Theodosius Darklighter Wendigo
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Avatar: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Theodosius Darklighter Wendigo
Also known as
Witches of Dathomir
Human/Kashi/ Hybrid
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Significant other
Ronin Wendigo (Dark Kashi)
Arianna Darklighter Wendigo (Alliance Senator)

Tera Darkmayne-Vagus
Faith Balor
(Reluctant Dark Force User)
Zeria Darklighter Wendigo
(Theo’s triplet sister)
Jake Darklighter Wendigo
(Theo’s triplet brother)

Dra'chen Ookami
House of Wendigo
Jedi Master Ja'den He'xen
Great grandparents

Garith Darkhold JR.
(Rianna & Garith Sr. son)
Arabella Darkhold
( Rianna's Daughter)

Arla Balor
(Faith and Dar’yaim’s Daughter)
Corona Balor
(Faith and Dar’yaim’s Daughter)

Bud Balor
(Faith and Dar’yaim’s son)
Other family

Dar’yaim Balor
(Faith’s husband/ Mandolorian Warrior)

Biography: Edit

Theo is one of three children that were born on Lainna at the same time from the parents Arianna Darklighter Wendigo and Ronin Wendigo. The other two children besides Theo born that night are Jake Darklighter Wendigo and Zeria Darklighter Wendigo. Sometime during that night of their birth Jake was stolen. To this day Theo has not met his brother Jake. Not only has this affected Theo’s family deeply but Theo as well.

Well love and well taken care of Theo grew quickly in to strong child and personality as well. It was before the age of five his parents knew there was something different about Theo. Due to Theo’s strong connection to the Kashi Spirit Theo developed Force skills on his own and they steadily grew without proper guidance, this greatly concerned Theo’s family. Theo’s chances of falling to the Dark Side were tremendous but yet there was the possibility of him breaking the Kashi Curse. 

Roinin could not tech Theo himself because that would just lead Theo to the Darkside. Rianna could not teach Theo due to her love for the Theo. Theo’s family did not Force him to make the choice of going to the Jedi as well…..because they believed forcing Theo could drive him to the Darkside as well. At first Theo could only rely on books or other material that dealt with one’s control not just over the Force but over their emotions as well. 

At five Theo still had not made a choice. Through his own discovery, his Force studies were coming along faster than it should without having a proper teacher. Even though how much this alarmed Theo and his family, his family still did not Force him into a decision. It was clear at this point Theo’s will was very strong and forcing him into any decision like that would have the effect they did not wish. They knew and Theo knew, if Theo fell to the Dark side it would only end in conflict between Theo and Roinin but it would only bring about a fight only one could survive. It would be a fight for dominance they both would not be able to control. Five years old Theo was too hard to keep in one place. Constantly he would go about on his own to discover new things or seek out his family members that he knew was going to be in conflict.

It was Theo’s love for his family that nearly led him to his down fall at the age of five. Theo over heard that Dar’yaim his brother in law was going to go in battle. Theo knew well how much his sister Faith loved Dar’yaim. Not to mention Faith and Dar’yaim were going to have a child. At this point Dar’yaim was fully one of the family and it would have brought great pain for the whole family. Dar’yaim being the warrior he is would have not been right to force him to stay out of the fight he was heading into. Theo had made a choice and sneaked out when no one was watching. Hiding on when of the ships Theo over hard the plans to capture a Death Star. He did not know all the plans and was unsure how he could help. He was determined to help out. 

Theo fond his way off the ship and into the Death Star. Not wanting to get caught he had to use the Force guide him. Theo headed into what he though was an air duct. Every so often he would come across portions of the air duct that had filtered air into various rooms. Room by room he search this way until he found what he was looking for. 

This was one of the many security hubs on the Death Star with only two people in the room. Theo was not an aggressive person but thought about how hurt his sister Faith would be if Dar’yaim died. Theo could not bear to kill either one of these men but the security cameras would help him keep tabs on what was happening with Dar’yaim. Theo for the first time used his Force powers to do any harm to anyone. Theo’s whisper played tricks on the closet man to Theo. That man pulled his blaster put it on stun and shot the other man. Within just seconds Theo’s actions took one man out of his way. Then the seconded man took the blaster that was on stun and fired it upon himself and then finally both men were out of the way. 

Theo felt guilty but he had his first victory of sorts. It gave him more confidence. It all so made him feel pride and confidence in what he did on his own. He did not know it but he was spiraling down quick and all that pride and confidence was developing into an ego. Combine that ego with his fear of family being hurt and Theo was falling quickly to the Darkside.

With the security control panel Theo was now able to look at other places on the space station and now could see how Dar’yaim and his friends were doing. Theo seen the main control room was destroyed from the battle taking place. The few people in there that were Dar’yaim’s friends were on the losing end of the stick. Theo knew this was not good because he had overheard the plans. If Dar’yaim and his friends could not control the ship the Sith and the Empire would just catch up with them.

It took some time but after Theo looked through the schematics of the security on the ship he found one other place that could control the engines of the space station. The engine room was not that far from Theo was. He just needed a plan. Trusting the Force he randomly pushed a few buttons on the panel just below the writing that said engine room. Was it luck or something more that guided him? In the engine room blue and yellow lights flashed. The Imperials with-in the engine room following guidelines that were put in place for their own protection left the engine room. Radiation leaks could be extremely fatal and nothing to mess around with. When they heard that alarm they did not stand around to ask questions. They ran. 

