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Current Status: Active DutyEdit

  • Current assignments:
    • Task Force Commander: Task Force Besh
    • Ship Captain: Imperial II Frigate Fearless
    • Chief of Naval Training: Naval Platform Cappadocious
  • Rank:

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Rorran Gorma stands about 2 Meters tall, he is muscular, with many scars covering his body. These scars are evidence of the many combat missions he has engaged in, both within the Vast Empire Navy, and in various planetary defense fleets. Because of all the scars which cover his body, Rorran does not often go shirtless, or with bear arms. He does not wish people who are meeting him for the first time to be scared of him... until they need to be. Although he is almost always in uniform when he is seen, on those rare occasions when he is out of uniform he generally tends toward loose fitting garments, which allow him to hide his muscular build, and also to be able to engage in hand to hand combat, either armed or unarmed, without any restrictions to his freedom of movement.

During his young life Rorran went through a number of trying experiences, starting with the murders of his parents, and continuing to the years in which he was held as a virtual slave by the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. These experiences have caused him to become a relatively ruthless person when dealing with anyone who is a pirate or who enslaves people in the same way. Another side effect of his experiences, both in his childhood, and in the time he has spent on the various fields of battle, has led Slasher to become very effective at hiding his feelings at will. Although Rorran has served within the Vast Empire for a number of years, and has flown with many many pilots, he counts very few among his true friends. It is among his true friends that Rorran's real personality rises to the surface, fiercely loyal to his friends, and highly honorable, Rorran will never leave a man behind. While his temper and bloodlust lies very close to the surface, he keeps them tightly reigned at most times, with very few having seen the full ferocity of his temper. Despite all of this however Rorran has somehow managed to hold onto a keen and sometimes very weird sense of humor.


2nd Lieutenant Rorran 'Slasher' Gorma is quite a mystery to many people, but to those who have come to know him he is a very good and true friend. Although on first examination Rorran appears to be a young Falleen male, and you might be inclined to simply discount him as a brash green 2nd Lieutenant, with his first real command, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Early HistoryEdit

Rorran was born around 63 BBY to Trenda and Rillant Gorll'liam'ma, on the planet ________, and spent the first two years of his life there with his parents. They fled the system when a civil war erupted between the forces of the Kr'lanmos Clan and the planetary government, which was supported by a coalition of about a third of the other clans on the planet, while the remaining two-thirds pledged their support to the Kr'lanmos Clan. His parents chose to flee because they had been very vocal and active supporters of the Y'ltonak Clan, and the mythical Ykntola Order of knights who had risen to the occasion to defend that clan throughout history.

Unfortunately for the Gorll'liam'mas their reprieve from the strifes of war was very short lived. Aproximately three years later the family was moving between planets for on a business trip for his father and mother's shipping business, attempting to open a new system to trade from their company, and they found themselves in the middle of a war, their ship was boarded by a group of apparent mercenaries, who turned out to be members of the N'Ykn'tola Order, a order which had been founded by members of the Kr'lanmos Clan with the express purpose of completely wiping out the Ykntola Order, and they had tracked down the family, the last members of the Order that had escaped from the planet prior to the attack on the order, and they were the last ones known to be at large. His father fought them off as long as he could, but eventually fell under the great weight of the enemy numbers. His mother fell as well, fighting to her last breath after hiding him in a packing container that his parents had kept prepared for years, ready to serve as a lifeboat for him in the event that they were found and attacked, the container went into a special space aboard the ship, and with sensor dampening walls, there was no way for him to be found except by those who would know he was there. After the attackers had left, Rorran left the container and began to walk the ship, waiting to be rescued, which he eventually was by a passing freighter which boarded the ship to see if there was any cargo that could be salvaged.

First Brushes with Ykntola OrderEdit

Ten years passed after the rescue of Rorran by a passing Freighter, of which Slasher has little memory, and there is almost no record of. By this point in his life Rorran had held a number of different jobs, everything from pickpocket, to lookout, to courier pilot as his skill at the controls of a ship began to manifest themselves. It was after one of these courier missions that Rorran found himself alone and penniless on the surface of Falleen, and he had his first remembered run-in with the Ykntola Order. In short he found himself fighting for the branch of the Order on the planet, without any knowledge of his heritage or his destiny regarding the Ykntola Order, and the role he was destined to play in the future of the Order and their war to protect the small remenants of those clans that had sided with the government against the Kr'lanmos Clan, and the planets which they have settled on. He spent about thirty years with that small unit, rising up in their ranks until the outbreak of the Clone Wars, and he got drafted into service.

Service In The Clone WarsEdit

When Slasher was drafted into service with the Grand Army of the Republic, it was initially as a stock clerk in a supply unit in a rear area. He spent the first few months of his service there, until a fateful day where he found himself on a supply shuttle which was under attack by Confederacy Droid Fighters, they were on a mission to deliver vital supplies to a besieged Regiment of Clone Troopers, and their Jedi Knight leader, when both the pilot and co-pilot were killed, Rorran took the controls and completed the mission, under heavy fire, and with heavy damage to the supply shuttle. Upon his return to the supply ship just outside of the blockade in orbit Rorran was asked if he would fly another mission to resupply the Division with medical supplies and some additional troops to replace injured or killed clones on the firing lines. Rorran carried out the mission, and managed to get out with a full load of wounded clones who were able to later return and break the seige with assistance from various Capital Ships in a rescue fleet which was dispatched to relieve the besieged unit. By the time the seige was broken Rorran had been made a fighter pilot, and had become an ace in combat over the planet. He served out the extent of his tour, and then retired and dissappeared from view for approximately 25 years.

Enlistment in Vast Empire NavyEdit

Approximately 9 ABY Rorran made a fateful decision to return to Military Service, and elected to join the Vast Empire Navy, attending Basic Training and Flight School on board Naval Platform Saratoga, he completed his training in record time, and upon the completion of Flight School he was promoted to Senior Crewman, and ordered to Nazgul Squadron in Pheonix Wing, under the command of then Chief Warrant Officer Geordi 'Driver' Atrasin.

Rorran serves for a long period with Nazgul, moving slowly up the ranks, and holding a number of different positions on his way to his current assignments, his service record includes the following:

  • Nazgul Squadron
    • Flight Member
    • Flight Leader
  • Nightshrike Squadron
    • Executive Officer
  • Regents Reign Squadron
    • Flight Member
  • Tuk'ata Squadron
    • Executive Officer
  • Naval Academy
    • Operator Level 2
    • Trainer Level 2
    • Chief of Staff
    • Executive Officer of Training
    • Chief of Naval Training

After a period of time in an Advisory role, Slasher returned to active duty with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, and was assigned to the Naval Academy while awaiting assignment to a squadron post, it is during this period of time that a massive and cowardly attack was made on the Navy, wiping out most of the Officer Corps, and leaving many of the Navy's ships Commanderless. Due to his experience, and the endorsement of Commodore Atrasin, his old Squadron Commander, Slasher was ordered to take command of the Warden Class Light Cruiser Onyx, which he served on for a short period of time before he is promoted to the rank of Ensign, and given command of Task Force Besh, with his flagship the Imperial II class Frigate Fearless. He has since been promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in recognition of his performance in combat.


Due to the number of things which Slasher owns, he has set aside a separate page for them, in order to keep track of their current locations, crews (in the case of ships) and usage. This page can be found here

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