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Ti'Cira D'arr Hawk
Avatar: Odette Yustman
Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk
Also known as
Zoe Madison
Wa'sna Win(Storm Woman)
Jedi Master
Smuggler Adept
Na'ala Hawk
Satara Hawk
Eryk Aiden
Salem Norongachi
Lightwhip and shoto saber
Westar- 34 pistol
Human: Dathomiri
130 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Over right eye
Family members
Significant other
Kyle D'Arr (d.)
Na'ala Hawk (d.)
Great grandparents
Other family

"Never concede to evil… lest you be consumed by it "
― Ti'Cira Hawk

TiCira Hawk is a Human Force-Sensitive Female, and a Dathomiri, more commonly referred as a Dathomir Witch; one with an outlook that is contrary to some of the most ingrain traditions of her female dominated culture, more specifically, her anti slavery point of views. While she acknowledged that her culture considered men to be nothing more than slaves, she didn't personally agree to it. She is the daughter of Singing Mountain Clan’s clan healer, Na'ala Hawk and Kyle D'arr and twin to Ahote Hawk, sister to Áine’ki, Curupira D'Arr Hawk, and half sister to Mercureus Hawk. Ti'Cira is also the adoptive mother of Dominique England.


Early LifeEdit

The Serious TwinEdit

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TiCira was born to Na'ala Hawk and her mate, Kyle D'arr. As the first born daughter of Na'ala, and proving herself to be a quick learner with a blessing from Allya in her Force abilities, she was quickly taken in as her mother's apprentice to one day take her mother's place as Clan healer. The first twelve years of her life were one vigorous training session after another. As a female of prominent standing within a warrior society, she was trained daily in the art of war, along with her best friend Sasha Caleb, using both her muscles and the Force to aid her in combat. Days would be spent either sparring, or increasing her knowledge in the important matters of healing, not only through the Force, but through the use of local fauna to make medicinal tonics.

Encouraged by her quickness in grasping knowledge of the Force, Ti'Cira's mother also began to teach her how to manipulate her environment and the elements, and use it with various techniques to attack and defend. In time,though rarely, she was able to successfully use the orb technique, applying it to pull the very moisture from the air, even from the very plants themselves if she so chose to attempt this dark art, snuffing the very life of it in order to use the liquid to her will.

When We Were YoungEdit

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At age eleven, the young witch met a young outworlder by the name of Ayden Cater. As it was custom, and he was without protection of a witch, Ti'Cira claimed the thirteen year old male as her own. After an ensuing tussle, the words were exchanged and the young Ayden agreed to her claim. By all rights, he was now hers.

Bella thorne 009

Ti'Cira, age 12

They were inseparable in the following months. Ti'Cira trained Ayden in the ways of her Clan; taught him all she knew about surviving the wilds of Dathomir. They hunted, trained, ate, and lived together as was custom. It was exactly how Ti'Cira expected it to be and thought such would never change.

Yet unknowingly to the young witch, this was not what was in store for them.

Into the depths of Frenzied River TerritoryEdit

"Don't you worry about my strength, I have plenty... I'm not the helpless little girl I was when they came. "
―Ti'Cira Hawk

On the cusp of her twelfth birthday, Ayden was no where to be found one faithful day, and it drove Ti'Cira into a searching frenzy. With Aine'ki and Ahote, the three siblings scoured the hills around Singing Mountain, until they were deep into Frenzied River territory. None of the Hawk children returned that night.

The Karazak SlaversEdit

"We believe that at the heart of every intelligent person lies a secret desire to have dominion over another sentient being. Some pander to this desire by building empires. Other sit in judgment of their fellow creatures. The Karazak acknowledge this very fundamental need. We accept it and we provide for it. "
―Karazak promotional literature

By nightfall, Ti'Cira was kidnapped along with her younger sister, Áine’ki, by Karazak’s Slavers. Ahote lay bloodied and still on the floor, left for dead. Bound, drugged, and sold on a Nar Shaddaa auction block, she was separated from her sister, but not before she made a vow to find her.

