The Shadow Academy was a large, disc-shaped scientific installation with a number of hangars, designed to create the galaxy's strongest military. By taking one of the galaxy's greatest warriors, cloning tens of thousands of times, equipping with new - and cloaked - TIE Defenders, they hoped to create an unstoppable force.

They also enhanced and developed many cloaking, cloning and other technologies, and discovered a great amount with regards to the scientific nature of the Force. Other ventures included hyperspace, lightsaber-based superweaponry and the development of material similar to quantum armour. Not much is known about the nature of the scientists, their whereabouts before or after or their identities, but with none thought to have remained alive, much of their scientific progress was lost for good.



Over-Vigo Xizor, as Mandalore, and Commodiorus as head of the Mandalorian military were running both the Mandalorian Empire and the Bounty Hunter League. Attacked by a superweapon, which destroyed the navy, they fled from battle. Knowing that they would be branded traitors, they left the Mandalorians behind and sought an appropriate use for their talents for the future.

Building the AcademyEdit

The two decided to set up the largest research facility in recent history, working with various criminal contacts to build and develop the Shadow Academy and developed a more useful cloning programme after bribing Admiral Daala to lend them cloning cylinders from Wayland. They sought her out after Xizor's research into midichlorians brought about an amazing discovery. She left with them quietly from the Imperial planet of Alderaan, working with them at the Shadow Academy as a fellow scientist and clone donor.

Within a few months her clone was prepared, accelerated to the age of 12 and kept sedated to contain her, enveloped in an ysalamiri field whenever she was unsedated and taught. Synchronously to this, DNA that Daala had taken from her boyfriend at the time, Kyp Durron, was developed to make thousands of clones for an army that would be controlled by Daala, Xizor and Commodiorus as a triumvirate - one that was trained with the memories of Kyp himself and kept hidden from the Force by ysalamiri until the right time.

Activating the AcademyEdit

Eventually they kidnapped the real Kyp and took him aboard the Shadow Academy, where he was introduced to his daughter, Lucy Durron. Though a clone of Daala, she looked slightly different and Kyp could feel the Force in her. He connected with her subconsciously as she was sedated and was then taken into an ysalamiri field, unable to feel the connection. He was shown the cloning development and introduced to several training sessions - thirty of the four thousand Kyps in total. He was shown the armada of unshielded and torpedo-less TIE Defenders that had been built at an incredibly low cost by millions of droids.

Of course, he eventually escaped and freed his daughter. Commodiorus ran the defence network, using the communications to link together the clones and herd Kyp into a 'hidden' room, where he was suddenly aware that he was now standing before the triumvirate itself. He discovered that he was lied to by Daala, his girlfriend, and both Xizor and Commodiorus. All three had once been his close friends and now he felt betrayed and heart-broken by their fake deaths.

Simultaneously, however, a group of bounty hunters broke into the building, discovering the hangar bay despite the cloaking device that had enveloped the station. Jacen Lightspark and Dengar Vassel entered the room: they had been sent to 'capture' Kyp and deliver him to himself on Mandalore for the price of a million credits - something that Kyp had managed to set up during his time aboard the Shadow Academy itself. Commodiorus, however, stepped between Kyp and the bounty hunters, forcing Dengar into battle with him.

End of the AcademyEdit

Jacen Lightspark ran to fight Over-Vigo Xizor as Kyp paired off with his girlfriend, using the Force against his own lightsaber. The battles were moving: Dengar was being defeated by Commodiorus, Jacen by Xizor and Kyp by his own lightsaber. Using the Force, however, Kyp shunted Daala's legs and retrieved his lightsaber, holding it to her neck and ending the other fights immediately.

He was unable to kill her but his daughter used Daala's double-blaster on her, shooting her through the heart in revenge for her emprisonment. She ran through the door and Kyp darted after her, Dengar and Jacen abandoning their fights to chase their quarry. Commodiorus called the Kyp clones to the hangar bay with preparation to fight. The quadruple escaped as Kyp explained his plan to the others but Commodiorus sent out some of the fighters in preparation.

As the starfighter of Dengar left the station with the other three aboard, the entire station started to explode, the Kyp clones apparently identical except that none of them could use the Force. Xizor was trapped aboard with Commodiorus, it seemed, and were gone with Daala's body and all of the clones. It wasn't true, however, and as they entered hyperspace Commodiorus and several of the clones emerged from the fire with shielded TIE Defenders - the elite Shadow Squadron.

Aftermath of the AcademyEdit

Kyp returned to Jedi training, taking his daughter as an apprentice. A number of the Shadow Squadron members escaped, leaving body-doubles of Kyp's across the galaxy in various capacities. When the Jedi original died, his spirit entered a comatose clone across the galaxy and he was reborn. Another clone claimed to be the original after his death and became known as [[Sage Durron], though he claimed that he couldn't use the Force for anything other than knowledge, as the clones were without Force capabilities. Another clone pilot was found by Kyp himself and trained into a replacement role. This clone became known as Kyp Z Durron and became an adept Rebellion pilot, before chasing down the Jedi Master during a Yuuzhan Vong attack and eventually being killed by the Jedi's clone-daughter.

Lucy Durron became Warmaster for the Yuuzhan Vong and began to hunt down Jedi, hoping to kill her father. Killing the Kyp clone, she assumed that she had been victorious and left for deep space - but one day she was bound to discover that he was still alive and would return with a vengeance. Commodiorus became the military leader of Mandalore once more; Dengar suffered several 'deaths' but transferred his essence and memories into newer bodies, eventually building a duplicate of his original body as a human replica droid; Kyp became an important Jedi Master on the Jedi Council and then returned to live a reclusive life in Yoda's hut on Dagobah; Daala died.

Jacen and Xizor never reappeared.

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