All Marzullos and In-Laws are required to followed the laws passed down by the ancestral god, Sol Marzullo. Those who fail to do so will be met with punishment, which includes though is not limited to: death, imprisonment, brandishing, banishment.

Laws of SolEdit

  • The family was strictly forbidden from having children or relationships with non-Force adepts or relatives, and any suitable candidate would later be implanted a chip in his brain that would kill him were they to betray or abandon the family.
  • The family members could never be allowed to betray the rest and go on their own and those who did so would be outcast forever.
  • The family members could never choose anybody else over the family, no matter the circumstances. If found guilty of any such crimes, they would be subjected to punishment.
  • The family member could never disobey the rightful leader no matter how atrocious, cruel or dastardly the order was. If found guilty of this crime, they would be subjected to punishment.
  • For the good of the family numbers, every Marzullo is required to have at least three children during their lifetime.

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