Bought and paid forEdit

Almost five years she spent as a slave under A'zrael Daragan, a Coruscanti Underworld Antiquities dealer with a taste for exotic female flesh. Just after her sixteenth birthday, she managed to escape, fleeing from Couruscant.

Escape from CoruscantEdit

The PhoenixEdit


Sal Norongachi, Rogue Jedi Master

Joining the RebellionEdit

Smuggler's Moon[1]Edit

Rebel SpecOps and Sith SlayersEdit

The AwakeningEdit

The Last RequestEdit

Izzy's bloody trail of TearsEdit

Joining the Jedi CouncilEdit

The Old WaysEdit

Serenity at the LakeEdit

The Hunter and the HawkEdit

In a HeartbeatEdit

Blue Gem for the EmpireEdit

Capture the FishEdit

TKTK-9195 is a POW under Rebel authority. He is interrogated and tortured under Commander Sage Seidon only to be rescued by Ti'Cira. She subsequently heals his wounds and converses about their differing philosophies.

Union of PeacemakersEdit

The Lost SentinelEdit

Captured by Imperial Naval Captain Akio Kahoshi. Interrogated and then reunited with Lieutenant Colonel TK-9125. Rescued by Jedi Knight Rhett Marius and his padawan Ryori Holloway.

Here Fishy Fishy : The Takeover of ManaanEdit

Meeting Dominique England

Dominique England

Cosmic CastawayEdit

Searching and reuniting with Dominique England, adopting her thereafter.

Maverick : The Sabaac TournamentEdit

Things I Must SayEdit

Reuniting with Curupira

Coffee on Unknown GroundEdit

Ti'Cira mates her daughter Dominque with Jedi Knight Alain Haven unbeknownst to the two.

The Galactic CrusadeEdit



Her Trial and Self-ExileEdit


The Rogue Jedi OrderEdit

A Gathering of RoguesEdit

Wait, you guys got wands?Edit

A need for a new face....Edit

The Star Gazer - Shamrock ShakedownEdit

The search for the Man of Many Masks

Jonathon Patches Information Broker

The Taming of the ShrewEdit

The Exiled Jedi Master is currently hiding under the alias of "Zoe Madison"; the disguise concocted by the Master of Disguises, Jonathon Patches, has left the witch with shoulder length hair dyed a dark brown hue. Synthflesh and makeup are carefully applied to hide the scar across her face. This is known only to Information Broker, Jonathon Patches, Rebel General Nomad, and Captain Ayden Cater. She is normally accompanied by Maelion Liates, an HRD determined to be her protector.

Aboard the SerenityEdit

As "Zoe," Ti'Cira works as an off and on crew member on the Serenity, and her history is pretty much up in the air in terms of her origins. Sarcastic at times and subtlety flirty, she tends to spend the majority of her time in her quarters unless otherwise requested.
Big Ayden

Ayden Cater, Captain of the Serenity

During the times she isn't crewing Serenity, she spends her time wandering from Velusia, Sullest, and Corellia. A drifter by nature and with no place to call home, she rarely spends more than two weeks worth at a time in on specific place.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Break My Fall

Dance with the Devil

Fields of Gold

The Butcher of TarisEdit

You brought him here to kill me!Edit

Agent ShivaEdit

Birds of a feather stick togetherEdit

The Fair Jewel

The Neimoidian JobEdit

My Fears die, leaving yours behindEdit





Ti'Cira, age 24

Ti'Cira is a vehement fury, a strong sense of right and wrong, although she is aware that at times, there are certain things that are beyond her control. Despite this, she is willing to try all that she can with what she can, often leaping to protect those who cannot with little consequence to her safety. She's loyal to the end to those she loves, and is perfectly willing to use deadly force to protect and defend them. She has an inner strength that shines brightly and a temper to match if she ever loses it. She's dedicated to her causes and though she is fair in her decision making she's not afraid to dispatch justice as she sees fit. She has a curious nature almost to a fault and it contributes to the empathy she has for people.