It was not easy but Theo fond his way to the engine room. First order of business he locked the doors and any other entrance he knew about. In truth he probably locked less than half the doors. He was not educated in space stations; he was educated in the Force. After taking control of an entire engine room Theo soon found out there was no way he could control the whole thing by himself. Little by little some of Dar’yaims friends made it there but there was no way they could operate the engine room and get it going unless Theo steered the space station or operate the speed. It must have been something having to rely on a five year old to drive a Death Star. 

Navigation was important but thanks to Imperial technology the computer does most of the work for you. You just have to tell the computer what star system you want to go to. Theo had no idea where to go. The pirates in the room with him sure did. They did not think they could hide the Space Station any more. It was too much to get control of it and there was plenty of fighting on the ship still going on. All it took was for just one person to relay their coordinates to the Empire or the Sith and they were doomed. Coruscant they yelled. So Coruscant was entered into the computer. 

When Theo was worrying about having the space station jump through hyperspace he had no idea the pirates were starting to activate the very large gun on the Death Star. He had no idea what they had planned or how much trouble they would find once they got to Coruscant.

In Hypersapce Theo and others found out they were many more Sith on board the Death Star that they knew. Most of these Sith fought their way to the engine room. Every blast door they cut through Theo got more scared and his fearwas getting the better of him. Not only Theo knew Dar’yaim was on the Death Star, Theo knew his dad was to now. After they came out of hyperspace and over Coruscant they came under immediate. His actions before this pushed him closer to the Darkside and then fear his family might die washed over him. Then he lost it. At that moment the Darkness had a hold over him as the Sith began to cut their way through the last door. The main gun was still charging, not that Theo knew about that. No the Darkness in him pressed the buttons that speed the Death Star up to go straight into the planet.

With the proximity of the planet the sensors on the station went off warning all on the stations that the destruction of the station was imamate. With his anger in full control…..Theo lashed out on the control panel. Most of it was destroyed and that would make it difficult anyone who might have tried to stop the Death Star from crashing into Coruscant. 

The Sith were almost through the door. Theo and the pirates in the room needed to flee and as get past the one lone Sith who was trying to get in. The door opened. A stamped of pirates and little Theo came rushing out nearly trampling the Sith Lord who was in the way. Some pirates were cut down but Theo managed to sneak away. Theo managed to make it off the Death Star before it exploded but Corunscat did not get off that easy. The Death Star exploded in the upper atmosphere toasting a good deal of the planet killing thousands if not billions of people. 

After Theo escaped he figured out the seriousness of what he had done. He was responsible for all those deaths. It was he who drove the Death Star to that system He had made an active choice made out of fear and anger. 

Then and there Theo made another choice brought about guilt for what he had done. He went to the Jedi for help. He went for then for help to control his feelings and in the hope one day he would become a good man.

Theo struggled with the thoughts of what he had done. Though with proper guidance now Theo rapidly learned on to better control himself. He grew much in a small course of time. Due to constant war fare Theo kept losing instructors. He went through many through his child hood. 

Because he stayed with the Order during this time he was in constant peril also. He survived many duels, investigations, and even helped on missions giving aid to planets that had been attacked by Sith or the Empire. He never really had a childhood. Not because he gave it to the Jedi Order. No he lost it because he was an anomaly. His connection to the Force and the Kashi Spirit opened his eyes at a very young age. He has sacrificed much but in return the Kashi Spirit opened itself to ancient knowledge that was believed to be lost. There is much Theo know that is at his fingertips but still has not figured out how to use. 

After a time Theo knew he was going to need some time in private from the constant war. He needed someplace that was natural and a place that he could find guidance form people with similar ways of thinking. Kro Var had a similar way to life the ancient Kashi had. This is where Theo went. For years he studied with them learning much about himself and the ways of Kro Var even. 

It was on Kor Var where Theo had first met Invidia Decuir. There short time there together started a new change in Theo he would learn about more later. 

The time for his stay came to an end as he needed to reconnect to the galaxy and figure out his place in the grand scheme. Upon his return to the Jedi Order it was decided he was ready to be knighted. Even though it was just a title it made him feel welcome to receive such recognition for his hard work…..his thought where still on the woman he left back on Kor Var.

Theo is a spirit not a soul. He is driven by emotions that reflect nature. He can be calm a soft breeze or furious like a raging storm. Like all Kashi Theo is a Force of nature that uses their emotions to manipulate the Force.

Family Tree: Edit

Darklighter-Wendigo Family Tree[1]

Parents:  Edit

Siblings:  Edit


  • Invidia Decuir

Extended Family Only at TGC:  Edit

  • Brother in Law: Dar’yaim Balor ( Faith’s husband/ Mandolorian Warrior) 
  • Uncle: Garith Darkhold Sr. (Rianna’s life partner) 
  • Uncle: Hawk Solo (Rehka’s Husband/ Officer in the Galactic Alliance) 
  • Aunt: Rianna Organa (Arianna’s sister/ Jedi Master)  
  • Aunt: Rehka Kaarade-Solo (Arianna’s sister/ Smuggler)  
  • Cousin: Bud Balor ( Faith and Dar’yaim’s son)  
  • Cousin: Arla Balor ( Faith and Dar’yaim’s Daughter)  
  • Cousin: Corona Balor ( Faith and Dar’yaim’s Daughter)  
  • Cousin: Garith Darkhold JR (Rianna’s son)  
  • Cousin: Arabella Darkhold ( Rianna's Daughter)   

Weapon: Edit

Ship : Edit

Banners: Edit

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Faction link: Edit

  • Witches of Dathomir
  • The Jedi Brotherhood
  • Star Wars: Circle of Healers

Character Notes : Edit

*To be continued..........

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