Vishk Tarron
Vishk Tarron
Jedi Knight
The Jedi Council
Human Based Hybrid; Arkania-Sephi mix
155 lb
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Dirty Blond - Brown
Home Planet
None Yet
Mesa Tarron
Sage Tarron
Adel Tarron (Missing)
None Yet
Jedi: Vohn Exel, Aphonsie Heaven. Sith: Santeria Decuir, Raven, Garith Darkhold



Vishk was born on Arkania to a high-meduim class family who lived on the edge of a small city. Vishk's father; Sage, worked as CEO of a craft repair business. Vishk's mother; Mesa stayed home and tended the house and the children with the house servants. And when Adel, Vishk's brother was old enough, he took on the position of an assistant to a general goods trader whenever he came in. Vishk helped Mesa keep the house in good condition

Adel and Vishk were force sensitive, and use it to their advantage, but keeping it secret from everyone except their parents. The goods trader turned out to be a sith master and recuited Adel into the Sith Faction, When Adel started acting out and Sage found crimson lightsabers, Adel ran away. A few weeks later Vishk and his parents were attacked by a bounty hunter, demanding to know where Adel was. The Bounty hunter broke property and damaged the stucture of the house, untill he found out he wasnt there and left. Vishk was sent to the Jedi Academy for protection and Sage and Mesa moved to a different planet after selling the house. Before Vishk left Sage gave him Adel's sabers and told Vishk to find him one day. Vishk agreed, setting that as his life mission.

After eight months of failed training from several Jedi Masters, Vishk ran away after recieving some information about his brothers last wereabouts, Establishing himself in an abandoned house in the out skirts of the City of the Black gates, He was found out and forced to go through sith training by several masters, Splitting his soul into two different people.

Through his Journey as a Sith Apprentice, Vishk aquired a small militia and a weapons factory, After being promoted to Knight, and Sith/Imperial Officer, Vishk became lost in the vices of the dark side, forggeting about his promise.

During his travels, Vishk became Haunted with visions of regret and horror. and when the force finally called for a sacrifise of one of the souls, Vishk found that his brother was Alive and currently and was able to tell their father shortly before they died.

Being accepted back into the council, Vishk applied for the Jedi Peacekeeper Division and is currently waiting for orders from his CO. Succesessfully stealing his Sith funded weapons Company, Tarron Industries/Carbon Tech Industries back, he now supplies the Jedi and their allies with discounted prices, causing an increase in business.



Vishk is a common Human based Arkanian/Sephi hybrid; 25% Sephi 75% Arkanian. With the appearence of a young boy, his training and experience has clouded his mind, making him a dangerous individual. With his small size and underestimated strength, Vishk is very acrobatic in his fighting styles.

Content with what he has, but knowing there is never too much to have, Vishk takes little at a time, and is very genorous in trades with people in the black market

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Vishk is Trained in a custom Juyo/Ataru Lightsaber combat fighting style . Hes also trained in 3 advanced Hand to hand combat fighting styles, Achievement accuracy and experience with Pistols, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic Rifles. Advanced 'Slug Throwers' with Carbon-steel bullets (Earth-type firearms.)

Force AbilitiesEdit

Basic knowledge of the force use; Jump/Glide, Grab/Call, Blast/Push, Trick/Mind control, Sprint/Shield

He can control Elements but not make them; Fire, Water, Earth, Physics.

Rare Move: He can control other peoples force attacks and turn it against them.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Two custom Lightsabers, Crimson Blades (Adels Sabers) Kept in Secure Display in his Personal Quarters of his ship.

Two advanced sabers, Crimson Blades (Vishks) Two Standerd Sabers, Crimson Blades (Back up - One Damaged) 7 inch Steel blade with Gripped handle, and leather sheeth: He keeps in holsterd on the outside of his right thigh. Advanced Slug thrower; Custom Beretta 9mm Pistol, with holdster: Keeps it on the back right of his belt for easy accsess Advanced Slug thrower; Custom AR-15 with 30 round clip; Uses only for Spec Ops mission


Vehicles and ShipsEdit

Custom CR-90 Corvette; Blueprints and Schematics will go here later

One Lambda class Custom Personal Transport shuttle

One Theta Class custom Personal Transport Shuttle

2 Lambda Class troop transport shuttles

20 Fighters

4 Troop and Vehicle [Dropship] (Stolen from TCO)

2 Armed formal Escort Fighter

4 Light 4x4 Reconsiance Vehicle

4 Heavy Assault Vehicles

2 Armored Escort Vehicles

Crew and OtherEdit


500 recruited soldiers

25 original militia members

15 Eliete Personal Guard Soldiers

6 Female Slaves, 2 Servents

120 Crew Members

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