While a devoted Daughter of Allya, she has an outlook which is contrary to some of the most ingrain traditions of her female dominated culture, more specifically, her anti slavery point of views. While she acknowledged that her culture considered men to be nothing more than slaves, she didn’t personally agree to it, deliberately avoiding claiming one for herself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ti'Cira speaks and reads Paecian, Bunduki, High Galactic, Galactic Basic, and Huttesse.

The ForceEdit

A healer of advanced abilities with the Force as well as through traditional means, she can use Jedi and Allyan methods to to rapidly accelerate the natural healing process of another person’s body, enabling the her to heal bones, flesh, and even internal damage, and purge toxins, poisons, and aid in the curing of diseases and viruses. This is sometimes accomplished by putting the patient hibernation trance, a long period of meditative unconsciousness over which the body heals itself. However, she is limited as this can only be done in the case of a Force sensitive patient. Through Allyan Magic, she can awaken from unconsciousness; stop bleeding; Close up wounds; Give strength or part of life force to the wounded.

Raised in the wilds of Dathomir, she also had the opportunity to gain a vast knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses to heal, and to kill. Through this, she has a natural aptitude with using the Force through plants, enough to encourage the plant's growth with incredible speed.

Ti'Cira, age 21

At age 21, Ti'Cira returned home and studied under the tutelage of the Wa'sna'win's, or Storm witches, granting her an increasing talent at manipulating the climate and weather. </i>

Now, as a member of The Alliance, she serves the Jedi Order, ever curious and ever training to one day Master her abilities.


Though not a master swordsman of a lightweapon, she is adept in combat with a blade of steel. This has to do with her ability to fight combatively with a weapon that bears weight in her hand, contrary to that of a lightsaber, where the weight is only on the hilt. With practice, she will eventually be able to carry the advanced techniques she is proficient with a sword over to a lightsaber.

In terms of lightsaber combat, she has an average knowledge of the Makashi and Niman forms she uses alongside with lightwhip combat, an exotic fighting style designed specifically for the use of lightwhips to create her own unique form of duel wielding shoto and whip with Trakata.

Ti'Cira, age 25, Dathomiri Jedi Knight

Martial ArtistEdit

Ti'Cira is an excellent contortionist, an intuitive gift for dancing,and through eidetic memory, mimicking movements. At a young age, she was trained by her father in the art of Teräs Käsi, undergoing training in the unarmed combat discipline as well as the method to close her mind to build a higher resistance to pain, control mind, Torture by Chagrin, drain knowledge, and fear.


Anything having to do with technology other than medical scanners and the like are too complicated for the witch. She is able to pilot a ship now, however, her skills with technology still need some work.

With some patience by her best friend Ryori Holloway, Ti'Cira was finally able to learn to read without depending on the Spell of Communication.

Ti'Cira despises any sort of deceit, lies especially, which has led to her ineptitude at mastering powers through the Force such as mind tricks and illusions. However, recent events have made it possible for her to harness these powers with an average ability. Also,as a parting gift from her time as a slave,she is also borderline claustrophobic and small cramped spaces tend to make her very nervous.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Lightwhip A product of her own design, it has a one of a kind curved hilt and three meter notched whipshaft made of Beskar, allowing her to use it as a normal whip when not ignited. It contains three different lightsaber crystals, with Permafrost as the primary focusing crystal, producing a deep, icy blue whipshaft. The Velmorite and Hurrikaine crystals are used to create a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, allowing her to use her blade underwater.

Shoto Lightsaber A miniaturized lightsaber, it featured a shortened blade length and a curved hilt. Ti'Cira made use of a shoto as the secondary weapon in her duel wielding lightwhip/lightsaber form. It's smaller blade length resulted in a less intensive gyroscopic effect, making the weapon easier for her to handle and helped her defend herself when using the whip in the other hand. It used a durindfire gem as its focusing crystal and is also waterproof, making use of two small Krayt dragon pearls to create a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse.


See AlsoEdit

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RP ListEdit

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