • 50 PAC
    • 200 Dwarf Spiders
    • 50 Spiders
    • 50 AAT
    • 20 Hail-fire Droids
  • Starfighter capacity:
    • 540 Vulture Droids
  • Support craft:
    • 2 Lambda-class Shuttles
    • 40 Drop Pods
  • Weapons:
    • 120 Turbolaser Batteries (modified from 100)
    • 50 Heavy Lasers (modified from 20)
    • 15 Projectile Launchers (16 proton torpedoes / 24 reloads)
    • 40 Ion Batteries
    • 15 Tractor Beams

About the WriterEdit


My name is Andy and I’m current 19. I’m an artist/designer from sunny old England. I was introduced to TGC in late 2004 by the writer for Kypzethdurron, who I’d spent the previous five years in school with. Back then we were in Sixth form and so we had all day continuous access to the internet whenever we weren’t (and sometimes when we were) in lesson. I fell in love with the idea of writing characters in a Role-Playing environment almost straight away. To the point that at one stage I even ran a faction on TGC called The Hunter’s Alliance.

Now we are in 2008 and I have to say I love RPing more than ever these days. TGC has everything that I need, or would want, to enjoy writing interesting storylines!

Sky Blackheart is a great character to write in my opinion because she is half head-strong and half mentally unstable. Getting the right sort of mix for that personality is fun to do when writing up posts for RPs. Especially when it lends itself to horrid murders and vengeance missions so well. Which, by the way, after writing a do-gooder Jedi character for so long is a breath of fresh air.

My other interests are mainly music (screamo, metal, rock, alternative) and going out at the weekends and getting drunk beyond belief. I am also a firm Myspace whore as well! Check out my profile!

If you want to chat, just add me, I’m really friendly… unless your name is Kyp…

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