The following is a partial list of the special forces groups which serve the Sith.

Avatar Squadron Edit

An elite squadron of force-sensitive pilots which are trained exclusively to improve their reflexes and piloting skills.

Vehicle types: Eta-2 Interceptor TIE Interceptor - Variant

Number of members: 7

Pilots of note:

Avatar Leader: Darth Animus ( Archaen Fel ) ( Eta-2 )

Avatar-5: Darth Fidelis ( Arumizy ) ( Eta-2 )

Avatar-8: Ishta Prime ( TIE-Interceptor )

Harbringers Edit

There is no pain, no injury, no weakness. There is only the Sith and their iron fist.

Commander Rabin, Commanding General.


The first Harbringers were standard sith soldiers who had proven themselves in battle on countless occasions. Darth Fidelis took these men and outfitted them with special forces armor. As well as provided them with DC-11 riffles. These men would become the back bone of the Harbringer Corps and later make up the elite body guard unit known as The Death Gods. The Death Gods are Arumizy's private force and he will not loan them out to anyone. Their distinctive uniforms which are black, dull and covering each part of their body is a distinguishing factor. The number one thing that seperates them from the rest of the Corps is their silver face plates which are designed in the guise of a demon.

After Ziost was reclaimed and tamed by Archean Fel Fidelis located a lab within the temple. The temple was equipped with an extensive variety of bio-engineering systems. Through this first finding he selected ten Death Gods and began experimentation on them. His lack of knowledge caused a failure. Fidelis decided to seek out genetic specialists and employ them. These geneticists created the first Death God: Commander Rabin Estrada. Through manipulation of the adrenal glands and several hormones they created an emotionless killer, one able to sustain twice the injuries a normal human being could and survive. The process also included grafting durasteel onto the skeletal infrastucture of the skull and chest.

The new Death Gods would become Fidelis private body guard force. The process has only a 1% survivability rate. Which means that the Harbringers are hard to create and even harder to replace. The Harbringer Corps contains roughly 5000 men as of late. Their numbers have dwindled do to past conflict. Fidelis has been trying to rebuild their numbers by creating new Harbringer Types from enslaved races.


The Harbringer classifactions are broken up into three distinct corps. The Air Corps, The Infantry Corps and The Armor Corps. Each one consist of a unique armored and skilled Harbringer. Such as the Infantry Corps contains the Death Gods, Locust, Black Knights and Apocolyptians. Included in this section is a detailed description of all Harbringer Corps warriors as of date.

The Infantry CorpsEdit

Conquest through blood and sweat.

The Death Gods: Outfitted with durasteel armor these warriors are the elite back bone of the Infantry Corps. Out of the main bulk only fifty of these brutes exist. They are extremly loyal to Lord Fidelis and constantly by his side. Each man is equipped with a DC-11 Modified Carbine Assault weapon, Infrared built into their Demon Guise Skull Plates and each is capable of holding their own in melee with their vibroblades. Only one of them carries a different weapon and it is a mark of status. Commander Rabin Estrada carries a vibro axe and a durasteel shield.

The Ground Pounders: The main bulk of the Harbringers are the fearsome Ground Pounders. They hate the term infantry as they are above them. The ground pounders wear the same type of armor as the sith soldiers of old. The color scheme is changed from siler to black and gold. Each man is equipped with a DC-11 Riffle, one thermal detonator and a sustainment pack that houses extra power cells, fighting knives, food and medical supplies. Their DC-11 are equipped with a axe shaped bayonet allowing them to use their full strength for melee strikes.

Eviscerators Edit

Description pending

YT-231 Bringers Edit

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