Tyen Shi
5' 10"
Approx. 155 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Kelly Garnier
Emily Garnier, Katrina Porte


"He who angers you, conquers you."

Tyen Shi had come to the Jedi shortly after he was born. He trained under a missionary Jedi named Master Sho until he was old enough to take on the responsibilities of a padiwan. Arriving on Naboo he was first met by Spark Valen, and later turned over to Drake Valen. Under his tutilage Tyen developed as a saber duelist, a fighter pilot, and a healer.

Initially engaging in regular Jedi activities, Tyen engaged in a project mapping the Outer Rim with the astromech R2-E4. Noting a minor variance, Eefor proceeded to engage in a major maintenance cycle. As a result, it was a long time before Tyen was able to return to Jedi service.

During a mission to Dagobah, Tyen had the misfortune to encounter a sentient manifestation of the Dark Side which described itself as Legion, then as Nemesis. Through wisdom and luck Tyen managed to capture the being within his lightsaber's crystals, at which point he discarded the weapon to avoid its corrupting influence. Along the way he collected an R5 astromech which was left alone for so long it no longer remembered its registry. With nothing to go on, Tyen simply called it Arfyve.

Tyen has taken on a number of padiwan students over the years, the most recent success being Evangeline Sauniere. He has made a point of taking these students to the Jedi Outpost on Dathomir, away from Naboo, the crowds, and the constant threat of Sith invasion.


Tyen keeps his look clean, with short hair and simple clothes. His light build and round face offer an unassuming look to those around him.


Tyen tries to remain friendly and pleasant when encountering others. He is a traditionalist when it comes to the the Jedi Code, focusing on the original texts without the various tenets that have been applied over the years. While his own experiences fall under the traditional understanding of what it is to be a Jedi ( fostered in the Order, etc ), he understands that most of the current Jedi Order fall outside that experience, and thus need to be dealt with differently.

Tyen's greatest flaw is a near absolute absence of confidence. This condition stems from, or at least has been greatly amplified by, the fact that he has never defeated an opponent in over ten encounters. Whatever successes he may have gained were the results of other people's efforts, or were too minimal to be viewed of any value.

General InformationEdit

He fights with a light-blue bladed lightsaber. He is a capable instructor in most forms of saber combat, with the exception of Niman. Being a traditionalist when it came to the wielding of a lightsaber, Tyen avoided 2-handed fighting styles and because of this saw no advantages to learning Niman even as a basis for Jar'Kai. Until recently he considered Juyo too dangerous, as it tended to draw upon a wielder's darker tendencies. Of late, however, he has worked diligently to develop a Juyo/Vapaad style of his own in order to posess the skills necessary to counteract the seemingly unstoppable Sith.

Tyen continues to work with the astromech R2-E4, as well as a black R5 astromech which is simply referred to as 'R5', given that its original designation has been lost. When travelling he flies a Y-wing he refurbished with improved parts and rebuilt to its original factory appearance. He also maintains a BTL3 trainer and a Longprobe Y-wing for the Jedi Order, which he uses interchangably depending on mission requirements. ( Tyen's Y-wing )

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