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Spark Vallen
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The CharacterEdit


Born to Corellian farmers at the peak of Imperial power reigning the galaxy, Spark Vallen began a simple, rural existence. Her life started out like any other youth's in the area, attending school some distance away from the farm, and working that land when there were no classes. Spark's path began to deviate from her classmates at an early age, however, when her empathic Force-based talents first began to manifest.

It was on a shuttle ride to school when Spark realized the anxiousness that she was feeling wasn't her own emotional state. She was sensing the feelings of a schoolmate and when Spark tried to talk with the classmate about his problems, the shuttle full of students realized there was "something weird about Spark" because she simply "knew" things about people. In young adulthood, she moved to Coronet City to attend the university. While earning a degree in Multi-Sentient Psychology, she met Maize Wayne for the first time. Wayne was a fellow university student, though his path was along a business track. They made an awkward friendship for a time, one that was complicated by Maize's obsession with the blonde young woman.

Following University, Spark learned of a Jedi Order on Naboo and thought it was worthwhile to find out if she had the potential to be a Jedi, given her talent with empathy. She trained under Knight Wholi Gabais and served on missions with General Ceel while still a Padawan.


Spark could be best described as "socially awkward." While she is very friendly and well-meaning, she does not do well in social scenarios. She either talks too much, or too little, not knowing how to properly interact. Part of that relates to her background, being raised in such a solitary situation; otherwise, this is simply her personality.

Spark is a stimcaf "addict," and will offer the drink to anyone who spends any time with the Jedi Master.

She has a good sense of humor despite her social awkwardness, and is quick to laugh at her own self too.

Force AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Speed, Jump, Levitation
  • Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective Telepathy
  • Force Control Pain, Healing
  • Force Shield
  • Far Seeing
  • Force Masking
  • Force of Peace Aura, Light Illumination
  • Force Hibernation Trance
  • Force Elemental Skills - Air/Wind, Water, Fire, Ice

Being a Corellian descended from the Halcyon line of Jedi, Spark is unable to use any telekinetic skills like Force Pushing or Pulling.

Ship and EquipmentEdit

The CafinatorEdit

180px-Dynamic-class freighter SotG

Spark's freigher, the Cafinator

Like a true Corellian, Spark found beauty in a rusting "hunk of junk," an aging Dynamic-class freighter. Spark found her ship in a docking bay in Coronet and fell in love with the antique. It was aboard the renamed Cafinator that Spark traveled during her freelance period as a therapist.

The primary change she made to the design of the freighter was to turn the portside dormitory into one room, her personal space. Of course, true to the freighter's name, Spark also installed the newest, most expensive stimcaf machine she could afford in the main hold!

Despite (her own) jokes about her ineptness as a pilot, Spark is capable of getting around the galaxy aboard Cafinator.


Though an unlikely choice in a way, Spark carries a dual-blade violet lightsaber. Her original, created while a Padawan, had been stolen by Maize Wayne and kept as a trophy until it was destroyed in a duel between Maize and Jedi Falco Volt.

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