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The Jedi Brotherhood (TJB)
June 16, 2005 (Originally)
Hawk Hinata
Ronin Wendigo

The Jedi Brotherhood is a current faction on The Gungan Council Roleplay Site and one of the forty-three factions inducted into the TGC Hall of Fame. The Jedi Brotherhood has gone through a number of incarnations dating back to the first incarnation in 2005. The Brotherhood is more proactive and aggressive than their more passive brothers in the Jedi Council.

An offshoot of the Council, the Brotherhood are a group of men and women who believe that should do more than simply react to a hostile situation. They believe in taking the fight to their enemies and make sure that their enemies can't prey on the usual passive, merciful nature of the Jedi.

The Jedi BrotherhoodEdit


The Jedi Brotherhood believes more in the idea of being proactive in their battles against the Sith and any other evil factions or individuals that exist. Rather than sitting around and debating the matter .That had all but resulted in Darkside and evil gaining advantage to run rampant throughout the universe.

Affirmative action thru physical intervention is our way and providing real time counter to the many threats that exist is our response. To that end,we embrace the need for combat and choose to take the fight to our enemies. Thought at the same time adhering to the law and tenets of Jedi way in order to keep true to our cause. And stay true to the lightside of the force......bringing light where there was once darkness.

As the name would suggest, the Jedi Brotherhood is a light side faction but believes more in the idea of being proactive in their battle against the Sith and any other evil factions that exist rather than sitting around and debating the matter. Affirmative action is our way and it helps provide a counter to the many groups that would use the Jedi's normally passive nature against them to gain an advantage. To that end, we embrace the need for combat and choose to take the fight to our enemies.

The Code of the BrotherhoodEdit

The TenantsEdit

Despite our more aggressive approach to our enemies, we are still Jedi and as such we all follow a code of ethics and honor. These tenets however are not the be all end all rules to our order. Every Jedi has a belief as to how a Jedi should behave and while each man and woman is allowed their own code of ethics, our brotherhood follow a basic guideline. Our tenets are as follows:

  • Emotion, yet Peace The Brotherhood believe that emotion is an essential part of life, every creature feels and the denying of such emotion leads to conflict. While we believe in emotion, we also believe in peace and realize that to have peace, one must be willing to fight for it.
  • Ignorance, yet Knowledge - The Brotherhood's mission is not always about battle and conflict. We believe that to better ourselves we must seek out knowledge and shine light upon ignorance. As a Brotherhood, we believe in aiding our brothers and sisters and not leave them to languish in darkness. For we all once dwelt in ignorance.
  • Passion, yet Serenity - Passion leads to some of the greatest moments in our lives however we also realize that to let ourselves get lost in our passions we open ourselves up to self destruction. The Brotherhood keep clear heads and set aside their passions when needed and embrace serenity.
  • Chaos, yet Harmony - The galaxy is a chaotic thing and we as Jedi attempt to fight against the tide and the first step in this fight is to accept that chaos is the natural state of the galaxy. We attempt to bring harmony to the chaos and work within the chaos to create a place where harmony can flourish.
  • Death, yet the Force - Death is a natural part of life, we accept this simple rule of existence. The Brotherhood cherishes every life and we rejoice when one of other brothers transforms into the Force and take comfort that one day we will join them.

Advancement in the BrotherhoodEdit

Trials of KnighthoodEdit

Every new Apprentice and Trainee that comes through our doors must prove themselves in the Trials of the Brotherhood. These tests are meant to prove that an Apprentice is ready to be elevated to the next level and start training students of their own.

The Trials of the Knighthood consist of two tests that show a completion of the students studies. In the time leading up to them, a student will be tested by their teacher and their surroundings to demonstrate their ability, their insight and their spirit when a teacher deems his/her student ready, they will be asked to complete two trials.

  • The Trial of Skill - The lightsaber is a sign of a Jedi's power, it is a tool to be used to aid them in their day to day lives and the creation of such a weapon is for a student to design and construct for themselves and needs not only knowledge of the device but knowledge in the Force to construct such a weapon. A student can be tasked to find a crystal during or before the trial and will construct the lightsaber with their teachers supervision. This trial will be completed in the Training grounds forum.
  • The Trial of Courage - Courage is an important part of a Jedi's life and this trial will measure a student's ability to show courage under fire. The Apprentice is placed in a combat situation with one of the members of the brotherhood who have reached either the rank of Knight or Master, this can be their teacher or any other member. The student will then need to hold off their opponents attacks for a set period of time to pass their final test. It may seem that this test is a chance to prove a students skill but the greater meaning of the test is to show a student is ready to stand against a superior opponent despite the odds. This trial will be completed in the Training grounds forum.

Master TrialsEdit

A Jedi who has reached Knight level has reached their first milestone in their training. However training does not end when they finish their time as an Apprentice. When a Knight has developed themselves to the point that they are ready for the next level, a new set of Trials await them. If they wish, a Knight may take these tests to be granted the Title of Master within the Jedi Brotherhood.

