Name: StarWing Class: Heavily Modified Incom T-65 X-wing Designer: MandalMotors (and Incom) Owner: Mandalorian government Length: 13m Width: 10.4m Height: 3m Weapons: 4 MandalMotors M7 Ion Cannons/Turbolasers 48 MandalMotors M67-B Miniconcussion Missiles 144 MandalMotors MA-4.3 Homing Mines Sublight Speed: 150 MGLT Hyperdrive Class: 0.5 Atmospheric Speed: 1500 kph Shield Class: MandalSeven Molecular Shields Mk II Shield Strength: 200 SBD Hull Strength: 150 RU Maximum Crew: 2 (pilot, droid and co-pilot) Minimum Crew: 1 (pilot and droid) Approximate Cost: 700,000 credits each


The most famous of all the Rebel Alliance fighters, as no other starfighter has such diverse uses in the Rebel corps, is probably the Income T-65 X-wing. It's uses are great in number, and its ability to be used against enemy fighters or command vessels allows it to be galaxy-wide famous.

However. Another rebel faction was rising against the Empire, but this one remained hidden. Black Sun, a rising crime syndicate, designed the SUPA fighter with help from MandalMotors. This fighter was better than any Rebel Alliance fighter, but had drawbacks. If anybody sensed a SUPA fighter approaching, they would flee. What was needed was a ship that was unrecognisable but required no cloaking device to do so. The StarWing followed.

MandalMotors, with Prince Xizor, took the X-wing and increased its size and strength, upgrading all weapon-systems to the max but retaining the X-wings shape. As a result, the ship, from anything over a kilometer away, looked like an X-wing, but was possibly even stronger than a SUPA fighter, or even anything as powerful as the Virago, Prince Xizor's personal ship. Only two of these craft were built, and both were impounded on the capital of Mandalore. More were scheduled for construction. However, with Prince Xizor's apparant death, MandalMotors closed the deal, as no payment was forthcoming.

The single drawback, if there was one, was the StarWing's weaker shields - yet even they were greater than an X-wing's shields - and even a B-wing's shields were outclassed. Unfortunately, though MandalMotors could have built more for their own personal use, they preferred to construct such larger vessels as the Gladiator-fighter or the StarCross fighter, both of which were similar in size and power to the Slave I, Boba Fett's legendary ship.

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