Veronika Fleischer
Callsign "Blondie"
5' 57 / 175 cm
134 lbs / 61 kg
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Izabella Chistyakova
Ferrero Fleischer

"I encounter civilians like you all the time. You believe the Empire is continually plotting to do harm. Let me tell you, your view of the Empire is far too dramatic. The Empire is a government. It keeps billions of beings fed and clothed. Day after day, year after year, on thousands of worlds people live their lives under Imperial rule without ever seeing a stormtrooper or hearing a TIE fighter scream overhead." - Grand Admiral Thrawn

If you haven't noticed by now, I got a twin sister who goes by the name of Mariya Fleischer, a mercenary who works for some criminal organisation. No, I am not evil actually. I have no idea why people seem to like Mariya more than me. In fact, I think I am a better girl than her. If you compare my genius brain, my killer looks and great skills in bed against my wimpy sister, you know definitely agree. I know you will, don't you? Mariya claimed that Fleischer isn't even her real family name and she chose it randomly from a long list of names long ago, but that's not true. I will tell you right now that that's our family name, even though she cannot remember it. Do you want to know why? Well the price for knowing is to be my slave for a month, a fair deal isn't it?

Oh yes, Mariya, if you are reading this now, I will strongly advise you that you train up yourself before our paths cross. I promise that it will be an unforgettable experience for us.



Imperial Agent of the Imperial Intelligence


In terms of weaponry skills, Veronika is only considered to be an average user.

Typically, Veronika carries around a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol for self defense, a sidearm that was made famous by Han Solo. She is also moderately versed in the art of self defense to protect herself while in the line of duty.

In any case, it is rare for the agent to even draw her weapon. Her main specialty is to gather intelligence and not a front line soldier.


Veronika loves to shop. Dressing up is important for the agent, as well as making sure that her makeup is done well. Other favourite activities of the agent includes clubbing throughout the night and shameless flirting with handsome men that catch her eye.

She also likes to play chess, an activity she claims can help to stimulate her thinking. Other times, she can be found visiting the gym to maintain her figure when necessary.


Veronika's YouthEdit

Unlike her sister Mariya, Veronika knew exactly who her parents were. Her father Ferrero Fleischer was a hunter who made his living by selling animals and fur to animal traffickers on Nar Shaddaa, while her mother Izabella Chistyakova was the only daughter of a wealthy merchant in Coruscant. Fate connected her parents together, and despite the disapproval of her mother's family, the two of them got married. Young Veronika was soon born in a hospital on Coruscant, just two minutes after Mariya.

Veronika never liked the idea of Mariya beating her in almost everything, ranging from sports to studies. Perhaps the only thing that she managed to win Mariya was in chess games. Strategic planning had always been Veronika's forte. Still, Veronika was tired of being second fiddle to Mariya all the time. Mariya always seemed to get all the praises from her parents. No matter how much effort she put into her work, Mariya would somehow be able to top her easily. All the criticism Veronika would receive would be comparisons between her and Mariya.

As time passed, Veronika's narcissism began to emerge. She would do anything to win a word of praise from her parents. In fact, she secretly hoped that Mariya would disappear from her life. Finally the fateful day arrived. Ferrero had just captured a Rancor and put it into a cage, and the two sisters were playing around the area when the beast broke loose. In the confusion, Mariya fell out of the train that was transporting the animals, thanks to a gentle nudge that Veronika had given to her dear little sister.

Despite a massive search, Mariya was never found. In his grief, Ferrero decided to quit his job on Nar Shaddaa and leave for Coruscant with his family. Veronika was more than happy to move, since she would be able to live a life of comfort with her grandparents. The woman grew into a fine lady, though her lifestyle also caused her to become haughty, materialistic and possessive. She would only wear fine clothes, dine in fanciful restaurants and spend her nights clubbing away.

The Galactic EmpireEdit

The very reason why she signed on as an agent of the Empire was unsurprisingly, Mariya. Due to Mariya's exploits in the Republic, Veronika knew that her sister was alive. Her dislike for her sister drove Veronika to join the faction which she knew Mariya would dislike the most, namely the Galactic Empire. Enlisted by the then Grand Admiral of the Empire, Phoebe Draclau, Veronika knew that she would have a lot to say to her sister when they finally meet again.

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