Upon the fall of The Sith Council, Itala Marzullo had branched to expand his notorious family, The Marzullo Clan. The group formed in early 1999 and reached Ezboard not too long after; many members had arrived from various paths of roleplaying communities though a majority had been introduced to the the group (and to Ezboard) from TalkCity. Since it's creation, the group has been nomadic in changing from one location to the next with more than one variation though the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the history have all been the same.

Faction Profile
The Marzullo Clan


March 2nd, 1999


Itala Marzullo
Administrators Itala Marzullo
Auriga Marzullo
Kannon Marzullo
Fiera Marzullo


Ares Marzullo
Astrid Shardae
Vin Marzullo
Castor Marzullo
Matthias Marzullo
Gabriel Marzullo
Hypnos Marzullo
Oz Marzullo

Progenitor Sol Marzullo

Sol Marzullo
Albion Marzullo
Firuz Marzullo
Itala Marzullo
Ares Marzullo
Dante Marzullo
Fiera Marzullo
Poseidon Marzullo





Active Members 100+


The Gungan Council - Hall of Fame

The Marzullo Clan Edit

A Dynasty BornEdit

"A word of advice though, never trust a Marzullo, not even if you marry them or love them. If your actually around long enough to figure out why then you won't have to worry about it." - Sasha Marzullo

Entirely by accident, Itala stumbles upon a woman named Malycia who shared the same family name, bringing about numerous questions of her lineage. After a lengthy talk, they realized that they were related, and that a far greater journey awaited him and his children. Malycia brings him to the hiding haven in Tattoine, meeting Castor Marzullo and the rest of his family. It would soon be revealed that the Marzullos in the Republic's records were anything but dead, but had been hiding for thousands of years after the last great war between the forces of the Old Republic and the Blood Empire, the family's old sovereign name. Itala is later introduced to the three elders of the vast family, crowning him as the rightful heir of the family legacy after blood tests discovered that he was a direct descendant of their eldest leader; Sol Marzullo.

So horrific had this war been that the Jedi had sworn to erase all memory and records of the Marzullos, afraid to expose their heinous teachings and philosophies, had it not been for one document, they would still be erased. The knowledge would be passed on from one head of the Jedi council to the next for millenia until Itala eventually stumbled upon them.

Itala then sets out to rediscover and conquer a planet known as Ziost, thanks to supplies from Darth Viscera, performing a massacre that drives the native population extinct from the face of the planet. He begins recruiting many of the family members hiding in various corners of the galaxy. It is around this time that Itala finds his sister by accident, at the time a Jedi known as Jadesfire. She was renamed to Jade Marzullo and joined the notorious clan despite the tireless efforts of the Greater Jedi Order to hold on to the female.

From the shadows, his brother Verias also emerges, he looks exactly like Itala, but albino and with clear deformities, earning his pity and disgust. Verias would go on to become a shameful secret of the family that very few knew about.

The new Marzullo home planet served as a place to build a sizable fleet, produce hundreds of thousands of soldier clones, research new weapons and enlarge the already numerous family, but it would all come to a halt as Darth Viscera himself launched a massive attack that had the family running for their lives once more.

Barely escaping with a few ships after an epic space battle between Pollux Marzullo and Viscera, Itala retreats to another planet, this time in the far corners of the Unknown Regions, ordering complete isolation to become stronger and pose a bigger threat than ever before. It is also around this time that Itala meets Jaina Lockheart whom he marries and impregnates, she gives birth to Lucius and murders her immediately after.

The flow of Itala's strategy would later also be interrupted by the appearance of more family, ones who had been outcast for thousands of years as well, the half-bred members of Delia Bavmorda's family had carried on old resentments that climax in an invasion that costs her many of her underlings.

As the years passed, Itala would go on to become even more delusional and arrogant, killing in-laws for the most ridiculous reasons, showing unnecessary cruelty to his servants and neglecting his twins sons whom he thought old enough to be able to take care of themselves. His daughter Lana had also returned with a baby within, begging for forgiveness that Itala had managed to resist, but eventually give in to.

The family arrivals had also come to a halt, discriminating upon most of the members of Branch C due to the discovery of a deformed, gigantic male known as Cyrus Marzullo whose very existence eradicated Itala's ideologies of a perfect race of force adepts. This would also prove to be costly in the future, the seeds of resentment had been planted.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Who are the Marzullos?
The Marzullos are a family of force users who don't follow either the Jedi or Sith code, their actions alone against outsiders could earn them the title of dark siders, although within the family they act kindly though strictly, seeking what's best for the family, or clan as any other family would.

How did they come about?
Their bloodline can be traced within family records only but it goes as far as 4000 years, the official records have been erased from the Coruscant archives by Itala Marzullo. An uncharted planet deep in the outer rims shows their emergence from primitive warfare to dangerous force adepts. The eldest leader of the clan was named Sol Marzullo.

Who was Sol Marzullo?
A common farmer who became a brilliant general and leader when drafted to his kingdom's military. His kingdom of men had fierce enemies called the Narks and the Huss who eventually engrossed each other in bloody world wars. The saga of his life and death is being roleplayed in "Path To Glory - Sol's Chronicles" for more details. He would eventually form the Marzullo clan after the end of the war in his planet.

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