Tantor Aden
6' 2"
195 LBS.
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Julia Aden
Thorus Aden
Zothar Aden


Tantor is an average height and has a muscular build. He keeps his hair a little long and usually has a few days scruff on his face. If his hair get's long enough he usually pulls it back. His choice of dress is usually dependant on what he's going to be doing. It usually varies between a few outfits.

  • Loose brown robes
  • Tighter tan robes
  • Tighter white robes
  • Tight black workout active clothes

No noticible scars or other deformities.


"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

Early Childhood

Tantor Aden was born in a small outpost on Endor used for scientific research of the moon's wildlife. His parents were both scientists for the republic and were unaware that they were with child when accepting the mission. He was born in their medical facility and lived there on Endor for the first 12 years of his life.

Near his 12th birthday, his parents went missing while on an expedition to the heart of one of the forrests surrounding their home. After the third day of their dissapearance, Tantor and his brother Zothar were loaded onto a transport headed back to Coruscant for foster care. It was on Coruscant that both Tantor and Zothar Aden were discovered to be force sensitive and where sent to the planet of Naboo to recieve training.

Jedi Training and Ascension
Upon arrival on Naboo, Tantor was accepted into a group training with Clegg Holdfast as the master. Eventually Tantor was taken as Clegg's padawan and began his one on one training in the Jedi arts. It didn't take long for him to ascend the rank of Knighthood. Tantor is one of the few still living padawans of Clegg Holdfast.

Eventually, Tantor was granted the title of Jedi Master after a long drawn out battle on Corellia where the sith had moved in to take over the planet. With the mastering of Tantor, new responsibilities where given to him including supervision of the Jedi Archives where Tantor spent most of his time anyways.

Shortly after Tantor was given the title of Master, his homeplanet of Naboo had come under attack by the Knightfall Alliance. Tantor and a hand full of other Jedi managed to band together and fight back the overwhelming odds that they faced. Among those who aided Tantor were Spark Vallen, Mikel Shanshu(then Goff), Kamon Vondiranach, Clegg Holdfast, and Mara Kai. During this battle Tantor defeated the Dread Lord Artemis Obauldi...and while it was a victory, Tantor had never regretted anything more than beating Artemis and sending him to the icy depths of the river surrounding Theed.

Tantor's Saucy Love Life
Tantor had always seen himself as a true Jedi, one that had forsaken intimate relationships in order to grow closer to the force, but the ways of the force are mysterious at best and when he had least expected it, a woman crept into his soul and stole his heart. Kith Verloren, Darth Molior, a sith Master had inadvertantly caused Tantor to become smitten with her after a tussel on Tatooine. Since that fight the two had grown closer and closer together. Each one learning more about themselves through their significant other. It was only after Tantor was called away abruptly to serve undercover on the sith planet of Coruscant, that he and Kith had grown apart, though while he had left her physically...his heart and mind remained on her always.

The Disciple, His Sanctuary, and His FollowersEdit

Tantor's Philosophy of the force has always been to study the force to become one with the force. That everything a Jedi should do should be pleasing to the force...should show that they are a servant of the force. During Tantor's first years as a Knight, he created a sanctuary on area where the force was particularly strong. The Sanctuary is shielded from outside eyes...and only a handful of people have seen it. Tantor's padawans, the ones worthy of becoming one of the Disciples have been there. Only one other...again...Kith Verloren.

The Sanctuary consists of a circle of benches hidden in a cave set into the wall of a mountain. A waterfall makes up an entire wall of the sanctuary...allowing natural light to flow in. Vines shield the only other entrance into the sanctuary. On the floor is an engraved print of his family's crest. Tantor goes there and communes with a ghost of one has seen it...only Tantor. The Ghost is of his late grandfather...the only other Jedi besides Tantor and Zothar in their family.

Saber StylesEdit

Tantor has gone through numerous different Saber Styles and combinations over the years He still has all but one of the sabers he made from the point of his Knighting on. He keeps them in a display case in his quarters alongside any sabers of foes that have fallen to him. The contents of his chest are as follows.

  • Blue Training Saber given to him by Clegg Holdfast
  • Green Bladed Saber made for his Knighting with a Simple Hilt.
  • Yellow Bladed Saber made upon his return to the academy. The Hilt is black with silver details showing the wind of life with Tantor's family crest engraved on it, the symbol of "The Disciples".
  • Yellow Bladed Saber made upon his return to the academy. Used in conjunction with his other yellow bladed saber. The Hilt is silver with black details showing the water of knowledge. Tantor's family crest is also engraved on it, the symbol of "The Disciples"
  • (Destroyed)Yellow Haladie, or balanced knife. It's total length is actually shorter than a single bladed saber. Used mainly for defense. The hilt is pure black with gold trim. This Saber was lost to Kith Verloren after she stole it in a duel on Hoth. The saber was then accidentally destroyed during the Siege of Corruscant.
  • Single Bladed Icy Blue saber, created to be used in conjunction with Kith's gift. The hilt is simple and silver.
  • Light-Shield, A defensive weapon modeled after the gungan's energy shield. The face is detachable in extreme circumstances
  • Icy Blue haladie, made for Tantor by his love Kith Verloren on their first public date. Simple silver hilt.
  • Four Identical red sabers, taken off of a sith named Mercurene who had four arms.

Tantor the TeacherEdit

One aspect of Tantor that few know outside of his padawans is that he treats all his learners as if they were his own children. And that thought process doesn't end at the padawan's knighthood...some of his padawans can vouch that years after their promotion Tantor still checks in on them to make sure they're doing alright.

Tantor usually has 4 or 5 padawans at a time...on the best of occasions they're usually pretty diverse. At one time Tantor had 5 padawans; A Gungan, Wookiee, Trianii, young boy and a Kel Dor. Some of Tantor's padawans include:

Wesley Zarms Enset Kallun Katrina Garnier
Claudius Draclau Metran Seamus Zhia Dynnie
Vastice Delure jdeijade Delt Ero