Tera Darkmayne
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Tera Alina Darkmayne-Vagus
Also known as
Jedi Knight
One green lightsaber
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Family members
Vagus Family
Wendigo Family
Adam Vagus(ex)
Significant other
Gerald Darkmayne(missing;adoptive)
Ronin Wendigo(Biological father)
Sora Darkmayne(missing;adoptive)
Serena Toren(dead;Biological mother)
Ingvar Darkmayne(deceased)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

Tera Alina Darkmayne was born to Jedi family on Naboo. Sora, being a Jedi Master, and Garald Darkmayne(Both disappeared), also a Jedi Master, were proud to find they were going to have a second child. Their first being Tera's brother, Ingvar Darkmayne(deceased). She lived and breathed being a Jedi, but she didn't mind. She loves just about everything and is never afraid to go out on a whim. Which... got her into trouble sometimes, but she lived her life happily with her brother and her parents for a very long time.

Personality: Edit

Tera had always been the nice girl. She was forgiving, sweet, and innocent. She loved everyone. They could hate her guts and she would still be as nice as ever to them. She isn't bothered by much and her patience stretches to abnormal lengths, even before she became a Jedi herself. She hates to duel and she believes firmly in the Jedi order and code. She doesn't like to hurt anyone, emotionally, mentally, or physically.

As a person of studying, she is skilled with her mind. She is extremely intelligent and also passionate. Her passion can out reach to strange levels sometimes. Even to those she isn't supposed to show passion to. Tera has also always been a giving person. She's always more than willing to go the extra light year for the people she loves and knows. Once she connects to someone, she will always be there for them.

History: Edit



Tera; age 10

Tera was always adventurous and Naboo was her playground. Her brother and her were very close, and rarely fighting. She lived a peaceful childhood, and was very excited when she found herself to be Force sensitive, as her brother, for some reason, was not. Though, there was some dysfunction as her parents started to act weird, like they were hiding something. But, Tera being the girl she was, never question her parents. She trusted them beyond anyone in the Galaxy. If they had something to say, they would have told her and her brother... Right?

Teenage Years a.k.a her Disaster YearsEdit

"There is always a way to bring beauty from pain." -- Tera Darkmayne

Ingvar's Death and Her KidnappingEdit


Ingvar Darkmayne; Age 14; just before his death

Tera's teenage years were a complete disaster after she hit 14. It all started with the death of her brother, and ended with the disappearance of her parents. Though, through it all she still remained close to her Jedi ways, she knew it would be what her parents would have wanted. Trying to bring any beauty she could out of the pain she suffered from on a constant basis.

Ingvar and Tera had always been close, it was impossible to see any resemblance between them, if you had just seen them walking around together you would think they were friends, but no, they were brother sister. One day, her brother and her had decided to leave to go out and get food for the home, and if either went anywhere, they usually ended up going with each other. Though this errand day would be different, much, much different

What they didn't know was that their parents were being hunted and as such so were Tera and Ingvar. They were both attacked, but only one made it out alive. They had taken them both and done unspeakable things to both of them.

Tera; age 14

Tera was able to escape, but when she finally found her brother in the strange place they were being held, he was all ready almost dead, and Tera hadn't studied healing enough to know exactly how to heal him. She untied her brother and laid his head in her lap, talking to him as he faded away, letting him go on a pleasant memory, not a harsh one. Tera would do anything for her brother, and she was willing to go through the torture of letting him die in her lap, leaving her scarred by the memory, then to let him die alone and depressed.

Unfortunately, Tera wasn't able to bring her brother's body back to Naboo with her. She didn't have the strength nor the time, if she wanted to escape alive. She had realized then they had been gone for days. Her parents were probably terrified and searching all over.

Her Parents' DisappearanceEdit


Sora Darkmayne; Age 39; Just before she went missing

Tera eventually made it back to Naboo safely. Her parents questioned where Ingvar was, and she delivered the bad news. Though her parents were extremely sad over the fact that they lost their only son, they were glad at least one of their children survived. They never blamed Tera nor did they ever talk about it either. They never wanted to know the details of Ingvar's death, but Tera's parents also know that Tera didn't want to talk about it. The nightmares it caused, the pain she suffered, it almost killed her. Though, she never strayed from her normal personality. For a while she didn't

Gerald Darkmayne; Age 39; Just before he went missing

talk much, but she eventually tried to at least get the image of her old personality back. But it wasn't long after her brother died, that her parents disappeared. at about 17 years old, her parents went missing. Tera woke up to them being gone, so she isn't sure to this day whether they left willingly or if they were taken, but she searches many times a year for them, hoping one day that she'll find them. Even going to the house that she owns on Naboo to try and find them, hoping she'll walk into the door to hear them again.

Running Away to the JediEdit

After her brother and parents were gone, Tera had nothing left. She still had hope though. Something not many would have after such experiences. She wasn't happy, but she was going to survive, and she knew she could. With help. The Jedi were her calling and she wanted to pursue it. It was the only place she had to go. She had no other family and no relationship at the time. Plus, she had planned on joining the Jedi anyways. Now she was being forced into it, but she didn't mind. It was her destiny and she knew it. Her parents were Jedi and she was going to be one too.

Finding The Truth Through The LiesEdit

To be filled...

The PresentEdit


Tera; presently

Presently, Tera is in The Jedi Council, enjoying her life the best she can. With the way her personality is, she is in a constant state of happy, and she is enjoying meeting new people and serving her duties to the Jedi as best she can.

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