Chiss Ascendancy Insignia

The Chiss Ascendancy, sometimes termed Chiss Space or the Chiss Empire by outsiders, was a portion of the galaxy just inside the Unknown Regions that was ruled by the Chiss.


The Chiss were governed by an oligarchy of extended Ruling Houses from House Palace, located in the city of Csaplar. Each of the Houses was headed by leaders known as Aristocra who wore particular colors to indicate their clan and family loyalties.

Standard and day-to-day decisions were made by a democratically elected parliamentary body from each of the 28 colonies. Issues were siphoned up through the parliament to a cabinet of appointed governors, and then to the Ruling Council (consisting of the Aristocra of the Ruling Houses), where a decision made by the parliament and/or cabinet could be approved for action.

Each of the extended Ruling Houses was responsible for a set of government affairs to manage.

The Ruling HousesEdit

  1. House Sabosen was responsible for justice, health and education.
  2. House Inrokini was responsible for industry, science, and research.
  3. House Csapla was responsible for home affairs, resource control and Ascendancy administration.
  4. House Nuruodo was responsible for the military (Army, Navy and Starfighter Corps' the CEDF) and foreign affairs.
  5. House Chaf was responsible for the arts, entertainment industry and sports.
  6. House Mitth was responsible for maintenance of information and control of the Chiss Guard, a commando force also known as the Household Phalanx.

With House Csapla's monopoly over the civil service agencies and House Nuruodo's control over the defence forces, the two rarely moved out of being Ruling Houses. The others, however, tended to vary in strength, in part due to the high number of assassinations among the upper echelons of the various Houses.

The Other HousesEdit

Each family was equally represented in the Chiss government, although they went to great lengths to ensure that family identity was eliminated wherever possible. The leaders of the Chiss did not use names, but instead wore colorful robes to distinguish themselves. This helped ensure that decisions were reached in a fair and equitable method.

Other Houses maintained positions on the Ruling Council, and at any time there tended to be between seven and ten Ruling Houses. Any family who did not have a seat on the Council was referred to as a 'Family' rather than a 'House'. The vast financial holdings of the Chiss kept their supply lines running and gave them good opportunity to rebuild strong fleets after military losses.

Each House had a ruling Aristocra and the equivalent in each of the Families were their leading Syndics; each Ruling House had between two and four Syndics working as assistants to the Aristocra.


The military of the Chiss Ascendancy consisted of a well-trained and well-armed force which protected a number of advanced and orderly worlds within its sphere of influence. Chiss' belief in rigid discipline was further seen within their armed forces and they made use of superior technology when required in order to hold enemy forces at bay. Ultimately, the Chiss saw themselves as a bastion of order in a sea of chaos in their home space in the Unknown Regions.

There were two military forces: the CEDF (Chiss Expansionary Defense Force), controlled by House Nuruodo, which was used for all official acts of war and as a defence fleet; and the Chiss Guard (or Household Phalanx), which was used for any unofficial aggression or defence. As the CEDF is comparable to the Mandalorian navy or The Galactic Empire's fleet, so the Chiss Guard is comparable to the Mistryl Shadow Guard or the Rebellion's fleet. The two operated independently.

The Chiss military is expressly anti-preemptivity, refusing to attack until fired upon. This doesn't mean that they weren't, behind closed doors at least, in favour of prevoking others to fire upon them - and they were known to have caused such aggression on a number of occasions.

CEDF Military RanksEdit

  1. Aristocra, or Commander-in-chief, commanding House Nuruodo; lit. Patrician
  2. Syndic, or Grand Admiral/Grand General, leader of a Corps; lit. Leader
  3. Crah, or Admiral/General, leader of a district; lit. Commanding Officer
  4. Crahsystor, or Fleet Commander, leader of a fleet; lit. Commanding Commander
  5. Crahkassan, or Wing Commander, leader of a wing; lit. Commanding Captain
  6. Systor, or Commander
  7. Kassan, or Captain
  8. Nlssan, or Colonel
  9. Lcahran, or Lieutenant
  10. Vessiat, or Cadet

To avoid issues of confusion, the Chiss Guard and all non-military forces used the same structure to ensure that individuals knew their position within the overall Ascendancy hierarchy. Though the ranks were non-transferable between the military and non-military forces, the payment system identified them equally.


Command GroupEdit

Assault GroupEdit

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