About UtkonEdit

Utkon Mai, is a small perverted Jawa, with an attitude. His obsesses with females and can often be caught watching them trying to catch a dirty peek or two. Little is known about his past other than he hates Tatooine and loves girls especially Twi'leks. He loves spice and can often by found dealing and taking it. Also fancies himself a rock singer and has been known to crash parties and go up on stage to sing or rock out with the band. He has hosted some of the galaxy wide functions before, receiving several accolades. Usually though, that is not the result and he frequently gets nutpunted.

Recently, Utkon has formed some stability around himself, flying around on his ship the SS Utkon Hammer, which operates as ship but also a mobile brothel for his usually tampered with female sex slaves, who can also become murderous whores by use of a pre-set code word. In addition to this, in an attempt to secure Ryloth, the Underworld managed to get him elected as Governor of the planet, even though there were several open warrants for his arrest, due to his possible involvement in a failed Death Star coup with ended with the station crashing into Coruscant and killing thousands.

Now he can often be found with his new assistant, the beautiful and sexy slicer, Io Akima.


He and Io were involved in the great heist on Cato Nemoidia where they managed to hack into the Banking Clan's Network and stole billions of Imperial Credits.


It is rumored that he might soon end his brothel business and settle down, his perverted mind reaching a roadblock as he is rumored to be quite infatuated with the slicer Io Akima, though he denies this instantly.

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