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TK -421 was not the original trooper that was on the Death Star in the original movie but he is a clone from that same batch. However he appears to be your everyday trooper and his skill are just that for his designated tasks. He very much conforms to the chain of command and rules set forth from the Empire but he most certainly falls into the branch of the evil corrupt Imperials. He would be happy to take a bribe if he knew he could get away with it and he has in the past. The trick with bribes, kickbacks, and sexual harassment is the Empire has quiet rules. As long as you play with those rules, don’t get caught, and don’t do anything that will get the Emperor or your senior officer in trouble then it is just fine. In fact it is quietly encouraged because that is a great way ISB and IIB keeps tabs on the Empire and it opens a quiet realm for them to do their covert oops work. He ranked marksmen in boot camp but like all troopers he is cursed with poor shoot when it comes to shooting at true heroes of the galaxy. However he does have a uncanny memory when it comes to Imperial law and protocol and uses it to his advantage when playing dirty pool with-in the Empire.


Stromtroopr Armor

E – 11 Blaster

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