The Memetic Conspiracy is a planned formed by Gabriel Marzullo, Darth Pariah, and Ell'iru'micha, aimed at the establishment of a new Galactic Order.


Chlormicin is an artificial neurotransmitter, unofficially known as the memetic gene, designed create new bonds between the host's midi-chlorians and dormant talents deep within the brain. The chemical was first discovered and developed by Kant, a Sith Master and lead Sith Alchemist for Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness.

During the time of the Brotherhood of Darkness, Lord Kaan commissioned a study into the augmentation of an individual's force abilities. It was Kant, the Brotherhood's lead Sith Alchemist, that first purposed the concept of an artificial neurotransmitter that interacted with the host's brain and mediclorin. After many years of work Kant created a new neurotransmitter that when integrated into a force user's brain had the effect of enhancing an innate ability well beyond that even masters could obtain.

Seeing the extreme advantages this new creation held Lord Kaan ordered the creation of army of clones created from Kaan's own genetic material, wishing to use the transmitter dubbed Chlormicin to build a much stronger Sith army. Foreseeing his own power in danger Sith Master Kant hide the neuro transmitter away in a child that only he knew. Enraged by this betrayal Kaan had the Sith Alchemist executed after a long interrogation revealed nothing.

The Ruusan conflict eventually re focused the Sith's attentions to the war effort. All knowledge of Chlormicin was lost for a thousand years until the Darth Pariah stumbled upon Lord Kant's ancient records identifying the bloodline used to hide the neurotransmitter.

Formation of the councilEdit

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