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Tyriq Calrissian
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"This above all, to thy ownself, be true"


Appearance Edit

Tyriq is around the average standards of human male. His time in the military has since shaped him into a more agile man take the appearance of a physical sound individual. Through he doesn’t spend much time away from work, his off duty attire consist of dark colors mostly. He maintains very high grooming standers which cupped with his now religious mental daily routines keep him looking younger longer. He keeps his hair short for occupational reason and makes it a habit of shaving off any unsightly facial hair that may arise from extend training tours.

Personality Edit

Tyriq is a man of fierce loyalty to order and discipline, it was a life style that echoed that of his father, former Chancellor Lando Calrissian, both of which served in military service to the Republic. Tyriq has over timed since transformed from a caring and tolerant person, to more cynical and merciless tool of the Empire. His mindset now more than ever is the restoration of Empire to its former glory. He is cold, intelligent, and deadly with experience from not only the Republic but that of the Empire as well. He still maintains to a degree his respect for his men, but even that diminishes as times goes on, he original love for democracy and fairness is quickly being overshadow by that of power and destruction.

History Edit

In the Begining Edit

Tyriq spent the better part of his childhood on his home planet of Bespin while his father pursued a career in politics. He attended Solstices Academy where he would receive that of a high school degree for eight years. He worked in the governmental offices learning everything that was there for him until he was forced to attend a university type institution at the Bespin Administration Complex, its own floating city of sorts, Tyriq would spend the next few years of his life studying everything from political science to even some military history. As his fathers stature increased with the Republic, so did the Calrissian name, things came to term when Lando Calrissian had taken the Chancellor race from Seegth Luther in a stunning upset.

After his graduation, Tyriq applied to work for the Republic as a traveling diplomat for his fathers new appointed post. He met with key members from across the galaxy and played a huge role in several key policy agreements and alliances that strengthen the Republic at the time as a whole. Later on, after fulfilling his obligations to the Senate, Tyriq returned to Bespin only to discover the planet had started to become a hid for scum and the likes of the Sith. He petitioned for his father to him restore his home planet back to order, but the Republic was immersed in a war that consumed many resources at the time.

Taking it upon himself to rid both the government and the planet of the coming evil, Tyriq ran for Senatorship against the incumbent and current Senator of Bespin, Senator Atherton. The Senator had the staunch of other politicians and the backing of several unnamed Sith figure heads. It was a uphill fight for Tyriq who emerged victorious after death threats and an attempt on his life. Senator Tyriq Calrissian had vowed to show his fellow Bespians that they could live in a place and see justice and harmony once more. Selecting a new Bespin Council to help with the transnational phase of the change, Tyriq victor was short lived.

It was around this time that the Sith had decided to make a move on the planet of Bespin in a effort to bring it under the control of their regime. The surprise attack caught the Republic and Tyriq off guard as Sith Masters, Knights and Apprentices descended upon the Floating Cloud City with ruthless aggression. The called was placed to the distance Republic for help, be fore the most part, the Jedi and a few make-shift heroes where able to counter the attack, Arin Ellis was one of the Republic officials who helped secure the city and indirectly, a Sith Master was apprehended. Tyriq would later continue to serve as the Senator of Bespin until his calling into the direct operations of the Republic came to light.

Trainee on the Rise Edit

Certain things had since transpired that forced Tyriq to join the Republic at such a young age, the death of his father at the hands of a turn-coat, would-be protector was more than any young son could ear. Even though he knew the dangers that were associated with being the Chancellor of the Republic, he still was fully prepared for the death of his father. While the republic recovered from such a lost, Tyriq had been elected the official representative in place of his father for the Republic. It was a post he took with a grain of salt due to the situation. Severing out the remainder of Calrissian term was his good friend, the former Chancellor and current Senator of Mygeeto. He took Calrissian under his wing giving him the tools to one day become the next leader of the Republic.

Becoming an Adept Edit

Tyriq would be the youngest Senator to enter the race for Chancellor against heavily liked Arin Ellis. The two where considered a hard choice and with their history and friendship, it was determined before hand the one would help the other if they lost the race. The two campaigned hard, Calrissian had the backing of nearly every Senator that served with his father, he was heavily supported by the Senate while Arin had the majority of everyone who didn’t vote for Lando his first term and now those of the new interest groups that wished to see the Republic taken in a different direction. The race ended with Senator Arin Ellis becoming the next Chancellor of the Republic. In a sign of good faith in her leadership abilities, Tyriq signed on to her Administration as the Director of Executive Operations for the Republic.

Life was good now for Tyriq as he had a stable job, and strong connection to the Republic, and a child on the way. Things would later take an interesting turn when the Republic began to face serious heartache from the inside sparking a civil war that nearly destroyed the working government. Tyriq was recruited into the active ranks of the military as he and others lead the Pro-Republic Coalition against its enemies in the Senate. It was a hard felt battle, one which opened up the militaristic side of Tyriq.

Later on, Tyriq would engage in many military operations until he tendered his Senatorial Resignation to join the Republic Marine Forces. It was during his operations as a Republic Marine. Fighting on now on many obscure worlds and even earning battlefield promotions, Tyriq moved up the officer ladder all the way to Colonel on his own merit. Attending command schools and furthering his understanding of military operations was just the being as he went on to do many things in the name of the name of the Republic.

After years of service, Tyriq was selected to become a flag officer, he never got through the Senate hearings on the promotion as he was forced to leave the Republic ranks due to leadership issues. Things from that point on changed greatly as he was for the first time, without a home. Besieged by the Empire to join their ranks, Tyriq was somewhat reserved after many engagements with the Empire on account of his actions as a leader in to politics and the military. Seeing it as the opportunity expand his knowledge. Joining as an Lieutenant, Calrissian was instantly pulled towards the Imperial Commandos Division where he excelled in the Republic. In just a few short months, he was actively on the battle field proudly serving the Empire as a operative.

Imperial Commando QRT seal.

At the battle of Mrykr, evidence of a batter equipped and much more skilled group of Imperial Commandos was presented with the near lost of the capital city due to unexpected forthcomings the commandos simply where not trained for. Tyriq requested to his commanding officers the proposal for an elite battalion-sized organization to counter-act every imaginable scenario that could come into play during any mission, hence, the Imperial Commando’s Quick Response Team was created. To ensure the very best the Commando had to offer knew of things going on before anyone else did, they specialized in everything from demolition to intelligence. Equipped with a Victory II-Star Destroyer with full complements, Tyriq now leads the organization at the forefront of the Imperial military spear.

Decisive Battles Edit

Takeover of Thyferra Edit


More to Come Edit


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