The Master's Trials consist of two tests that show a mastery of their skill set. By the time they are ready to take these tests a potential Master should have passed on his teachings to a student and shown their grasp of their knowledge through the success of their students. Their final tests await them and will be administered by the other Masters of the Brotherhood.

  • The Trial of the Flesh - This trial is one of the more important trials for a potential master. A Jedi faces many hardships in their lives and one of the most important is overcoming a great physical pain, a hardship, or a loss, the test would seldom result in death or dismemberment. Whether witnessing the death of someone important to the knight, having some level of pain inflicted on them a potential master needs to overcome some level of hardship to pass this test which can come either by accident or intentionally. A potential Master can accomplish this Trial either in a training thread or on the main board.
  • The Trial of Victory - Much like the Padawan's Trial of Courage, the Trial of Victory is a testament to the increased skill potential master's possess. Whether challenging one of the Master's of the Brotherhood or facing a Sith or Witch in the field, the Trial of Victory is passed when the potential Knight can claim victory over an opponent, showing their extensive knowledge with the Force or with their lightsaber techniques. A potential Master can accomplish this Trial either in a training thread or on the main board.

Our RanksEdit

Jedi PadawanEdit

Every new member to the Jedi Brotherhood must start as an Padawan, unless they can provide proof of their rank or have transferred a rank to The Gungan Council. The path of advancement it a fairly simple one among the Brotherhood.

A Jedi Padawan or Apprentice is a young Jedi in training with a Jedi Knight or Master. In an era where the Youngling rank did not exist, Jedi trainees began at the rank of Apprentice.

When the Jedi Brotherhood was centralized and formed after it broke away from the main Jedi Council, the Master/Padawan relationship was formalized and had strict guidelines. Before and after, the process of training a Jedi was more informal; Jedi Knights and Masters had a greater choice in who they could train, could train more than one Padawan at a time, and declared their own students Knights when they were ready.

Jedi KnightEdit

A Jedi Knight has completed training as a Padawan and passed the Jedi Trials, or similarly proven his worthiness to become a Knight.

Most Jedi are Knights and remain so the rest of their lives. Jedi Knights serve the Jedi Order by going on missions and by training new apprentices to Knighthood. Unlike the ranks of Padawan and Youngling, the rank of Knight kept its name and meaning throughout the history of the Jedi Order and in the Brotherhood there after.

Jedi MasterEdit

A Jedi Master is the highest rank in the Jedi Brotherhood. It is given to the most skilled Jedi after great accomplishments as a Jedi Knight, such as training several apprentices to Knighthood or performing a great service for the Republic and within the Jedi Brotherhood Order.

Because the title of Jedi Master was so prestigious, that so few of the Jedi Knights.Particularly in the early formation of The Jedi Brotherhood. Had and could declared or attain such rank of Jedi Masters.As it entailed  passing to prove one full wisdom and understanding of the lightside  Force, not just success in battlefield at large but also within, is necessary to become a Jedi Master.

The Brotherhood's HomeEdit


The desert world of Yinchorr is a barren wasteland at the time that the Brotherhood occupies it; the Empire having bombarded the surface until nothing remained many years before the Jedi chose to settle there. This harsh world has been the home of the Jedi Brotherhood for many years and stands as a symbol to the hardship the Brotherhood goes through in order to serve the greater good as Jedi, and it also means that there is no civilian population to suffer reprisal or be held to ransom. They face many trials in the face of adversity, but they learn to adapt and survive to the world they call home, just as they adapt to any situation they face in the field.

The Yinchorri system is protected by a cloaked seismic minefield and gravity well projectors that force ships out of hyperspace before entering the system. This ensures that both friendly and enemy ships do not appear too close to the planet and run straight into the minefield. A valid Jedi transponder code will grant a vessel a safe course through the minefield before the mines relocate to change their configuration. 

The Jedi TempleEdit

The Brotherhood's home, the Jedi Temple on Yinchorr, is unlike any other Jedi Temple constructed before. Serving as their home and their place of worship. The city sized superstructure covering 79.29 square kilometers of the desert (though underground catacombs stretch beyond the Temple limits) is a self-contained environment making every day life a bit easier for those that live there; including the Jedi; the "Yinchorri Guardsmen", and an assortment of other staff that help to keep such a huge Temple and its facilities running. The immense structure contains all of the regular Jedi facilities (training grounds, archives, etc), but also places to eat drink and be entertained for the Guardsmen and their families. The Yinchorri Jedi Temple was built as a fortress and was outfit with more defensive countermeasures than is normally necessary given their more aggressive stance. Centered in the temple is also an early warning sensor system and long range communicators that allow the Jedi to perceive a threat before it can arrive and send for help should it be necessary.

The Yinchorri Temple sits on top of miles of catacombs that spread even beyond the part of the Temple that is on the surface. These are largely unexplored. A lightside nexus known as the "Crystal Hall" is at the heart of the Jedi Temple, it exists in both normal space and an alternative plane of existence causing strange occurances within. The Temple also has an energy shield that is powered (along with the rest of the Temple) by the nexus.

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