The Battle of KuatEdit


In SpaceEdit

The Galactic Empire had changed hands, and had lost ships in the process. But with the return of Fleet Admiral Hathoruodo their confidence was booming. An invasion was inevitable and that invasion was to be that of Kuat Drive Yards and the planet they surrounded.

On the GroundEdit

Jacob Corona and his Storm Commando squad, Testa di Morte, had been planted on the ground three days before the attack to gather intelligence and be ready to deal with any problems that may ensue on the ground.

The BattleEdit

In WordsEdit

The Rebellion had a slightly smaller fleet, as their standby unit was slowly losing forces to "more important" assignments, and as they came out of hyperspace they were blocking the Imperial forces from reaching the shipyards. The initial move by the Rebellion was simple, and the Empire responded in kind.

In ImagesEdit

The Rebellion's first attack


The Empire's counter



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