Tiara Fel
Darth Venefica
5' 7"
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Home Planet
Jacelyn Fel
Melina (Deceased)
Barristar (Deceased)
Ishta Fel (Adopted)
Ishta White Fel (Clone)
Angelica Fel (Daughter)

History Edit

Tiara was born the youngest child of a poor family. Believed to be the result of an extra-marital affair, her father abused her regularly as a youth. Her only relief to a cruel and difficult childhood were periodic invasions of the local Jedi temple where she would meet with her older brother Archaen Fel. His kindness to her made the rest of her life bearable until he vanished, at which point Tiara ran away to Corellia.

She survived Corellia as a prostitute until her abilities manifested themselves by killing an abusive client. In her haste to run away she ended up in the company of Aurelia Wayne, who introduced her to the Sith and initiated her training. She eventually graduated to the rank of Knight.

Her early time as a Knight was punctuated with notable successes and accomplishments. She aided DarkSky Kerberos, Skelosh DeLaroche, and her brother in restoring Ziost to a world for the Sith. She adopted Ishta Fel, a Jedi child, during the Sith occupation of Naboo. She took on a lover in Jacelyn Verdon, who quickly became central to her life. She created the clone Ishta Prime in an effort to see the Jedi youngling's talents matured without harming her beloved daughter. Finally she took control of an extensive financial network upon discovering that her name had history and value, after slaying her parents and immediate family to assure that they wouldn't interfere. Only Archaen remained alive, and now shares in a third of her resources.

Recent activities focus on her alchemical skills, as well as the training of new Sith. One experiment resulted in the arcane genesis of Angelica Fel, a daughter shared with her spouse Jacelyn. Events in Jacelyn's life have put a strain on their relationship of late, though there is no doubt in Tiara's mind that this will be resolved favorably. Failure would mean losing her lover either to death or the galaxy; conditions which Tiara finds totally unacceptable. A recent passage through death has also shaken the core of her being, leaving her transformed in ways that are still revealing themselves.

Tiara's fortunes remained constant so long as her brother remained vigilant in pursuit of his destiny. However, when Darth Animus finally came to ( and then fell away from ) power, Tiara's own course came apart. Archaen Fel's investments were diverse and expansive, and without a constant effort to bring in more captial debts quickly overtook assets.

The Fel fortunes collapsed, taking Tiara's personal assets with them. That along with the absence of Tiara's beloved Jacelyn put her on a course of depression, leading Tiara to abandon the Sith as a whole. Obtaining her brother's Lambda shuttle before his assets were completely depleted, Tiara left galactic society for uncharted space. Settling on an uncharted world with her daughters and 'granddaughter', Tiara lies in wait - slowly gathering strength until the opportunity comes to return to the galaxy she abandoned.


Tiara usually looks a bit wild, and her dress is eccentric. She is, however, extremely fastidious and well groomed: her disheveled look is deliberate.


Tiara has little regard for others, except for those who have touched her heart directly. For any of her family, however, she would move planets. Tiara enjoys teaching and guiding new minds down the path of the Dark Side, and she dispises violence. Paradoxically, she delights in torture, and is constantly seeking oportunities to explore new methods for inflicting pain.

Tiara tends to be bi-polar, shifting from a quiet tone to one of excessive energy. She has found it increasingly difficult to maintain a single emotional state, and prefers to allow her feelings to control her thoughts rather than the reverse.

General Information Edit

Tiara is a scholar of the Dark Side, shunning physical violence in favor of the paranormal power of the Force. She does not carry a lightsaber, preferring a Sith Blade which she energizes with the Force when needed.

Although Tiara has lost much, she still maintains a research facility on Kaon in which she experiments on a sizable population of refugee Anselmi to experiment on, much the same way Darth Sideous experimented on refugees on Byss.

Tiara remains attended by Lerche 748 - a Khommite.