Ta'a Chume (Queen Mother) is the title given to the matriarchal leaders of the Hapes Consortium. The downfall of the Lorell Raiders (Hapan Pirates) had spurned the ending of a patriarchal society prompting the transition to a matriarchal society as those having survived the ordeal had been predominately female. The title of Queen Mother is often considered "hereditary" and handed down the line of succession beginning with the firstborn daughter. This is not always the case in situations where the first born is the son; instead of the Chume'ta (Crown Princess) taking the thrown, it would be the right of the Chume'da (Crown Prince) in selecting a wife befitting of the crown. In many instances, arranged marriages are performed between the noble houses to a member of the royal family, often those in close relation.

Queen Mother was most famously recognized as the hereditary title given to the leader of the Hapes Consortium, also referred to as Ereneda, "she who has no equal." The Royal Family of the Hapes Consortium is the highest authority within the Hapes Cluster and considered the ruler of all the Hapan populace; currently, House Arceneau is the standing royal family.

During the beginning expansions of the Consortium within the Hapes Cluster, Hapan nobility had been given creation and granted to those who were influential either by means of governorship, landholding, and others who efforts benefited the monarchy. Through such a feudal system, those who were local nobles were given leeway in self-governing their colonies though Hapes Prime remained in complete control.

Notable Ta'a Cumes of the Hapes ConsortiumEdit

  • Tanith Arceneau

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