The Crimson Order was created by one Allister Regaan going by the title of the Great Divine, or spokesman for God. Their goal is to eradiate the false gods of the galaxy, whom they see all force users as. They will use whatever means necessary to kill Jedi and Sith no matter the age or current status.


The Crimson Order began first as a whispered rumor, as stories of slain Jedi and crimson cloaks spread across the holonet. The Order actually began with Allister Regaan, former head of the pirate group The Black Hand, when he had a vision, or revelation of the current state of the galaxy, the vision showed him that if the Jedi and Sith were not eradicated the galaxy would be destroyed under their rule and there would never be peace.

Fueled by his vision, he changed him name to the Great Divine and formed a band of followers, starting with his own creation, codenamed Chaos Maxtor, or his real name Elgyn, whom he adopted as his son of sorts. It was then that the crimson cloaked order made their move, taking over the government of Bothawui and establishing that as their base of operations where The Great Divine made his famous declaration of war on all force users and the Crimson Order officially declared itself to the galaxy.

The Order GrowsEdit

Once established many joined in the order including the beautiful Anaria Soin, who joined Chaos as one of the Great Divine's Lieutenants. Also an alliance was made with the Mandalorians, headed by Kane E. Smart and even some of the Vuzhan Vong. The order became a close family and amid their acts of terorism and destruction among the Jedi and Sith they always found time to bond and every member's loss was a loss for the entire order and every member's death was mourned by all.

One important incident was when Anaria Soin and Kane E. Smart captured the famed Sith Master Malice Draclau and brought him to Bothawui for execution by fire. On the same day a Sith Apprentice was also executed but as the order set fire to Malice Draclau the Sith, allowed entry due to treatchery, attacked led by his then wife, Fiera Marzullo, and made brutal retribution on the order, slaying many members as they stood watching the death of the Sith Master.

Infused by the escape of their prize, the order put bounties on the heads of all Jedi and Sith to be brought to Bothawui for execution, occasionaly bringing in some to be brutally executed.

Other notable missions include an attack on Naboo, involving Jawa Bombers ,or an entire Jawa Sandcrawler full of Jawas captured and transplanted to Naboo with bombs strapped to their persons and released, causing destructive havoc on the Jedi world. Also an attack on Coruscant where an entire room of younglings was set aflame, each burning to death.

The PlagueEdit

Bothawui was not totally safe though when an unknown plague broke out on the world infecting many of the order's members including the Great Divine himself. Forced to compromise, Jedi healers were allowed to come to the planet, amid a ceasefire, and were able to stop its spread.

The End of the OrderEdit

The Order eventually bit off more than it could chew when it struck the Sith Order again and attempted to kidnap the child of Bane and Rach Nathos. In retaliation Bane and the boy went to Bothawui to sabatage their efforts and assassinate their leadership, killing the great divine himself. The plan was thwarted when they were discovered by the recently returned Divine who sent his followers after him and ended up capturing both Sith. Somehow during the intense interrogation of the prisoners, the Divine was revealed to be a robotic copy of the real Allister Regaan and he exploded killing the Sith Master and injuring his son. This brought the entire Nathos clan on the order like the plague and in the aftermath Bothawui was devastated by a great storm summoned by Rach Sullen, and most of the leadership was dead or missing, Allister Regaan, now revealed to be a droid, his presence unknown.

Where are the members now?Edit

Many of the order's members dispersed across the galaxy's many factions.

Kane E. Smart - Mandalore, returned to the underworld to manager his financial empire and live with his wife Callista on Mandalore.

Anaria Soin - Still vexed against Sith and Jedi for the murder of her spiritual leader joined the Empire and is an agent for them today.

Chaos Maxtor - Discovered he was force sensitive and became a Sith Knight before rejecting even his sith potential and joining the underworld.

Talon White - A Crimson Order agent, kept to his roots and faith before following Anaria to the Empire where he still wears his Crimson colors.

Arumizy - Rejoined the Sith and is a strong member of that order.

Ruhk - Known as the hand of God, was the personal Noghri assassin for the Great Divine, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Allister Regaan - "The Great Divine" when it was discovered that he was a robot his whereabouts were no longer known to the galaxy, whether he is dead or alive is unknown but most believe that he was assassinated by Bane Nathos.

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