The Jedi Brotherhood: Mission StatementEdit

The Jedi Brotherhood: Mission StatementEdit

The Jedi Brotherhood Welcome to the Jedi Brotherhood, a faction created for The Gungan Council Star Wars Roleplay Site. This site is a play by post environment that caters to both in character and out of character topics for our members to enjoy and participate in. A Summary The Jedi Brotherhood is a light side Jedi Order ,but believes more in the idea of being proactive in their battle against the Sith and any other evil factions that exist rather than sitting around and debating the matter. Affirmative action is our way and it helps provide a counter to the many groups that would use the Jedi's normally passive nature against them to gain an advantage. To that end, we embrace the need for combat and choose to take the fight to our enemies. The Code of the Brotherhood Despite our more aggressive approach to our enemies, we are still Jedi and as such we all follow a code of ethics and honor. These tenets however are not the be all end all rules to our order. Every Jedi has a belief as to how a Jedi should behave and while each man and woman is allowed their own code of ethics, our brotherhood follow a basic guideline. Our tenets are as follows: 

  1. Emotion, yet Peace The Brotherhood believe that emotion is an essential part of life, every creature feels and the denying of such emotion leads to conflict. While we believe in emotion, we also believe in peace and realize that to have peace, one must be willing to fight for it.
  2. Ignorance, yet Knowledge - The Brotherhood's mission is not always about battle and conflict. We believe that to better ourselves we must seek out knowledge and shine light upon ignorance. As a Brotherhood, we believe in aiding our brothers and sisters and not leave them to languish in darkness. For we all once dwelt in ignorance.
  3. Passion, yet Serenity - Passion leads to some of the greatest moments in our lives however we also realize that to let ourselves get lost in our passions we open ourselves up to self destruction. The Brotherhood keep clear heads and set aside their passions when needed and embrace serenity.
  4. Chaos, yet Harmony - The galaxy is a chaotic thing and we as Jedi attempt to fight against the tide and the first step in this fight is to accept that chaos is the natural state of the galaxy. We attempt to bring harmony to the chaos and work within the chaos to create a place where harmony can flourish.
  5. Death, yet the Force - Death is a natural part of life, we accept this simple rule of existence. The Brotherhood cherishes every life and we rejoice when one of other brothers transforms into the Force and take comfort that one day we will join them.


Rank advancement promotions for The Jedi Brotherhood are handled on different tiers. When in each individual leveles-up, they will be able to gain better knowledge and be able to conjure different abilities in the force. Required  for all individually must attain in order to advance to the next rank within the Jedi Brotherhood. Unless decided by the governing council to halt that progression and remain at the current level.

Force User Ranks:

  • Apprentice
  • Knight
  • Master 

Members Roster Edit


  • Hawk Hinata
  • Katarine Ryiah
  • Ronin Wendigo
  • Kacius Porte
  • Evelyn Veicht
  • Kahne Porte


  • Gen Skywalker
  • Hideki Marzullo
  • Sage Seidon
  • Raine Halo
  • Thea Hinata
  • Mark Starkiller
  • Zaren Bouqi
  • Alek Verdikis
  • Chani
  • Cy Tarnarath
  • Ellion Corsair
  • Bjork Corsair
  • Jade Nathos
  • Enya Colton
  • Chaos Maxtor


  • Janson Drexel
  • Hurrikaine

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