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Alit bio-pic

Alit/Darth Feralis
The Sith Council
Force Specialty
Controlling Temperatures
Between 11-13 years
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Dirty Brown
Home Planet
Ishta White
Adoptive Father
Razor and Shang
Fidelis/Ishta White


From Pride to Freak to VodEdit

All Alit can remember about her beginnings is the Pride, the family of Kashyyykan tigers that raised her. They protected her, provided food for her, loved her. She was happy, and spent her days wrestling with her brothers, the tiger-cubs Razor and Shang. But her happy days came to an end when scouts for a freak show captured her and her now-grown brothers and brought them to the lower levels on Coruscant. She was labelled 'The Feral Child', and put in a cage on display for the freak show.

One night, she escaped from her cage and crawled into the one containing Razor and Shang. Two of the employees managed to distract the tigers and pull her out. She fought them wildly, but she was only a child. It began to look as if she were going to caged again, but that was when Fidelis(also known as Arumizy) appeared. He cut down her captors and took her and her tiger brothers to the Sith Temple on Ziost. As she didn't have a name previously, he gave her the name Alit, after his grandmother. Eventually, he adopted her, effectively making her 'Vod'.

Becoming a WarriorEdit

On Ziost, Fidelis did the best he could to teach her Basic and manners. He explained to her in simple terms that she could grasp about the Sith, the Force, and the Jedi. Then, the real lessons began.

As a prize for completing an obstacle course, he gave her a set of twin sabers, woven with cortosis ore to withstand lightsaber attacks. Taking her into a training room, he taught her to fight with them, using a combination of medium-range saber attacks and close-range fist, knee, and foot attacks. Combat was something she understood, and she took to it like a fish to water. Alit was even able to score a few lucky hits on him.

The Force, however, was another matter. It was something unnatural to her, something she couldn't see, hear, or smell. For a time, she wouldn't even try to use it, and when she began to warm to the idea, Fidelis was called on a mission. She wasn't to see him again until the end of her training, at the battle for Ruusan.

Another Step towards AdulthoodEdit

Having no idea what happened to Fidelis, and not understanding the sudden abandonment, Alit decided to take matters into her own hands. If he wasn't going to come to her, she would just have to go to him. Sneaking aboard a ship that happened to belong to Kharn Khava, Alit met up with Ishta White. After she explained in broken Basic that she was looking for Fidelis, Ishta decided to care for her and help her in her search.

The search proved fruitless, and Ishta took it upon herself to complete Alit's Sith training. During this training, Alit forged a strong bond with Ziost, touching the core of its power. This aided her greatly in understanding how to focus the energy provided her by the Force.

A Recovery and a LossEdit

Ishta and Alit happened to be on Ruusan when the Jedi decided to invade it and take it from the Sith. Before the battle, Alit was reunited with Fidelis. During the battle, Alit and Shang fought with a Jedi Padawan named Dahl Johnson. Shang, with only his claws against the Jedi's lightsaber, was killed, cut in half by the blue blade. Alit took the claws from his front paw and threaded them onto a necklace which she wears constantly.



Alit is the normal height for a child her age, but her thinness makes her appear much smaller. She wears pants and long-sleeved shirts, and no matter how often they are washed, she finds a way to get them dirty a few minutes after putting them on. The same principle applies to her hair. She doesn't like it up, and it is often tangled. Her dark eyes are the most expressive part of her face.


Growing up in that environment made her tough, both physically and mentally. When beyond what she considers her 'home territory', she is very cautious, although not fearful. There isn't much that she fears, including death. Because of her total trust in Fidelis, she believes the Jedi to be the enemy. The only reasoning she uses to back up this idea is that Fidelis told her, so it must be true.

Although she is getting better at understanding Basic, she still has trouble creating sentences of her own. That problem will probably never completely go away. There is much about the modern world that she doesn't understand, and sometimes people's actions are a mystery to her. In return, there are things that Alit does or says that others don't understand.

Even though Alit is a warrior, she is still a child. And as such, her moods tend to swing dramatically based on whether she is hungry or full of sweets. She can be unreasonably stubborn at times, and will defend those she considers 'vod' with her life.


Alit picked up a few things from her tiger family on Kashyyyk. Among them was lightning-fast speed and a willingness to fight to the death if necessary. Fidelis and Ishta White both had a hand in teaching her saber and melee fighting, and she can communicate with the tigers Razor and Shang. She could probably communicate with other animals, but she chooses not to.


Fidelis gave her a pair of Sith sabers, weaved with cortosis ore and imprinted with the figures of Sith beasts.

She also possesses a pair of fingerless gauntlets with retractable claws. The buttons to activate them are on the palms, and all she has to do is clap her hands together before a fight.

Clawed gauntlets


None. She wouldn't know what to do with one if she had it.


Signature #1

Alit sig

Signature #2

Alit Sig2(flat)

Sith Knight

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