Herein will be the in character and out of character guidelines participating in The Decuir Regime. All writers are known to be informed prior to writing a Decuir or correlative relative which includes any children those characters may create with others.

In Character InformationEdit

I. The Decuirs have strong family bonds.

II. Santeria is the current "matriarch" until her final death and a new one rises.

III. Incest is not frowned upon unless it's parent-child relations.

IV: Not all relatives know of their bloodlines, true ages, or how to perform The Claiming.

Out Of Character GuidelinesEdit

I. First and foremost and will never change, you have to be a member of WoD. Dual joining is alright, but WoD should be the primary faction.

II. All names either deal with religion, magick, fairytales and urban legends.

III. Children: They will all have the Decuir last name, unless they come from the Mandagoran side then that's acceptable. Other surnames are not permissible.

- Decuirs/Mandagorans with out the family surname are subjected to change the name by the end of October 2014.

- There will be no more mated/marriage/breeding with other Draclaus unless approved of first.

IV. Do not take the Decuir to another community without first speaking to Santeria due to continuity issues.

V. There is no creating of Decuirs or their relatives without first speaking to Santeria.

VI: Under extreme circumstances writers may be removed.

VII: Killing of the Decuir character, or relative, is not acceptable unless approved of first.

VIII: The family ages the same time to prevent continuity issues.

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